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Erika Wagner



Erika Wagner is the "Crimson Knight" of the Licht Kreis. Infamous for taking a "burn-em-all" approach to any assignment she is given, even if it causes problems for her organization. She comes from a long line of knights in service to the Licht Kreis and has a constant need to prove her worth and be needed by Adelheid. She sees Orie as a rival.


Character Health Jump Startup Forward Walk Speed Backward Walk Speed Initial Dash Speed Dash Acceleration Max Dash Speed Dash Startup Backdash Duration Backdash Distance Backdash Startup Backdash Invincibility Notes
Wagner 10000 4 700 -700 2250 300 3200 4 28 -56400 6 1-8 Full
9-10 Throw
Character Trait
  • Can install sword and shield buffs which enhance some of her specials.
Vorpal Trait
  • 22A/B recovery speed increased
  • Enchanted sword chip damage increased


Wagner excels at applying pressure at close/mid-range. Key to her gameplan is to spend meter plentifully to maintain advantage and vorpal at all costs. If the opponent wants to maintain distance, use gaps to equip installs and attempt to resume pressure.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Extremely strong corner carry
  • High damage from most non-A starters, with good oki – this goes hand-in-hand with her having very strong abare
  • Never-ending pressure strings when having meter or vorpal
  • Relatively good backdash
  • Extremely good normals, 5B/5C/6B dominate the spaces they cover against most of the cast
  • Specials can cancel into each other to prevent the opponent from having room to breathe or attempt a punish
  • It is often extremely difficult for opponents to keep track of which installs Wagner has available/equipped
  • With shield install (22B) equipped, her guardpoint moves are extremely powerful and can go through virtually everything except for throws
  • With shield install (22B) equipped, her guardpoint moves start guardpointing on frame 7, allowing her to reverse the situation against opponents with loose pressure strings
  • Her horizontal thrust (236A) is both fast (10f) and covers a huge amount of horizontal space, with a surprising amount of vertical coverage. This move by itself prevents many zoners from comfortably applying pressure at range
  • Has a very good, 5F reversal (623B) that leads into insane damage when combined with vorpal and meter. Notably, her EX reversal (623C) is more difficult to combo with vorpal and leads into worse damage for the meter cost
  • Has a very good anti-air special (623A) that converts into high damage with meter from any hit
  • Certain specials can be shielded to end Wagner’s cancel options and provide a punish opportunity
  • Most of Wagner’s special strings can be fuzzy mashed to beat all of her possible follow-up options
  • Her overheads are slow and telegraphed, though fortunately not that easy to interrupt (especially when shield install is equipped)
  • Guardpoint moves can lose to multi-hitting specials or reversals, and will lose to many meter’d reversals, though Wagner can attempt to cancel her guardpoint into her own specials or supers in response
  • Certain moves can be easily baited or out-spaced
  • While fast and damaging, she can have issues closing range against some characters without resorting to wild 236A usage

Normal Moves

The start of something sinister
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
180 5 2 12 -2 Sp,Ex,Cs HL Strike

Sword hit. Mid hit with a clutch Anti Air hitbox as it starts. Standard range but still works very well as a meaty. Used in conjunction with 2A for rebeats.

Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
150 5 2 12 -2 Se,Sp,Ex,Cs L Foot

Crouching low kick with slightly less range than 5A. Good poke for corner pressure and frequently used in rebeats for shorter recovery.

Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
480 7 3 18 -5 Sp,Ex,Cs HL Strike

This kick is an excellent horizontal poke and punish tool due to being disjointed at the foot. Its recovery is relatively short, making it difficult to punish by itself, on top of having a large stagger window. One of Wagner's best, most commonly used normals.

Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
490 9 2 19 -5 Sp,Ex,Cs L Foot

Sword hit. Crouching horizontal slash, good low hitting poke with deceiving range, despite being relatively slow for its strength and proration. Juggles fairly high and is useful there, but it has a pretty short stagger window and may see less use in pressure.

Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
680 12 4 25 -11 Sp,Ex,Cs HL Strike

Sword hit. BIG slash with a curvy hitbox surrounding Wagner, serving as one of her longest range normals. Can be a decent anti air, but is primarily be used in juggles and for rebeats as this into w5/2A is only -1. Don't end blockstrings with this due to its large recovery.

