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0.5 to 0.55 Test

Overall Changes

various hitboxes changed

skill gauge carries over between rounds

fatal switch hitstop removed

added throw break

added airthrow

jump cancel frames increased (???)

reduced landing recovery

can block during double jump and dash jump

damage to the health bar is easier to understand visually


623HS, faster startup

214P, hittable box reduced, sword is invulnerable (can be BRK'd before final hit)

214K, faster startup

ex214, projectile invulnerable, smaller attack box (doesn't move as far forward)

easier to combo off throw


ground blue line increased recovery on hit


if you time a HS right during throw, you get a clean hit (throw has more recovery?)

tinder strike, smaller attack and hittable box

5p less startup


jP has fewer active frames

rapid edge does less damage

K Tempest Honeymoon, reappears in a different place

2S increased recovery


can now do aerial blade gust

absolute area, faster startup, can't set out more than one at a time

requiem heal, can't use if it's already out


raishinpou, slower startup, increased recovery

doll moves have increased delay


hell's rain, increased recovery


散華粧 new guard point move, done with 6O

reduced meter gain

chain route modified

2K slower startup

j236K hitbox changed

623HS hit effect changed

214 SB point added

Spiral, faster startup

Blade Shield

- responds to highs and lows differently (2S/ 2H only guard against lows)

- doesn't defend against throws (?)


heaven's great punishment

- slower startup

I'll Send You Flying!

- Sb point changed


during Hover Dash

- increased amount of time before you can take an action

- changed trajectory


- trajectory changed


- explosion starts up faster

Dodge Nimbly

- decreased recovery


- increased forward movement

Brilliant Kick

- moves farther back on hit


2k, slower startup


- faster startup

- decreased recovery

- added fixed damage (always does same amount of damage)


- decreased recovery


5P and 5K airblockable

2P increased recovery

jHS slower startup

Crash Emblem

- damage increase

- recovery increased by 1f

Gaia Strike

- first hit has decreased active frames

- increased recovery

Raging Pressure

- modified SB point

- slower startup

Ascension Drive

- increased reach


Blue Shooter (236p)

- can't use if already out

Rain of Lamentation (63214K)

- cannot use while active

Crystal Sword (214HS)

- deals less damage

- decreased meter gain

Ice Lance (236HS, j236HS)

- aerial version no longer hits overhead

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