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What is this?

The Japanese community held an IaMP(東方萃夢想) event on Saturday, January 31st 2015, 7PM PST / 10PM EST or Sunday, February 1st, 12PM JST, to have a netplay battle between a team of Japanese players and a team of players from Mizuumi's community.

The format was a Waseda style tournament. What this means is that, for teams A and B, the first player of A will fight the first player of B, then the second player of A will fight the second player of B, and so on until everyone's played. Then the survivors are moved to the end of their team order and we continue until no one's left.

Japanese page / 日本語のページ

Who's participating?

Mizuumi-side: (at current time)

  • mauve - Reimu (West coast, Washington State. ~6 buffer to Japan)
  • ZomB - Remilia (East coast, Georgia. ~8 buffer to Japan)
  • DeuS - Youmu (West coast, Canada. ~6 buffer to Japan)
  • Pdee - Suika (East coast, Canada. ~8 buffer to Japan)
  • AnimatorZed - Patchouli (West coast, Washington State. ~6 buffer to Japan)
  • Kura - Marisa (Japan currently. Originally Finland. ~0 buffer to Japan)
  • Baco - Youmu (East Coast, Connecticut ~8 buffer to Japan)


There is no character lock, so anyone can play any character at any time.


  • LockedIce 0-2 Pdee
  • Zr 0-2 mauve
  • Toruneko 2-1 DeuS
  • Ti-na 2-1 Kura
  • Itijouin 2-0 Zed
  • Pad 2-1 Baco
  • H-Tei 2-1 ZomB
  • Toruneko 2-1 Pdee
  • Ti-na 0-2 mauve
  • Itijouin 2-0 mauve

Final: Japan 7, Mizuumi 3