The pinnacle of her range
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
780 20 4 28 -14 Sp,Ex,Cs HL Strike

Slightly larger 5C which floats on hit. Can be used for frame traps and confirms into higher levels of damage than average. Mostly used in juggles, but still retains the same advantage of 5C > w5/2A to remain at -1.

Advancing Sweep
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
620 9 5 18 -5 Sp,Ex,Cs L Foot

Decent sweep which moves Wagner forward slightly. Hits low and knocks down, leading to solid juggles even after a whiffed A normal, as you can pick up after the knockdown. Trades in your favor against anything that doesn't knock down or stagger.

Wagner's fastest air normal
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
140 8 3 17 Varies Sp,Ex,Cs H/AS Head

Jumping kick that cover from her 3 angle to (pretty much) her 6 angle. Good air-to-ground move but has somewhat poor range. Borderline unreactable when done out of an assault, confirming into around 2.3K with CS or serving to get a GRD Break if they low shield.

All purpose jump button
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
420 9 4 18 Varies Sp,Ex,Cs H/AS Head

Shield hit. Decent all purpose air normal with range around and below her. Hits slightly more on her backside than j.C, serving useful after midscreen installed 236AX pressure. Sees some more use in certain confirms than j.C due to having better scaling.

Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
590 12 3 X+4 Varies Sp,Ex,Cs H/AS Head

Sword hit. Has a curvy hitbox that pretty much circles around Wagner, mainly in front and below. Comparable range to something like her 5C, useful out of assaults or as air-to-ground.

It's still my turn
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
750 20 3 X+4 Varies Sp,Ex,Cs H/AS Head

Charged version of j.C, slightly larger and causes ground slam on air hit. Mostly used in combos & her safejump set-ups. You are generally plus when this is blocked, and it's still your turn if this gets Shielded.

Command Normals

Filthy Dog!
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
1199 10 3 17 -2 Cs L Strike

Steps on you so hard you explode. Safe low hitting move which counts as a special and hits further than it looks. Mostly used for the half-charged Force Function -> Low mixup, to make some improperly spaced moves safe, or throw out an unexpected low if you've conditioned them to look for an overhead.

Can be useful at the end of combos to add a little meter-less damage when you find yourself ending a combo with both buffs already equipped. Because this move exists, You need to input 3AD for 2A Throwtech OS.

Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
480,690 8 2(8)3 24 -9 Sp,Ex,Cs HL Strike

Sword hit. A two hit slash fairly similar to Hyde's 6B with slightly shorter range and launches, leading to large combos out of nearly any short set of normals beforehand.

Particularly strong when Rebeat to 5/2A. Rebeating the first hit leaves Wagner even with the opponent, while rebeating the second hit only leaves her at -1. Can be chained with 5C, [5C], or 6C for juggles. The good range and speed on this move makes it a great pressure tool.

Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
660 9 3 26 -11 Sp,Ex,Cs HL Strike

Shield hit. Wagner's standard anti-air. Has a smaller hitbox than 5C but is 3f faster and much easier to confirm on counter hit. Leads to good juggles and also used IN her high damage combos.

Head invincible frames 7~11

Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
690 26 4 19 -5 Sp,Ex,Cs H Strike

Wagner hops into the air and drops her heel onto her opponent. Slow ground overhead with a pretty big hitbox and good reach with low crush properties.

Will hit grounded opponent but also airborn opponent within its reach, though it is only active as her heel starts to come down past around the 45 degree angle. Special cancellable, mostly used in combos to lead into [FF]. A good juggle and pressure tool in general.

Foot invincible frames 10~27

Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
650 14 Till L 13 -2~-5 (Sp)(Ex)(Cs) HL/AS Head

Midair stomp with a big hitbox that spikes the opponent to the ground on hit. Can be useful to alter her jump arc and fake the opponent out, but is generally not that great as a divekick and is most often used at the end of air combos.

Can CS, special, and super cancel the landing recovery, but only on hit.

Dash Normals

Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
Install: 350,350
9 2 13 -3 [install: -2] Sp,Ex,Cs HL Strike

Sword hit. Forward advancing thrust with moderate range. This is faster than a majority of dashing B normals, but is mostly used in combos or as a frame kill before oki in order to bait the opponent into pressing a button or timing your meaty.

