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Costume Colors


Evil Donovan. Has Donovan's head and Demitri's body, and an open vest to show off his manly chest.


Demitri's walk.
Demitri's jump.
Donovan's dash.

Having Donovan's dash lets you dash attack with either standing or crouching normals, which is very useful when paired with Demitri's sweep.

Normal Moves

Only listing Dee's notable moves here. They they are mostly the same as Demitri's normals outside of a few exceptions which are noted here. There are no noticeable changes to normals when having Killshread equipped or unequipped like there are with Donovan.

5.LK — Demitri's 5.LK, however it hits low like it would in VHUNT or VSAV2.

2.LP — Demitri's 2.LP. Possible to dash link from this into a light attack.

2.HP — Demitri's Close 5.HP, though it’s not special cancelable. This should be a bit easier to use as a general anti-air for close jump-ins due it not having range requirements to come out, and you can start it from a crouching position.

j5.HP — Donovan's j.MP, retains all aspects of the original j.MP while doing the damage of a hard attack.

j2.HP — Donovan's j.LP, retains all aspects of the original j.LP while doing the damage of a hard attack. Very useful normal as it aims at a sharp downward angle. Comes out extremely fast, so it’s possible to combo [j.LK > j2.HP] from an extremely deep jump in.

j9.HP — Donovan's j.HP, except now it is a command normal.

j.LK — Demitri's j.LK from Vampire and VHUNT. It has a ton of active frames, plus the jumping light attack whiff cancel mechanic featured in VHUNT and VSAV2, letting you cancel it into another attack before this one recovers. Instant overheads are possible on every crouching character Aulbath height and taller (refer to the character crouch heights in the Esoterics section).

j.HK — Donovan's 6.HK, but in the air. Feels somewhat slow, however it’s still possible to do the jump in chain of [j.HP > j.HK] on medium height standing characters. Can sometimes hit as a cross up on extremely fat characters.

6.HK — Donovan's 6.HK. While not netting you a knock down, this allows you to do big beefy combos like [MP > MK > 5.HP > 6.HK] for huge damage when utilizing Demitri's normals instead of Donovan's.

Special Moves

Dee's special moves are entirely lifted from Donovan, though there are a few new ones and some that are slightly changed or input with different commands.

Hell Dive – 4123.K (Air OK)

A teleport that places Dee in the air where he is able to perform actions after it. Can be spammed pretty fast and builds decent meter, especially when kara-canceling into it. If the teleport crosses up the opponent, Dee will autocorrect directions to face them.
  • (LK Version): Teleports to the left side of the screen.
  • (MK Version): Teleports to the middle of the screen.
  • (HK Version): Teleports to the right side of the screen.

Ifrit Sword – 623.P (Only usable while Killshread is equipped)

Dee's Guard Cancel. All versions of this attack are the same besides the ES version, which does more hits. All versions are air unblockable.
  • (Normal Version): Hits 1 time.
  • (ES Version): Hits 6 times for decent damage, though it will likely hit less when used as an anti-air.

Lightning Sword Sword – 421.P (Only usable while Killshread is equipped)

Mashable for more damage. Not a very useful attack because even when mashing the damage just isn't very big and leaves your opponent standing.
  • (LP Version):
  • (MP Version):
  • (HP Version):
  • (ES Version):

Blizzard Sword. Sword – 4123.P (Only usable while Killshread is equipped)

  • (LP Version):
  • (MP Version):
  • (HP Version):
  • (ES Version):

Killshread Plant – 214.K (Only usable while Killshread is equipped)

A bit different from Donovan's version. When Donovan plants the Killshread, it teleports to a different part of the screen based on what button is pressed. When Dee plants the Killshread, he plants it at his feet and that's where it stays.
  • (Normal Version): Dee stabs Killshread into the ground at his feet.
  • (ES Version): Same as the normal version, but when Dee performs Killshread Summon, it will be able to hit 3 times going out and 3 times coming back for a total of 6 hits.

Killshread Summon – 214.K (Only usable while Killshread is planted) (Air OK)

Killshread dislodges itself from the ground and goes flying across the screen. The button pressed when inputting this move decides it's distance. There is an "ES" version, but the meter for this is spent when you do ES Killshread plant.
  • (LK Version): Killshread flies a small amount of distance forward, and then returns to Donovan.
  • (MK Version): Killshread flies a medium amount of distance forward, and then returns to Donovan.
  • (HK Version): Killshread flies across the whole screen, and then returns to Donovan.

Killshread Lightning – 214.P (Only usable while Killshread is planted)

  • (LP Version):
  • (MP Version):
  • (HP Version):
  • (ES Version):

Ifrit Arrow – 4123.P (Only usable while Killshread is planted)

  • (LP Version): Least active frames, but recovers fast.
  • (MP Version): Middle of the road.
  • (HP Version): A lot of active frames, but recovers very slowly.
  • (ES Version): Hits 3 times.

