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Techs and GC

Tech hits and GC's are not necessarily mutually exclusive. It is possible to first tech hit a move and GC immediately afterwords. The HUD will show the Guard Reversal message since it overwrites the Tech Hit message, but it is clear that both have occurred since the opponent will be pushed back and the defender will begin their GC move.
Tech hits are done by pressing multiple buttons during blockstop. Simultaneous inputs are not counted as multiple inputs, but rather only as a single input. In other words LP+MK+HP is counted as one single input where as LP~MK~HP is counted as three since there was some small delay between the three inputs. This is why sliding/pianoing is necessary for tech hitting.
The amount of pushback a tech hit causes is relative to the button used when the tech hit occurs, light (jab/short) will cause minimal pushback, medium (strong/forward) will cause moderate pushback, heavy (fierce/roundhouse) will cause large pushback.
Tech hits lessen the amount of blockstop and blockstun duration that will occur on a move. They will also push an opponent if the player tech hits a projectile. If the attacker has their back to the corner then tech hits will neutralize pushback and neither player will be pushed anywhere.
The occurrence of teching is % chance based and increases in chance per number of inputs. It starts at 0% for the first two inputs and becomes 25% on the third input, each additional input raises it by 25% until it caps at 100% at 6 inputs, so you get the following:
1 input 2 inputs 3 inputs 4 inputs 5 inputs 6 inputs
0% 0% 25% 50% 75% 100%


  • It is possible to prebuffer a GC input prior to entering blockstop or blockstun. The window for execution is 8 frames between the last direction input and the attack input necessary for the GC. A common technique is to do HCB, confirm the block, then DF+attack. In other words: 63214 3+P/K. Because 6(3)2(14)3 = 623 = DP. This allows for relatively easy 1hit GC's.
  • Prebuffering does not work for Tech (pushblock) though.

Fuzzy Guard

  • Fuzzy Guard is handled a bit differently in VSav from most games. In VSav you can switch your guard position at any time during blockstun, but you are unable to switch your guard or guard position during blockstop. Some moves have greater blockstop than others, for example Bulleta j.HK has quite a lot of blockstop where as Lei-Lei j.HP has very little (almost none).
  • What this means is that if a character is currently blocking a projectile high they will be unable to block low for the blockstop duration, likewise if they are blocking it low they will be unable to block high for the blockstop duration. That allows some characters to perform situational unblockables, since the opponent isn't able to switch their guard position.
  • An example would be with Lilith at max range doing 236PP then j.LK c.LK, the j.LK forces the opponent to block high and then they are stuck in blockstop until the fireball connects and are then stuck in blockstop from the fireball, this makes the c.LK from Lilith unblockable since they are unable to switch to a low block. However, there are many much more practical applications to this, where as Lilith's application is nearly useless.

Common Unblockables

  • Range dependent. Generally the range Bishamon is pushed to after a blocked close HK will set the distance for an unblockable ES Fireball. This allows Bishamon to do a loop because his fireball Runpast followup is untechable, and therefor he is able to reset the distance before the opponent wakes up and do a meaty unblockable ES Fireball, looping the technique until he runs out of meter.
  • Bulleta's j.HK can be blocked low or high (either direction), however it puts the opponent in a substantial amount of blockstop (roughly 10 to 13 frames) which allows Bulleta to land and perform another attack while the opponent is unable to switch their guard. If the opponent blocks a very deep j.HK high then Bulleta's c.LK will become unblockable, since the opponent won't be able to switch to a low block during blockstop. If the opponent blocks low then they can block the c.LK, however Bulleta can jump and do an immediate j.MP on tall crouching characters like Victor and it will be unblockable since the opponent will be unable to switch to a high block.
  • The last couple active hitframes for Zabel's j.LK is unblockable. Normally there's no special setup for this, it is simply unblockable on the last frame or two. However, his ES GC can not be ground rolled on the second hit, therefor giving the appropriate setup unless the opponent successfully reversals.
  • This move hits high on the way down, and since it's so delayed she can be hitting low simultaneously as the overhead. Such as c.LK/c.MK/c.HP at the same time as the 236HP hits, creating an unblockable since you can't block high and low at the same time.
  • There is a special glitch where if Gallon uses 623PP to fly into the corner against a cornered opponent, then uses 2P to push the opponent out of the corner, the next hit of the ES move will be unblockable (such as 4P or 7P). Regardless of which direction the opponent blocks on the ground or in the air, it can not be blocked.