66B causes crumple on counter hit for easy confirms, and has a wide special cancel window afterwards for frame traps, particularly with a delayed. After a Sword Install, this move becomes a two-hit attack, which can make confirms easier, but also gives the opponent more time to register that the move made contact.

Hail Mary
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute

Install : 490,490

10 3 26 -11 [install: -9] Sp,Ex,Cs L Foot

Sword hit. Dash sword sweep that is special cancel-able. Will catch players attempting to shimmy, walking away, or bckdashing if delayed enough. It's not particularly active, but it does lead to beefier confirms with slightly delayed FF or 214X.

This is generally used as a combo ender, giving a good amount of advantage after equipping a buff. With Sword Install, this move becomes a 2-hit attack and knocks down, giving you ample time to confirm afterwards. Blocked at max range, though, most of the cast cannot reliably punish this. Don't whiff.

Universal Mechanics

Why this character is hated
Version Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
Normal 720 15 2 27 -2 Sp,Ex,Cs HL Strike

Shield hit. Backhanded shield slap that causes a knockdown on hit, and wallslams in juggles. Powerful move that is very easy to confirm afterwards. Commonly used in frame traps, linking specials during pressure, and establishing that is, in fact, still your turn.

  • Acts as a special, can cancel into other specials
  • Can be partially charged to delay startup and act as a frame trap
  • Has guard point starting on frame 7 until active with shield install
  • Destroys projectiles starting on frame 3, can be special cancelled after doing so
  • Can be CS'd or Super Cancelled on whiff
  • Safe on block

Guard point makes this particularly frightening in frame traps, as most characters must risk a throw or burn meter to beat this auto guard if they choose to attempt to get out here.

If you eat a projectile, you can cancel into other 214X or 236X to catch them, or 22X to grab a buff. The whiff cancel furthermore opens up new avenues. Pivotal tool.

Projectile invincible frames 3~16
When buffed, guardpoint frames 7~14 (before active)

Charged 1050 28 2 36 -10 Sp,Ex,Cs H Strike

Fully charged, turns into an overhead with a long crumple state.

  • Ranged overhead which eats through mash attempts with shield install
  • Fully crumples on hit
  • Bad proration without shield install, but high damage with it
  • Unsafe on block, but can still be special cancelled
  • Can still be CS'd and Super Cancelled on whiff

Commonly used after good starters to grab a buff mid combo. Very strong tool in pressure or oki with install to ensure the opponent respects your string. Unsafe fully charged, but can still be cancelled into 214A to make it safe.

Projectile invincible frames 3~29
When buffed, guardpoint frames 7~27 (before active)

Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
1644 4 1 22 - - UNB Throw

Wagner grabs, burns, and explodes her opponent. So plus on hit that 22A after throw is 0 on block and +3 in vorpal. A lot of Wagner's mixup revolves around the grab, which can be kara cancelled into with her 6B.

Cannot be CS'd and does not combo afterward.

Guard Thrust
Version Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
Normal 0 15 5 26 -12 - HL Strike

5B motion with a greater hitbox. Fully invincible.

Completely invincible frames 1~15

Vorpal 0 12 5 26 -12 - HL Strike

Same as above but 3f faster, as with all GTs

Completely invincible frames 1~12

Veil Off
Version Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
Normal 0 20~68 2 Till L+7 Uncharged:-13 Charged:-14 - HLA Strike

Universal reversal. Invincible from start-up until the first active frame. You can delay the start-up until the 68th frame, but there's no real incentive to do so outside of thwarting meaty attacks.

Completely invincible frames 1~30/91

Cross-Cast 0 2 4 20 +3 - HL Strike

Occurs if enemy is in hitstun. Used mostly as a way to tack on extra damage, or to reliably close out the round.

Completely invincible frames 1~19

Special Moves

Kugel Blitz
UNIST Wagner 236B.png
Version Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
A 1320(1662), *1357(1791) 10 16 25 -5 Se,Ex, Cs HL Strike

Forward sword drill, press any button afterwards to do a followup.

  • Mainly used in pressure with Sword Install to extend pressure and go for a mixup after the followup.
  • Risky poke or backdash callout at midscreen.
  • Leads to a full confirm with Sword Install, CS, or 100 meter > (j.)236C.

