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ABK Lore Annotations

From Adler's translation

1. The biggest revelation from Adler's story mode is how Blitz Engines actually work.
-Blitz Engines produce their eletric energy from ATP production of it's user.
-It's basically a reactor that converts bodily energy into electrical energy that can be used by the host of the Engine.
-Heavy use may ensue in fragilization of the host - as with Adler himself - or some other bodily requirements - refer to how Akatsuki is "hungry" in his guest appearance in UNIst.
-Through research, they found that some specific genetics can enable heavier produce of ATP, and thus facilitate usage of the Blitz Engines
-Adler is after the people of Agartha because of this; they are the race with supposedly higher ATP production.
-Theory: Agarthans (or their remains) were actually found, and research on them was employed to develop the super soldier Akatsuki units.
Less-theory-ish: It's implied Perfecti herself is an Agarthan. Not only that, but everything points to Gesellschaft being built in the remains of Agartha!
2. Adler's last dialogue with Murakumo reveals the final boss is capable of "transmigration", supposedly the same process Mycale uses to merge into new bodies.
-Adler says he's "completely disposed of his clone", implied to be Akatsuki. Was Murakumo planning to make Akatsuki into what he is/was now all along in order to live longer using secrets from the Perfecti Kyoudan? Maybe Akatsuki is an improved clone?
-Adler seems well aware of all of this process; would a similar basis put him towards that, alongside his Elektrosoldats?
3. Minor footnotes.
-The dialogue with Fritz reveals some neat tidbits.
>"You still haven't thrown away that inordinate ambition?" shows this is a long-running plot of Adler's.
>Týr, God of War. An entity never mentioned (((as of yet))) in any other lore media. Maybe an actual divine revelation, or Adler going insane?
>"Logically, that would mean 'blood' is essential." "Blood is essential"? To what?
-vs Akatsuki mentions his Blitz Engine has an irreproductible function.