Backwards Pushback Trigger

Being hit the wrong way/backwards enables backwards jab infinites. Seen [here].
(This may actually be related to Q-Bee's lack of pushbox on recovery, taking guard pose on wakeup then immediately going in to the jabs.)

Bishamon's Dizzy Glitch

For this glitch to happen, Bishamon must hit his opponent with his Karame Dama (41236.P) and combo into the follow up Tsuji Hayate (236.P). On wake up, if Bishamon goes for a throw which happens to be teched, there is a chance the opponent will re-enter the "dizzy" state that Karame Dama causes which gives Bishamon a free combo.

Other Dizzy Glitch Applications

Zabel and Aulbath are also able to set up dizzy glitches after teched air throws if preceded by an unrollable knockdown. Forcing the opponent in to guard pose, but not blocking, on wakeup also seems to be a requirement.
Zabel ( [Video] )EX Guard Cancel (unrollable), whiff IAD j.HP so she is guarding on wakeup, command throw (unrollable). After the second one he tries to jump, gets air thrown, techs it then re-enters the dizzy state.
Aulbath ( [Clip ] ) Aqua Spread (launch), Poison Gas causes unrollable knockdown. Again force a guard pose on wakeup, she jumps, techs the air throw and is dizzied.
In these two setups. dizzied opponents cannot be hit with throw-type moves (Hell Dunk), or stun moves (Gas, Sonic).

Jedah's Nero Fatica Off-Screen Glitch

Set up by the opponent push blocking Jedah who then cancels the normal that was push blocked into his Nero Fatica (214.P). If the opponent then somehow gets hit with the swipe, Jedah will zoom backwards and off of the screen. From this spot, although he can perform actions, he cannot hit his opponent and his opponent cannot hit him. Jedah is essentially trapped and unable to re-enter the screen. The only solution is to immediately do a pursuit attack to the knockdown that Nero Fatica caused, landing Jedah back onto the play-screen.
In a tournament situation if Jedah fails to get the pursuit from Nero Fatica hitting, Jedah will forfeit the match. Otherwise the match is effectively unplayable and forced into a time over.
There is one other way for Jedah to get back on the screen, he must somehow hits the opponent with his Finale Rosso (22.PP). If this hits he will re-enter the screen. It's hard to see coming since you can't see his start up animation, but it's still fully jumpable. If the opponent does not want to get hit by it the match has no choice but to time over. Zabel's Hell Dunk does not operate the same way, for if he hits an offscreen Jedah with it he is unable to complete the move itself, rendering both players unable to move until the match times over.

Felicia's Ability to Air Guard Grounded Normals

If Felicia blocks an attack while jumping, she gains the ability to block ground normals. This means typical guard break setups do not work on her, and if she is cornered, the opponent can mash Light Punch to keep her airborne for an extended period of time. Oddly enough she cannot block attacks that hit low, even if she is holding a 'low guard' input. But unless you have access to a move like Jedah's 2.MK, it is hard to get much use out of that. I've seen the full guard ability stop working occasionally for her, and from seemingly certain positions LP will break her guard, but I haven't been able to identify why that is so.

Darkness & Luminous Illusion causing fewer hits than typical

Character Stats

Standing Height

Vsav stand.png

  • 1 — Anakaris (Head hurtbox disappears while in hitstun.)
  • 2 — Jedah (Head hurtbox disappears while in hitstun.)
  • 3 — Victor (Head hurtbox disappears while in hitstun.)
  • 4 — Demitri
  • 5 — Bishamon
  • 6 — Zabel
  • 6 — Q-Bee
  • 7 — Bulleta
  • 8 — Lilith
  • 8 — Morrigan
  • 9 — Sasquatch
  • 10 — Lei-Lei
  • 10 — Aulbath
  • 10 — Gallon (Gains a crouching height hurtbox when walking.)
  • 11 — Felicia

Crouching Height

Vsav crouch.png

  • 1 — Bishamon
  • 2 — Victor
  • 3 — Anakaris
  • 3 — Jedah
  • 4 — Demitri
  • 5 — Aulbath
  • 6 — Zabel
  • 6 — Felicia
  • 6 — Sasquatch
  • 7 — Lei-Lei
  • 8 — Bulleta
  • 9 — Morrigan
  • 9 — Lilith
  • 10 — Gallon (Hurtbox gets taller when in a block animation)
  • 11 — Q-Bee


Vsav jump startup.png
The picture above is each character on the first airborne frame of their jump, typically being the 4th frame with a few exceptions. When hit during the pre-airborne frames the player will remain grounded, and if hit on the first airborne frame or anytime after they will be air reset.