Prorates fairly heavily so the followup damage is mediocre, and you cannot cancel this move on whiff. Very risky outside of pressure, but occasionally useful.

B 1382(1737), *1442(1837) 10 16 25 -14 Se,Ex, Cs HL Strike

Ground-to-air version of her Sword Thrust. Press any button afterwards to do a followup.

  • Gung-ho anti-air tool with slight anti-air invul to cover the space in front of and above Wagner.
  • Leads to full confirms with Sword Install, CS, or 100 meter > j.236C.
  • Can be canceled on whiff with CS or j.236C.

In combos, does slightly more damage than 236A, and if used with an install at the end, leads to a safejump setup. Mostly used in the corner, or occasionally to cross back up and put the opponent in the corner.

Head invincible frames 8~21

EX 1890 1+6 12 38 -26 CS HL Strike

Big Anti-air sword charge.

  • Strong air normal invuln anti-air option which leads to a full confirm.
  • Converts with dash up and relaunch afterwards due to the extended knockdown time.
  • Particularly useful after a 623A confirm to put them back in the corner and deal a significant chunk of damage.

A strong tool but try not to whiff it. Will lose or trade with air specials if spaced and/or timed improperly

Throw invincible frames 1~3
Head invincible frames 7~21

Version Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
A 1367 5 19 34 -26 Ex,Cs HL Strike

Rising conversion tool, Anti-air, and fake DP.

  • Fast startup and super cancels on hit or block
  • Landing recovery can be super canceled or CS'd on whiff
  • Beats air normals and is a decent vertical Anti-air
  • Full conversion on trade if you weren't knocked down/crumpled
  • Often used to convert into CVO or Super confirms as a combo ender

623A is a tricky option used in conjunction with 623B. This has no regular invincibility, but fast startup and the super cancel can make opponents think twice about pressing a button when its blocked

Air Strike invincible frames 5~18
Head invincible 9~18

B 1672 5 18 36 -33 (Cs) HL Strike

Fully invulnerable, higher reaching, and more damaging true DP.

  • Very strong vertical anti-air
  • Fully invincible, but highly punishable if blocked/whiffed
  • Can be fully converted with CS

Great anti-air tool and leads to full confirms with CS. What puts the fear in them. Occasionally works as a combo ender to close out rounds.

Completely invincible frames 1~6
Strike and projectile invincible frames 7~11
Air attack invincible frames 12~22

EX 2037 1+2 21 44 -39 (Cs) HL Strike

Slightly more range and a chunk more damage than B DP.

  • One of the few moves in the game that comes out frame 3
  • Excellent punish tool that can be extended further with CS
  • Strong combo ender for more damage when necessary.

623C lets you blow through smaller gaps in pressure, but the super flash will let some react to it rather than the standard DP. Your go to tool for super whiff cancels.

Completely invincible frames 1~6
Strike and projectile invincible frames 7~18

Sturm Brecher
Version Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
A 1045 12 9 14 -5~+3 Sp,Ex,Cs HL Strike

Shield charge.

  • Good for advancing on the ground and closing space with your opponent in pressure
  • Great oki tool that leads to plus frames if it hits meaty
  • Buttslams on hit, leading to big confirms
  • Works well as a confirm from ranged hit normals like 5B, 2B, and 5C

All meterless versions of 214 can be special canceled on contact and CS'd or super canceled on whiff. This allows Wagner to extend her pressure and ensure that her strings don't end when the opponent thinks they will. However, it will lose its special cancel property if shielded.

Properly spaced, this move will leave you plus on block, resetting pressure and potentially setting up for a frame trap for people who improperly gauge the distance.

Buffed A 1045 12 9 14 +0~+8 Ex,Cs HL Strike

After a shield install, 214A gains guard point starting on frame 7 (up until it goes active), projectile invuln into its active frames, and will always be at least even on normal block.

This expands 214A's utility from a pressure extender and frame trap tool to a rampaging armored hitbox and abare tool. You can use this to pretty much skip neutral against sloppy zoning and projectile use. Can be CS'd at any point past its guard point startup.

