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For any questions about my edits, contact me on Twitter or Discord (Jotamide#8855).

Current projects

  1. Help SeenConnroy maintain and expand the Koihime Enbu wiki.
  2. Help Johhny with the Six Stars wiki.
  3. Build Under Night In-Birth/Patch Notes.
  4. Help with the Samurai Shodown (2019) wiki
  5. Scamble to update the Million Arthur: Arcana Blood wiki after the sudden Western release.
  6. Write the Help namespace pages of the wiki: Help:Getting started, Help:Writing game pages and templates, Help:Writing character pages, Help:Adding sequels to existing game wikis.
  7. Add more documentation to Template:MoveData.

Future projects

  • Consolidate all pages in the wiki talking about numpad notation.
  • Standardize Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax wikis (DFC and DFCI).
  • Standardize Melty Blood wikis (MBAACC and before).
  • Create a combo table template.