Pre-jump Hurtboxes

During the pre-jump frames, the majority of characters have their standing hurtboxes, while a few characters do not.
  • Gallon: Crouching hurtbox during the pre-jump frames, giving him upper body invincibility.
  • Jedah: Has his hitstun hurtbox during the pre-jump frames, which is his standing hurtbox with the head removed.
  • Lilith: Crouching hurtbox during the pre-jump frames, giving her upper body invincibility. This applies to both her normal jump and super jump.
  • Sasquatch: Crouching hurtbox during the pre-jump frames, giving him upper body invincibility.
  • Zabel: Jumping hurtbox during the pre-jump frames, giving him lower body invincibility. Despite appearing to be airborne already, if he is hit during the pre-jump phase he will remain grounded.
Jump Specific Frame Data
Character Direction Pre-Jump Airborne(Total) Landing Before Attack Air Guard Before Special Skill
Anakaris Forward 4 89 10 15 6
Up 1 24-142 1 19 2
Back 4 89 10 15 6
Aulbath Forward 3 41 7 5 5
Up 3 43 7 5 5
Back 3 42 7 5 5
Bishamon Forward 3 42 7 6 5
Up 3 42 7 6 5
Back 3 42 7 6 5
Bulleta Forward 3 42 5 6 5 4
Up 3 43 5 6 5 4
Back 3 44 5 6 5 4
Demitri Forward 3 42 4 6 5
Up 3 41 4 6 5
Back 3 42 4 6 5
Felicia Forward 3 36 19 5 5
Up 3 36 19 5 5
Back 3 37 19 5 5
Gallon Forward 3 38 6 5 5
Up 3 37 6 5 5
Back 3 39 6 5 5
Jedah Forward 3 48 4 6 5 4
Up 3 50 4 6 5 4
Back 3 51 4 6 5 4
Lei-Lei Forward 3 42 10 6 5 7
Up 3 41 10 6 5 7
Back 3 42 10 6 5 7
Lilith Forward 3 40 7 6 5
Up 3 39 7 6 5
Back 3 40 7 6 5
(Super Jump)
Forward 6 46 7 8 8
Up 6 46 7 8 8
Back 6 46 7 8 8
Morrigan Forward 3 40 7 6 5
Up 3 39 7 6 5
Back 3 40 7 6 5
Q-Bee Forward 3 43 3 6 5 4
Up 3 45 3 6 5 4
Back 3 46 3 5 5 4
Sasquatch Forward 3 38 7 5 5
Up 3 38 7 5 5
Back 3 39 7 5 5
Victor Forward 3 42 7 6 5
Up 3 45 7 6 5
Back 3 45 7 6 5
Zabel Forward 3 38 7 5 5 6
Up 3 38 7 5 5 6
Back 3 39 7 5 5 6

Defense Ratings

Tier 1 (Highest)
  • Victor
  • Zabel (Dark Force)
Tier 2 (High)
  • Bishamon
  • Sasquatch
Tier 3 (Average)
  • Anakaris
  • Aulbath
  • Bulleta
  • Demitri
  • Felicia
  • Jedah
Tier 4 (Low)
  • Gallon
  • Q-Bee
  • Zabel
Tier 5 (Lowest)
  • Lei-Lei
  • Lilith
  • Morrigan
  • Anakaris (Dark Force)
  • Aulbath (Dark Force)
Tier 6
  • Lei-Lei (Dark Force)
Damage Comparison
Class Combo #1 Dmg. Combo #2 Dmg. Combo #3 Dmg.
Tier 1 16/21 42/67 40/74
Tier 2 16/21 44/69 43/78
Tier 3 17/23 46/72 44/79
Tier 4 17/23 47/74 44/82
Tier 5 18/24 50/77 49/89
Tier 6 19/25
  • Combo #1: Demitri (1 hit) "LP Demon Cradle"
  • Combo #2: Zabel (4 hits) "j2.HP >> 5.MP xx Evil Scream"
  • Combo #3: Bishamon (9 hits) "j.MK > j.HK >> 2.LK >> 2.MP xx ES Karame Dama xx 4.P >> ES Kien Zan (4 hits)"

Walk Speeds

Listed from fastest (top) to slowest (bottom). The number is representative of how fast they walk.