Guard point frames 7~11
Projectile invincible frames 7~22

B 1045 12 12 14 -8~+3 Sp,Ex,Cs HL Strike

Same effect as the A version, but it starts slower and covers a greater distance, as well as being less safe on block. You will generally opt to use this version in combos as opposed to pressure, as its range makes it near impossible to gain frame advantage out of Wagner's normals.

Since 214B has a longer overall recovery time, this makes it easier to confirm a super cancel against an opponent who jumps out, using 623C or 236C.

The added range, however, makes longer range 5C confirms stronger, as well as allowing for easier confirms when the opponent is farther out.

Buffed B 1045 12 12 14 -3~+8 Ex,Cs HL Strike

Similar to installed 214A, extending Wagner's range with the added benefits of guard point and projectile invuln. Much more advantageous on block when properly spaced, and still safe even if done point blank.

Guard point frames 7~11
Projectile invincible frames 7~22

EX 1877 1+7 20 20 -6~-4 CS HL Strike

EX Shield Charge with a much slower acceleration and top speed, making it much harder to confirm against projectiles and in general. It also prorates heavily and is always unsafe on block. Extremely situational: this is probably Wagner's worst move and is best avoided unless you can make a hard read in pressure or have no better option for a punish.

Throw invincible frames 1~3
Projectile invincible frames 3~27

Sturm Brecher (charge)
Version Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
[A] 1551 22 9 19 -3~+5 Ex,Cs HL Strike

The charged version of this move has a slower startup, longer reach, increased damage and more advantage on block. When blocked, 214[A] pushes the opponent back significantly and floats them upwards, allowing you to get them closer to the corner. Knocks down on hit, wallslams on hit near the corner.

Buffed [A] 1551 22 9 19 +4~+12 Ex,Cs HL Strike

With Shield Install, 214[A] gains the more plus frames on block and the move now has a guard point starting on frame 7.

Guard point frames 7~11
Projectile invincible frames 7~22

[B] 1551 22 12 19 -6~+5 Ex,Cs HL Strike

Still the same as the A version, but better range.

Buffed [B] 1551 22 12 19 +1~+12 Ex,Cs HL Strike

After a shield install, more plus frames on block and the move now has a guard point starting on frame 7.

Lohen Schneide / Lohe Garde (*)
UNIST Wagner 22B.png
Version Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
A - - - 37F [vorpal=34F] - (CS) - -

Sword Install.

  • Sword normals will deal chip damage (5A, 2B, 5C, j.C, 66B, 66C)
  • 66B and 66C become 2 hits
  • 236XX recovers while airborne, leaving Wagner plus
  • Commonly used mid combo after [FF] for conversion and better damage
  • Can be CS'd after the install goes active
  • Disappears if hit afterward. If both Installs were active, the first one to disappear after being hit is the one that was done last.

An essential tool used at the end of combos after knockdowns to set up her oki and to make Wagner's already damaging confirms even more threatening.

This is commonly used mid-combo after [FF] to cancel the move and allow for combo extension, as well as when [FF] hits raw. Having an install in neutral makes 236X more of a threat, as it lets Wagner do stronger confirms without burning other resources, which can scare the opponent and make their behavior more defensive.

B - - - 39F [vorpal=36F] - (CS) - -

Shield Install. 3f slower than sword install. Faster in Vorpal.

  • Shield hits will now do chip damage (3C, j.B)
  • FF and 214X gain guard point from frame 7, until they become active
  • Buff will disappear after using a 214X or FF, or after getting hit
  • Same as the A version, it will be lost first if it was the last install done or if installed through 22C.

Very useful install which can allow Wagner to power through sloppy pressure, abare with unusual tools, and retain her frame advantage at many ranges.

Depending on the matchup, this can completely put the opponent on edge as it makes many of Wagner's tools that much more threatening. FF can no longer be mashed out, and moves which are generally safe at a distance can become extremely risky the moment Guard Point is on the table.

EX 1304 1+6 6 26 +9 (CS) HL Strike

Wagner surrounds herself with a fire pillar that reaches to the top of the stage, hitting opponents horizontally nearby or in the air above her, and buffing both her sword and her shield. Notorious for being +9 on block, allowing Wagner to burn 100 meter to keep her turn and maintain pressure options since she recharges her buffs.