EX Moves

Press of Death – 22.K

Costs one meter. It's possible to OTG with this move for big damage, however if the opponent predicts this it's slow enough to roll out of the way from, or for characters with fast neutral wakeups - not roll at all.
  • (LK Version): The giant foot lands right in front of Dee.
  • (MK Version): The giant foot lands a mid screens distance away from Dee.
  • (HK Version): The giant foot lands a full screens distance away from Dee.
  • (KK Version): The giant foot appears where the opponents position was when the move was started. Despite being activated with two buttons this doesn't cost any meter.

Change Immortal – [ MP > LP > 4 > LK > MK ]

  • (LP Version):

Killblade – [ LP > MP > 6 > LK > MK ] (Only usable while Killshread is planted)

  • (LP Version):

Dark Force


Setting up the loop
Character Optimal Jump-in Walk Direction Notes
Bishamon (standing)
Bishamon (crouching)
Bulleta (standing only) j.LP > j.MP/MK/HP neutral Very easy to set up. Do the 5.LK somewhat slowly after getting it started.
Donovan (standing)
Donovan (crouching)
Felicia (standing only) j.LK > j8.HP (whiffs) neutral A bit hard to set up.
Jedah (standing only) j.LP > j8.HP neutral
Lei-Lei (standing only) j.LK > j8.HP (whiffs) neutral Difficult to set up.
Phobos (standing) j.LP > j8.HP neutral
Phobos (crouching) j.LP > j8.HP walk forward
Pyron (standing) j.LP > j.MP/MK walk backwards A little odd to set up; rhythm to keep it going is difficult.
Pyron (crouching) ??? walk backwards Very hard to set up, haven't found a consistent method. Hard to keep going too.
Q-Bee (standing only) j.LP > j8.HP neutral Easy to set up.
Sasquatch (standing only) j.LP > j8.HP walk forward Very easy to keep going and set up. Until you reach the corner that is.
Zabel (standing only)
Characters the loop doesn't seem to work on:
  • Demitri - It seems possible to start, though difficult (best I found was j.LP on top of the head into j.HK), but I haven't figured out how to keep it going. Neutral, walk forward, walk back, nothing was working. May have to inch the character a few pixels one direction or the other between loops, but who knows if even that will work.
  • Lilith - She just seems plain too thin for the loop to get started? Doesn't do the usual amount of hits.
  • Morrigan - She just seems plain too thin for the loop to get started? Doesn't do the usual amount of hits.


Match Ups


All damage values obtained from Demitri on Vampire Savior Arranged.

41 red/67 white (71 white w/ pursuit, 81 white w/ es pursuit)

j.2hp,,,,, Press of Death
53 red/86 white

j.2hp, xx ifrit sword
41 red/63 white

j.2hp, xx es ifrit sword
48 red/79 white

j.2hp, xx es lightning sword
46 red/74 white

Vampire Savior Arrange Damage Table

All damage values obtained from Demitri on Vampire Savior Arranged.


Normal Red White Cancel
s.LP 5 8 Special/Rapid
near.MP 10 15 Special
far.MP 9 14
s.HP 12 18
s.LK 5 8 Special/Rapid
near.MK 11 16 Special
far.MK 11 17
s.HK 13 20
c.LP 4 8 Special/Rapid
c.MP 8 14 Special
c.HP 13 19
c.LK 4 8 Special/Rapid
c.MK 8 14 Special
c.HK 9 16
6.HK 12 18
j.LP 5 9 Special
j.MP 10 15 Special
j5.HP 13 19 Special?
j8.HP 13 19 Special?
j2.HP 13 19 Special
j.LK 5 9 Special
j.MK 9 14 Special
j.HK 12 19

Special and EX Moves

Move Red White Notes
Pursuit 0 5 1 hits
Pursuit (ES) 0 16 10 hits
Ground Throw 5 10
Sword Grapple 20 28
Ifrit Sword 9 15
Ifrit Sword (ES) 20 38 4 hit=14r/27w; 5 hit=17r/33w
Lightning Sword (LP) 8 14
Lightning Sword (MP) 10 18
Lightning Sword (HP) 12 22
Lightning Sword (ES) 14 26
Blizzard Sword 8 13
Blizzard Sword (ES) 11 19 1 hit=4r/7w; 2 hit=8r/14w
Killshread Summon 11 17 1 hit=4r/6w; 2 hit=8r/12w
Killshread Lightning (LP) 5 6
Killshread Lightning (MP) 9 11
Killshread Lightning (HP) 13 16
Killshread Lightning (ES) 17 21
Killshread Arrow 10 15
Killshread Arrow (ES) 15 24
Press of Death 29 45 as pursuit=15r/23w
Change Immortal 28 37
Kill Blade 22 54
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