Character Forward Back
Gallon 4.375 3.875
Felicia 3.75 3.125
Aulbath 3.5 3
Lilith 3.25 2.75
Morrigan 3.25 2.75
Bulleta 3 2.75
Demitri 3 2.625
Jedah 3 2.625
Q-Bee 3 2.625
Zabel 2.75 2.5
Victor 2.5 2.25
Bishamon 2.375 2.125
Sasquatch 2.25 2
Lei-Lei ~ 2.625
Anakaris ~ ~
Vampire Savior 2 Characters
Pyron 4 3.5
Phobos 3.125 2.75
Donovan 3 2.625
  • Lei-Lei's forward walk speed is slower than Sasquatch but faster than Anakaris.
  • Lei-Lei's forward walk speed in Dark Force is slower than Gallon but faster than Felicia.
  • Anakaris' forward walk speed is slower than Lei-Lei.
  • Anakaris' back walk speed is likely the slowest.
  • Zabel's crawl has the same speed as his walk.

Reversals & Knockdowns


When recovering from knockdowns, blockstun, hitstun or air resets, if a Special or EX Move is used on the correct frame it will come out instantly as a reversal, though you must be aware of a few things.

Frame chart starting from the moment of recovery (1 block = 1 frame)
... 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ...
Before Recovery ← 0F
0F ~ ...
1F ~ ...
4F ~ ...
0F ~ 4F
0F Immediately after recovering, when the reversal comes out.
0F ~ From this moment onwards you can be hit, and guarding is enabled.
1F ~ Normal attacks, throws (if no tech roll), Special Moves, Dark Force, walking, dashing and jumping are enabled.
4F ~ When recovering after a tech roll, throws are enabled after this frame.
0F ~ 4F Duration of throw invincibility.
  • For the immediate frame after recovering, typical actions such as jump, throw, and walk are not possible; however, you can reversal with a special move. Essentially, movement becomes possible 1 frame faster with a successful reversal.
  • If the command is completed before the reversal timing occurs, the entire input will be thrown away. Therefore pianoing reversals is not possible and the first button press must be accurate (frame perfect/just frame). Another result of this is that Negative Edge (button release) will not trigger a reversal.
  • When the reversal is successful, there are no throw invincibility frames; that is unless the reversal move is throw invincible.
  • Throw invincibility ends 5 frames after recovery. Note that there is a random factor if an attack hitbox becomes active on the 6th frame and a throw is input at the same time, sometimes the throw will win and sometimes the attack will win.
  • Throws are not possible during the first 4 frames after tech rolling forward or backward (some situations allow throws after the 3rd frame), however it is possible to reversal command throw. The exception to this rule is Bishamon, Q-Bee, and Victor who can throw immediately after tech rolling.
  • Q-Bee alone cannot reversal after a knockdown, though she can reversal after hitstun, blockstun and air resets. She also has 3 forced standing hurtbox frames only after a knockdown; but even so if she is hit during these frames while attempting to crouch, she will be in a crouching state for any follow up combo hits.

Recovery Frames

Neutral Recovery Frames

The table below shows the wake up recovery speed of every character in the game, sorted by how many frames it takes them to stand up after being knocked down. "Neutral Recovery" is when the character does not "Tech Roll" left or right upon knockdown, and simply stands up where they fell. As you can see, it typically takes longer to tech roll than it does to neutral recover outside of several characters. There is a huge variance in the recovery speeds between each character in the cast - along with a wide "Difference" in frames with the time it takes them to 'neutral recover vs. tech roll'. Indeed, one of the hardest things to do in Vampire Savior to consistently meaty the opponents recovery, especially if its not a character you're not experienced in fighting. It's suggested to at least take some time trying to memorize characters with particularly slow or fast neutral recoveries since most characters, while different, are relatively similar.

Q-Bee is the only character where Forward Roll and Back Roll have different frame data.