This is a useful combo ender in many situations, particularly in the corner, as the move's behavior changes based on how many buffs Wagner already had before using 22C.

  • No buffs: Gains both buffs, opponent can tech afterwards
  • One buff: Gains the other buff, knocks down the opponent
  • Both buffs: Uses both buffs to deal more damage and inflict burn, which deals up to 950 damage over time, increasing based on Wagner's proximity to the opponent. Knocks down.

Normally, this move cannot be combo'd after, but one can use CS or use it in CVO for extensions. This is one of Wagner's most important tools in both pressure and confirms.

Throw invincible frames 1~3

Sturm Schlag
(In midair)

Version Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
A 1561 (1910), *1583(2028) 12 Till L + 2 36 -4 Se,Ex,Cs HLA Air Strike

Air-to-ground Sword Thrust. Not an overhead

  • Powerful combo starter on counterhit and mainly a conversion tool
  • Only punishable by throws if not shielded
  • Similar follow up to the ground version, done by pressing any button during or after the move
  • With Sword Install, followup deals more damage and can be followed with another move for conversion or pressure

Best used when tk'd as a counterhit punish as it leads to 4K meterless. Potentially tricky divekick esque move which is somewhat safe dependent on spacing. Converts while in the air, and is best used if you have meter to EX move afterwards.

B 1561(1910), *1583(2028) 12 Till L + 2 38 -6 Ex,Cs HLA Air Strike

Similar to the A version

  • Reaches farther than the A version, travels in a different angle
  • Also mainly a combo tool
  • Jab punishable on block

Less useful tool than the A version. It doesn't convert meterlessly on counterhit and is less safe on block. Save it for when you have meter to convert or make it safe.

EX 1842 1+7 Till L + 2 37 +0 CS HLA Air Strike

Super Air Sword Thrust which leaves Wagner at 0.

  • Strong way to retain pressure or reset the situation when Wagner is in the air
  • Makes 623A safe when blocked
  • Full conversions on hit
  • Primary CVO damage filler

Strong offense starter when you're in the air and the opponent whiffs a ground tool. Decent conversions on hit, BnB level conversions on Counter hit.

Sturm Schlag (charge)
(In midair)

Version Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
[A] 1699, *1721(2155) 25 Till L + 2 40 -8 Se,Ex,Cs HLA Air Strike

Slower diving thrust, Wagner charged back before it goes active.

  • More powerful version and bigger hitbox than the normal version, but less safe
  • Acts as an anti-anti-air when used properly
  • Knocks down on hit for easier and meterless conversions

Tricker move to bait out anti airs. Can be made safe by cancelling into 22C on landing, as can all versions of 236X.

[B] 1699, *1721(2155) 25 Till L + 2 43 -11 Ex,Cs HLA Air Strike

With the exception of the angle of attack, this version is nearly identical to the charged A version.


Infinite Worth

Hitze Falke
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
3241 1+9 19 57 -46 - HL Strike

Wagner rises like a bird and ignites the air around her. Expires if you take damage or move outside of half screen range.

Excellent, half screen punish tool that has an absurd amount of advantage on hit, granting enough time for Wagner to do *both* installs. This is your preferred CVO ender unless IWEX will kill. This will also add into some of 22C's damage over time if you had both buffs before using it.

Completely invincible frames 1~31
Strike amd projectile invincible frames 32~43

Infinite Worth EXS

Megiddo Ausserst Groesse
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
3760 1+14 6 47 -25 - HLA Strike

Typical IWEX. Slightly more damage than regular IW, but is usually not preferred unless its going to kill, as it causes GRD break unless you're in Vorpal, and doesn't come to even close the amount of advantage on hit as regular IW.

Completely invincible frames 1~26



Judgement Blazer White Lily Viking Blue Dark Nebula Sharply Uvarovite
Abyss Walker Eschscholtzia Shadowy Iris Beauty Gladiator Vermillion Edge
Eis Herrscher Bloodlust Rapturous Green Hazy Moon Night Tiefsee Botschafter
Noble Fencer Vivid Scarlet Amethyst Sowrd Sand Rose Rage of Nature
Schelt Frau Nacht Garten Sakura Blade Sacred Sabre Autumn Abundance
Maidenly Rose Dripping Blood Icicle Pink Vidofnir Feather Longevity Witch

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