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He fears. Every day, the curse that permeates through his body grows stronger.
The memory lost, the flesh that is no longer, the hunger that cannot be fulfilled. He dashes
across the earth, drenched in red, trailing behind him, his crimson arms. A beast of the
Void. Neither peace nor hope has resided in this body for a long, long time.


Merkava was once a human who rejected his humanity in favor of becoming a Void. He now spends his days eating In-births and humans who come across him for their EXS. Notable for being able to converse in human speech telepathically, when most Voids are mindless beasts, though any attempts to reason with him are shot down by his animalistic need to consume. Likely the one who ate Orie's parents.


Character Health Jump Startup Forward Walk Speed Backward Walk Speed Initial Dash Speed Dash Acceleration Max Dash Speed Dash Startup Backdash Duration Backdash Distance Backdash Startup Backdash Invincibility Notes
Merkava 10400 5 500 -400 2000 75 2600 1 37 -63800 1 1-10 Full -
Character Trait
  • Can fly by inputting 7/8/9 while mid air. This grants access to momentary free air movement and a swooping attack.
Vorpal Trait
  • Force Function damage increased
  • Force Function untech increased
  • Worms no longer die when Merkava blocks attacks



Playing Merkava in neutral is fairly straightforward for the most part. He's got some pretty huge limbs that he can get confirms of or reverse gatling to make himself more safe. 2B, 5B, 5C, 2C are going to be your primary pokes to keep people in check. Fast flight (doing a diagonal jump into immediate flight then holding down) into j.B or an air fireball are also good ways to control space. You can use the threat of his massive buttons to stop your opponent from using their own buttons, which means you can run up and get pressure started. Merkava thrives on the idea of forcing people to be scared of his buttons so that he can freely move forward without being challenged. Combine flight options with his strong grounded normals to create a very suffocating situation for the other player.

When playing more defensively, Merkava will still be looking to safely poke people out. 4B is a god tier anti-air that can shut down aerial approaches. Fireballs remain a pretty good option to cover space. 214A/B can be used to punish players that want to throw their own projectiles or hang out on the other side of the screen in general. If you are trapped in the corner, using glide as an escape option is not the worst idea ever. Other than that, the normal neutral gameplan should work fine. A warning however, is that Merkava's general size and the slower speeds of his moves make playing defensively a bit harder against certain characters that can challenge his reach. You don't want to keep the pressure off people for too long in neutral if you can help it.


Merkava's pressure isn't anything too special. Most of the time in pressure he will be using his massive reach to threaten people so that he can attempt to move forward for a pressure reset or a grab. Outside of grab and assault, he doesn't really have much else in his standing mix up game. The upside of this is that his pressure is extremely safe and can be maintained over a distance. 2A is a great frametrap tool and the go to pressure starter when you get in close. Since 2A hits twice but can be cancelled into itself on the first hit, you can make it an odd number of times which can be tricky. 2B's double hit and large amount of hitstop can also help make frametraps a possibility. 2C is the primary frame trap tool you'll be using. There's enough start up to it to create gaps in your pressure to blow up mashing, however this can lose to invincible reversals. If 2C is blocked, you can easily gatling into 5A or 5B to help end your pressure safely. Those buttons will also confirm into full combos if 2C happens to land a hit. Consider delaying a special cancel into 623A for a frametrap as well since it's very good on block. 3C/66C can be used to go over some low mash, but they remain slow and easy to block overheads in normal conditions.

Once you do get pushed out from your pressure string, be sure to save 5A for a reverse gatling so that you can be safe. Just simple things like 5B and 5C can chain into 5A to be safe and threatening from some space. Most of his stuff is pretty minus on block. Being slightly minus at range isn't the end of the world though, especially if the opponents back is to the corner. Just use your normals to keep control over some of that space and work your way back in.

It's also worth noting that Merkava does not have many strong options in strings to beat shielding once he is a couple hits in. Most of his moves are minus and can't lead to tick grab set ups outside of his A buttons, the overheads he can gatling into like 3C and 4C are both slow and not great in general, and some of the multihit moves are really telegraphed. That means if you go into strings just slamming through all your buttons, you will lose GRD (and thus Vorpal) fast and just end up pushed out. Remember to try to use spacing and the threat of huge normals to control your opponent.