Sorted by Neutral Recovery
Character Neutral Recovery Tech Roll Difference
Q-Bee 29 61 Forward
54 Back
32 Forward
25 Back
Zabel 33 49 16
Bishamon 34 41 7
Sasquatch 34 58 24
Jedah 35 50 15
Anakaris 38 57 19
Lilith 38 58 20
Morrigan 38 58 20
Aulbath 39 44 5
Demitri 39 37 -2
Felicia 40 66 26
Gallon 40 42 2
Lei-Lei 41 40 -1
Victor 41 41 0
Bulleta 44 42 -2

Neutral/Roll Recovery Difference Frames

The table here shows the wake up speeds sorted by the "Difference" in frames it takes them to 'neutral recover vs. tech roll', organized as such purely out of convenience. Consider this how you should view the okizeme options on each character. The larger the "Difference", the more time you have to position yourself against an opponents tech roll, allowing for application of stronger knockdown mix-ups and pressure. It's fair to say, in most situations, that the smaller the difference is between the neutral recovery and tech roll, the better of recovery a character has - without counting reversal options.

Generally speaking, characters with a larger than 10 frame difference allow time for you to visually follow and position yourself in an optimal way to how they recover, while characters with less than a 10 frame difference require a good read to get a strong mix-up. Be aware that the characters with a small difference also pose some danger if you guess wrong on whether they roll or not; say if you have them cornered and attempt a meaty on a neutral recovery, at which point they may then roll forward and quickly place you in the corner. Understanding the tech roll habits of players using these characters is important.

Sorted by Difference in Neutral/Roll Recovery
Character Neutral Recovery Tech Roll Difference
Q-Bee 29 61 Forward
54 Back
32 Forward
25 Back
Felicia 40 66 26
Sasquatch 34 58 24
Lilith 38 58 20
Morrigan 38 58 20
Anakaris 38 57 19
Zabel 33 49 16
Jedah 35 50 15
Bishamon 34 41 7
Aulbath 39 44 5
Gallon 40 42 2
Victor 41 41 0
Lei-Lei 41 40 -1
Demitri 39 37 -2
Bulleta 44 42 -2
  • This frame data itself was mostly acquired from the Japanese wiki. However, after testing it myself, Q-Bee's recovery speeds have been adjusted. They had her waking up about 3 frames faster with both her Neutral Recovery and Tech Roll. I'm pretty sure they tested her in one of the Turbo Speeds instead of Normal Speed like they should have.

Pre-Recovery Pushbox Frames

One frame before recovery
Pre-Recovery Active Pushbox States
Character Neutral Back Forward
Anakaris Standing / 10f Crouching / 5f Crouching / 5f
Aulbath Standing / 4f Crouching / 4f Crouching / 4f
Bishamon Standing / 8f Standing / 6f Standing / 8f
Bulleta Crouching / * Crouching / 4f Crouching / 4f
Demitri Crouching / 2f Crouching / 4f Crouching / 5f
Felicia Standing / 12f Standing / 12f Standing / 12f
Gallon Crouching / 9f Crouching / 4f Crouching / 4f
Lei-Lei Standing / 13f Crouching / 5f Crouching / 5f
Lilith Standing / 6f Crouching / 6f Crouching / 6f
Morrigan Standing / 6f Standing / 6f Standing / 6f
Jedah Standing / 6f Crouching / 4f Crouching / 4f
Q-Bee None None None
Sasquatch Standing / 10f Crouching / 5f Crouching / 5f
Victor Standing / 10f Standing / 5f Standing / 5f
Zabel Crouching / 7f Crouching / 7f Crouching / 7f
Vampire Savior 2 Characters
Donovan Standing / 6f Standing / 6f Standing / 6f
Phobos None None None
Pyron None None None

Corner Cross-Up on Knockdown

Input Tricks

Chain Breaking

  • Chain Breaking:
  • Chaining to a frame advantage normal, then linking into a cancelable normal. Example: Bulleta c.LP c.LK c.MP, +c.MP xx 214P. Linking during a chain enables you to cancel the normal move into a special or super, because while chained normals are uncancellable, linked normals are cancelable.
  • Renda Linking:
  • Because some light attacks gain added advantage when chained into themselves, certain links become possible when normally they would not be possible. For example, Victor is normally unable to link c.LP to c.MP, but he is able to chain two c.LP's together for the renda bonus, making c.LP c.LP, +c.MP xx [4]6P possible. And of course, chaining into the c.MP from c.LP would not allow Victor to cancel the c.MP into the head-rush.

