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Full Name: Ryuza Langran (リュウザ=ラングラン)
Age: 22
Occupation: Knight
Height: 179cm
Weight: 73kg
Interests: Collecting Weapons, Researching Magic.
Dislikes: Office Job.
Values: Fellow Knights.
Weapon: Giant Sword and Black Flames


Ryuza is a solid character with long ranged normals, a fireball, and DP. He does quit a bit of damage once you learn proper combos.

Total Life - 800

Move List

Special Skill
EX / 必殺 Special Move+.pngO.png
Dark Flame / 黒炎 2.png3.png6.png+.pngP.pngorK.png
Heavenly Flying Rook / 飛天焼 6.png2.png3.png+.pngS.pngorHS.png(Air usable)
Lower Rook Heaven / 裏飛天 4.png2.png1.png+.pngS.pngorHS.png
Night Burial Sword / 夜葬剣 2.png1.png4.png+.pngP.pngorK.png
Finishing Moves
Demon Scratch / 魔刻 2.png1.png4.png6.png+.pngHS.png

Notation Key
7.png8.png9.png 7 8 9
4.png N 6.png 4 5 6
1.png2.png3.png 1 2 3
P.pngK.pngS.pngHS.pngO.pngSP.png P K S HS O SP
BRK Skill Break, used on the previous move.
xx Some suitable chain or lead-in to the rest of the combo.
> A link or cancel into something other than a normal.
~ Input move 2 quickly after move 1, actual timing may vary.
X > Y / Z X goes into Y OR Z.
(<move>) Possible to omit some move.
<move>(X) Some move hits X times.
j(X)., dj(X). Jump or double jump. May or may not specify a direction (X).
cl., f. Close and far version of a move, respectively.


Neutral Game

f.5S, j.S, and j.HS all have amazing range and should be used liberally so that your opponent will learn to respect the ranges Ryuza operates in. If you are having difficulty getting near you can toss out some 236P to build meter and restrict movement. Nothing too complex here, but don't forget that you want to use j.K or j.HS if they are above you in the air, j.S is for below you.

Ryuza has no real anti air normals... however f.5S can swat careless approaches out of the air easily, and not much will beat a DP. Try not to let them get so close you don't have time to get out a DP.


Ryuza's pressure game is really simple, and it doesn't really need to be anything more. His range lets him sit comfortably at a range where most (exceptions for characters like Lemius and Orphe) characters can't really do much. Like most characters his 2P is frame advantage, so make sure to use it for frame traps and tick throw setups.

Jump Cancels
Both Ryuza's f.5S and 5HS are jump cancelable, so later in your blockstrings you pretty much always have it available to you. You can jumpback, then delay an airdash back in, IAD, or simply jump over your opponent and crossup with a j.S. On taller characters you can also do a high j.S > j.HS on the way down to create stronger frame advantage.

Dark Flame Pressure
This is pretty straight forward, against a respectful opponent you can just cancel into 236K which will generate a ton of frame advantage and allow you to dash back in. Depending on how they answer you should adjust accordingly. 236P isn't really good to be used from close up, but when you are pushed out more and you toss it out you can create a frame trap by doing a f.5S after it is blocked. Of course if you have the meter to spare (whether or not you consider it worth it to use 50% meter to get close is up to you), you can always cancel into a 236O which is a pretty effective way to get back in (note that some chars have ways to escape it such as Duna 623K and Aiwhen's teleports).




Meterless, Anywhere xx > 214P / 214K
•214P in the corner, 214K for midscreen. They both set up an OTG or meaty 236K (performed by taking a step back first).

Near Wall Throw / 214P / 214O > Air Combo
•Depending on the distance, you either want to start out with 5P, f.5S, or j.P (going by increasing distance from the wall).

Meter, Anywhere 623O > Air Combo / 623HS

Meterless, Far 421S > 2S 5HS 6HS > Air Combo
Meterless, Near 421S > 2S 5HS > 236K > 421HS > Followup

50% Meter, Anywhere xx > 214P / 214K > BRK > f.5S 5HS > 236K > 421HS > Followup
•This is how Ryuza goes into most of his big damage combos, 214K midscreen and 214P corner (extra damage).

Midscreen, Damage Followup Starter > Dash > 5HS 6HS > Air Combo
Midscreen, Wall Bounce Followup Starter > 5HS > 214P (Wallbounce) > Air Combo
Midscreen, Oki Followup Starter > Dash > 5S 5HS > 623HS
Corner, Damage Followup Starter > 5HS > 6HS > Air Combo
Corner, Oki Followup Starter > Dash > 5HS > 421S > (2S) > 623HS
Air Combo Some Launcher / Wallbounce > (j.P) j.S > dj9.(j.P) j.S j.HS > j.623HS

100% Meter, Anywhere, From any combo xx > f.5S / 5HS / some ground normal that's not 6HS > 2146HS
•Ryuza's super is a really great combo tool when you have it, adds on great damage to the end of longer combos. However it is not really worth the meter unless you will end the round with it.


  • 2K 5S 214P (Carries towards the corner a fair bit, allows you to DP techs)
  • 2K cl.5S(f.5S) 5HS > IAD
  • 2K (cl.5S) 5HS > 236K
  • 2K cl.5S (f.5S) 5HS > 2146HS

Post OTG Game

Midscreen Ryuza can't really do too much against techs, fortunately if you use his 214P OTG combined with a dash you can get them pretty damn near the corner if you aren't there already.

