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For any questions about my edits, contact me on Twitter or Discord (Jotamide#8855).


Listed in order of priority.


  1. Finish file categorization to make space by deleting unused, uncategorized files
  2. Write more Help namespace pages:
    Help:Getting started
    Help:Starting a new wiki at Mizuumi
    Help:Adding sequels or updates to existing game wikis
    Help:Manual of style
  3. Add more documentation to all the templates I've written
  4. Consolidate all pages in the wiki talking about numpad notation
  5. Create a combo table template
  6. Transclude Twitter hashtag info for all applicable games


  1. Finish version 1.0 of the Million Arthur: Arcana Blood aka
    Finish the Support Knights page
    MAAB videos for assists:
    Add missing moves to characters
    Add more images to system pages or link to tutorials
  2. Coordinate updates to the Six Stars wiki before Xtend drops
  3. Help get the Phantom Breaker: Extra wiki started
  4. Add combos to Koihime Enbu wiki
  5. Migrate VanPri and other miscellaneous info from the old site