Kara Cancel & Meter Building

  • In VSav the karacancel mechanic is a bit different from modern games. Normal moves that can be special canceled can also be whiff canceled at any time during the startup or active hithrames. For example, Lei-Lei's c.MK can be canceled into Gong at any time during the c.MK startup or hitframes even if it whiffs. Though, a much more common (and effective) way for Lei-Lei to build meter is j.HK kara to 623P, cancel with K, then kara another j.HK into 623P, cancel with K, then kara yet another j.HK with j.214P (resulting in three kara j.HK's, two canceled by Senpuubu and the last canceled by Gong).
  • However, all moves can be special/super canceled within the first few frames of the move, regardless of it's cancelability, which includes air moves. For example, even though Lei-Lei's HK is not special cancelable and can not be whiff canceled mid-way through the move, the first couple frames of the move can be canceled.
  • It should be noted that this does not apply to chaining or cmd super cancels since chains lose their special cancel properties.
  • This is important because normal moves reward meter build as soon as the move begins, rather than when the move is completed. Therefor when you karacancel a heavy attack into a special move you are rewarded meter from both the normal and special, rather than just the special, as [seen here].
  • There aren't many normal moves that move a character forwards on the first few frames, so kara-throwing isn't as common or rewarding in VSav as other games. However, it can provide a useful option select in some situations. For example, karacancelling Q-Bee's LP into her 624MP cmd throw results in her performing the throw if she is within range, or doing a standing/crouching LP if she is not in range, which is useful because whiffing a LP is faster than whiffing a MP.
  • There are, however, some moves that move the character a great distance after the initial startup. For example Lei-Lei's c.HK can be canceled mid-way through the animation into Tenraiha, which results in a range boost since the c.HK moves her forwards a noticeable amount.

Input Priority

Input Priority
Priority Input
1 Special & EX Moves
2 Taunt
3 Dark Force
4 Light Punch
5 Punch Throw
6 Medium Punch
7 Hard Punch
8 Light Kick
9 Kick Throw
10 Medium Kick
11 Hard Kick

Input priority is a side effect of not being able to input multiple commands at the same time to do several things at once. Letting the game randomly decide which move will come out in such a situation would not be a good idea, so there must be an order of what commands are prioritized over which.

The chart above lists the order from least to most prioritized. Hard Kick has the lowest priority, so if you were to press both Hard Kick and Light Punch together your character would perform a Light Punch attack. Likewise, activating Dark Force with HP+HK after doing a 236 motion (236.HP+HK being the result) would cause you to perform a special move instead.

Though Special & EX Moves top out this list, there is the problem of being able to input multiple Special & EX Moves at the same time. This is solved by each character's Specials having their own priority order, such as a 623 input beating out a 236 input. Refer to the section below "Special & EX Moves Input Priority" for this character specific information.

Option Selects Using Input Priority

Knowing input priority gives access to several different option selects. Most of them are based around command grabs.

  1. Option select kick-activated command throws with a punch button instead of a kick. This may be useful if their throw option selects are poor or don't suit the situation. This works by simply doing an input like 6324.MK+LP to get a Light Punch on whiff. Several characters can take advantage of this:
    • Felicia
    • Gallon
    • Jedah
  2. You can option select punch-activated command grabs into a Light Punch as well, despite usually being activated with an MP or HP, however this may result in an ES command grab instead.
    • Bulleta
    • Demitri — has no ES command grab
    • Lei-Lei — has no ES command grab
    • Morrigan
    • Q-Bee
  3. Option select guard cancel moves that are kick-activated and do not have a non-GC version of the special. Whiff a punch attack instead of a kick if you GC incorrectly. Only two characters can take advantage of this:
    • Q-Bee
    • Zabel
  4. Inputting a command grab but pressing MP+MK or HP+HK instead of just MP or HP would give you the command grab if its possible, or if not, a Dark Force.