OTGing builds you meter which you need to do big damage and strong pressure, so getting respect to do OTGs off your smaller combos is important. One simple solution is to buffer a DP after your OTG and do a 623S on reaction to the tech sound (don't press anything if they did not tech, IAD or go into some sort of oki instead). Once tagged by the 623S further 623S attempts won't really be as effective, so you should jump and get ready to force them to block in the air with a j.S.

His other post OTG options are pretty basic. His only air unblockable is his DP so it can be hard for Ryuza to punish chicken blocking near the ground. Doesn't mean they are bad options.


214P or 214K Knockdown, then Meaty 236K is a very easy and simple way to force a block.

With 214P ender in the corner, the opponent will be pushed out slightly. If you mix up the distance you walk forward before an IAD you can create a hard to see crossup or no-crossup mixup.

623HS Knockdown: Not really enough time for a meaty 236K except for on respectful opponents. Just do a meaty 2K or 2S or something. IAD j.S isn't a bad option. Blocking reversals is also a good option.

j.623HS Knockdown: Not really the greatest situation ever, but not bad for Ryuza considering he has a ton of range anyways. If you do a short dash then f.5S most characters will have to backdash or airblock it. You sort of go straight into your further range pressure game here, probably why you should end your longer combos early at a grounded 623HS for more frame advantage.

Move Details

Special Skills

All of Ryuza's Original Actions act essentially as EX moves. Similar to a Skill Break, using one of his EX moves will but your meter gain on cooldown.


Dark Flame - 236+P/K/O [ Mid, Projectile, BRK ]
Ryuza throws out a bunch of dark fire from his hands, start up and properties depend on which version used.
  • 236P: Hadouuuuken. Travels the length of the screen, safe, quick startup.
  • 236K: Slow startup, and limited range. However it's massive frame advantage on block, making it useful in oki and corner pressure. Also note the chip damage from this move can add up.
  • 236O: Starts up fast like the P version and travels the whole screen but faster. When it connects it will explode for multiple hits creating frame advantage. Very easy to use this move for continuing blockstrings and combos.
Heavenly Flying Rook - 623+S/HS/O [ Mid, Airborne, Air Unblockable ]
Shoryuken type move, properties vary from one version to another. This is Ryuza's sole move for punishing chicken blocking.
  • 623S: Invulnerable, unable to followup. A good reversal.
  • 623HS: [ BRK ] Not invulnerable, this is a combo move. Also be careful if you try using this as a chicken block punisher.
  • 623O: Invulnerable and much better recovery than the S version (tends to be safeish at most distances). You can followup if this hits with a 623HS or j.P into aircombo. This is the only version that can't be used in the air.
Lower Rook Heaven - 421+S/HS/O [ High, Airborne ]
It's an overhead on a special input, not much to it. Ground bounces on a successful hit to allow for a combo followup. He jumps when he does it so you can eat a lot of damage if you're hit out of the startup.
  • 421S: [ BRK ] Fastest version, this is the one you should actually use for catching people off guard. BRK during startup for overhead fakeouts.
  • 421HS: [ BRK ] Slower startup, but moves Ryuza forward more. This is mostly a combo move because of it's stronger groundbounce. BRK during startup for overhead fakeouts.
  • 421O: Faster and more comboability than the HS version.
Night Burial Edge - 214+P/K/O [ Mid, BRK ]
Ryuza Charges forward with his sword in front of him then slashes at his opponent.
  • 214P: Last hit is mid. Wallslams, giving you knockdown in the corner, and distance dependant wallbounce combos when near it. Bad on block.
  • 214K: Last hit is low. Knocks down anywhere on hit, but the final slash does less damage than the 214P. Bad on block.
  • 214P: Fast charge reaching the end very quickly, and only the final slash actually comes out (1 hit). Safer than the other 2 versions.

Finishing Moves

Demon Scratch - 2146+HS [ Mid, Invulnerable ]
Ryuza swings out with his sword, impales the opponent then swings them over in an explosion of dark flames. This move has a lot of range, and speed. It doesn't have a whole lot of raw damage, but it does just as much damage at the end of a combo as it would out in the open making it really good for ending rounds.

Command Normals

<fullmovename> - <notation> [ <property1>, <property2> ]
<fullmovename> - <notation> [ <property1>, <property2> ] <notation> > <cancelsintothis>, <andthis...>
<fullmovename> - <notation [ <property1>, <property2> ]
<fullmovename> - <notation [ <property1>, <property2> ]


<fullmovename> - <notation> [ <property1>, <property2> ]
<fullmovename> - <notation> [ <property1>, <property2> ] <notation> > <cancelsintothis>, <andthis...>
<fullmovename> - <notation [ <property1>, <property2> ]
<fullmovename> - <notation [ <property1>, <property2> ]

Air Normals

<fullmovename> - <notation> [ <property1>, <property2> ]
<fullmovename> - <notation> [ <property1>, <property2> ] <notation> > <cancelsintothis>, <andthis...>
<fullmovename> - <notation [ <property1>, <property2> ]
<fullmovename> - <notation [ <property1>, <property2> ]

Frame Data

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