Special & EX Moves Input Priority

Priority Command Move
1 4123.KK Pit to the Underworld
2 214.K Spell of Turning (Eat)
3 236.K Spell of Turning (Spit)
4 236.P Mummy Drop
5 46.P Cobra Blow
6 22.P(or)K Dance of the Coffins
Priority Command Move
1 623.PP Water Jail
2 623.K Trick Fish
3 4123.PP Sea Rage
4 6324.MP(or)HP Crystal Lancer
5 6324.MK(or)HK Gens Anger
6 632.KK Aqua Spread (Homing)
7 632.PP Aqua Spread (Hold)
8 (Charge)4~6.P Sonic Wave
9 (Charge)4~6.K Poison Cloud
10 22.PP Direct Scissors
Priority Command Move
1 360.MP(or)HP Kirisute Gomen
2 4123.KK Enma Seki
3 6324.PP Oni Kubi Hineri
4 623.P Kien Zan
5 4123.P Karame Dama
6 (Charge)4~6.P Iai Giri (High)
7 (Charge)4~6.K Iai Giri (Low)
Priority Command Move
1 4123.KK Beautiful Memory
2 4123.PP Cool Hunting
3 6324.MP(or)HP Sentimental Typhoon
4 6324.KK Apple For You
5 214.P Shyness & Strike
6 623.P Cheer & Fire
7 (Charge)4~6.P Smile & Missile
8 (Charge)4~6.K Smile & Missile
9 (Charge)2~8.P Hop & Missile
Priority Command Move
1 263.PP Midnight Bliss
2 263.KK Demon Billion
3 360.MP(or)HP Negative Stolen
4 623.P Demon Cradle
5 236.P Chaos Flare
6 214.K Bat Spin
? LP,MP,6,MK,MK Midnight Pleasure
Priority Command Move
1 6324.MK(or)HK Wild Circular
2 4123.KK Dragon Cannon
3 623.P Beast Cannon
4 236.P Beast Cannon
5 214.P Million Flicker
6 28.K Climb Razor
Priority Command Move
1 623.P Cat Spike
2 623.K Delta Kick
3 4123.PP Dancing Flash
4 4123.KK Please Help Me
5 6324.MK(or)HK Hell Cat
6 236.P Rolling Buckler
Priority Command Move
1 4123.KK Prova di Servo
2 22.PP Finale Rosso
3 6231.MK(or)HK San Bassale
4 214.P Nero Fatica
5 236.P Dio Sehga
Priority Command Move
1 623.P Senpuubu
2 4123.PP Chuukadan
3 4123.KK Chireitou
4 6324.MP(or)HP Houtengeki
5 236.P Ankihou
6 214.P Henkyouki
Priority Command Move
1 623.KK Splendor Love
2 623.P Shining Blade
3 4123.KK Gloomy Puppet Show
4 6324.P Mystic Arrow
5 236.P Soul Flash
6 214.K Merry Turn
? LP,LP,6,LK,HP Luminous Illusion
Priority Command Move
1 6324.MP(or)HP Vector Drain
2 63214.K Valkyrie Turn
3 623.P Shadow Blade
4 236.P Soul Fist
? LP,LP,6,LK,HP Darkness Illusion
? 6,HP,MP,LP,6 Cryptic Needle
? MP,LP,4,LK,MK Finishing Shower
Priority Command Move
1 623.PP Qj
2 214.K Delta A
3 4123.P C > R
4 4123.KK +B
5 6324.MP(or)HP O.M.
? Mash Kicks SxP
Priority Command Move
1 720.KK Big Sledge
2 320.K Big Swing
3 623.K Big Typhoon
4 623.P Big Blow
5 4123.PP Big Freezer
6 4123.KK Big Eisbahn
7 6324.P Big Brunch
8 41236.Taunt Big Trap
9 236.P Big Breath
10 22.P Big Towers
Priority Command Move
1 720.KK Gerdenheim 3
2 360.P Mega Spike
3 623.K Giga Burn
4 214.P Gyro Crush
5 236.K Mega Shock
6 (Charge)4~6.P Giga Forehead
7 (Charge)2~8.P Giga Stake
8 (Charge)2~8.KK Thunder Break
Priority Command Move
1 623.PP Hell Dunk
2 6324.KK Death Voltage
3 4123.K Hell Gate
4 6324.MP(or)HP Skull Punish
5 214.K Death Hurricane
6 64.PP Evil Scream
7 28.K Skull Sting

Vampire Savior
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