Example strings:

2AxN > 2C (2C acts as a frametrap) > 5AxN(hold up to keep doing 5A on block without getting autocombo) > 4B

2B > 5C (can partial charge for high reward frame trap) > 2C > etc

2A > 2A (cancel on the first hit to get 3 hits instead of 4) > grab

5B > 5C > 5A whiff > 5B or run up 2B or wait to react to something (there's a pretty massive gap here, but if you have some space most mashed buttons will whiff)

5AxN > 2B > 2C > delayed 623A (without the 5A to gatling back into, your options are limited and delayed 623A can catch things still)


236C is your primary reversal option. It's pretty safe and leads to a combo on hit, but it loses invincibility on the first active frame so it can lose to a few things post superflash. Infinite Worth has more invincibility if you are desperate and can blow meter, but it's also really unsafe and generally a pretty terrible idea. Merkava's defense in general is pretty standard since you don't have any other reversals outside of that. Mashing is not greatly advised since his buttons are kinda slow. Using his divekick as a fuzzy defensive option isn't all that bad to get out of throws and lows, but note this can be not so safe on block or just blown up in general.


Merkava's knockdown game is actually pretty good. Whenever you end a combo it will generally be with 4B or 66C. Midscreen, you don't actually get a whole lot but you'll at least be at advantage. After either of these knockdowns you can cancel into 22A/B. The worms midscreen aren't the most useful things ever, especially if the opponent back techs and they need to catch up. In the corner however, they are extremely good at forcing a situation in your favor. If you grab while worms are coming out they'll even grab you some extra damage. 22C can create some really wild situations since they hit 3 times and corner vacuum for unique cross ups. Cancelling into worms is going to be one of your major two knockdown options.

The other option in the corner is to go for flight oki. After a 66C, you have enough frame advantage to enter into low flight and then hit a button as your opponent wakes up. If you time a j.A correctly, it will safe jump most reversals (you're not safejumping Vatista). You can also just whiff the j.A to get rid of flight's landing recovery and go low. This can be fuzzy guarded, but there are some extra options you can sneak in here to keep them guessing. A video guide on how to this from UNiEL exists on Youtube: click here to watch. This video is from UNiEL, but all the same concepts and ideas work just as well in ST.

Move List

L = Low, H = High, UNB = Unblockable, CS = Chain Shift

Startup includes the first active frame.

Normal Moves

UNIST Merkava 5A.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
160 8 4 11 -3 Sp,EX,CS HL Strike

Far reaching but slow 5A. His autocombo he gets from it is actually a frametrap. Doesn't see much use outside of reverse gatlings in pressure strings.

UNIST Merkava 2A.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
168*2 6 3(6)2 12 -2 Se,Sp,EX,CS L Foot

2 hit low, can gatling into itself. Really good for starting pressure since it cancels into itself and allows for tricky timing mixups.

UNIST Merkava 5B.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
440 11 2 22 -12 Sp,EX,CS HL Strike

Merk just kind of sticks his arm out. Knocks the opponent airborne on hit. Pretty decent poke since it has good range, and is used in combos.

UNIST Merkava 2B.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
445 7 2(6)4 14 -4 Sp,EX,CS L Foot

This thing is pretty awesome. 2 hit low with a lot of active frames. Great in pressure since it hits twice and can gatling into small gaps with things like 2C. Has deceptively long range as well, so can be used to get things started. Be careful though, on whiff this move leaves you really open.

UNIST Merkava 5C.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
710 14 5 23 -10 Sp,EX,CS HL Strike

Merkava just shoots his arms out at about 3/4 of the entire screen. Big silly poke, also makes its way into combos. Be careful, has quite a bit of recovery to compensate for its range. On counter-hit, combos into 214A at any range.

UNIST Merkava 5C.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
805 26 5 23 -10 Sp,EX,CS HL Strike

Same as 5C, just takes a bit to charge up and wallbounces the opponent on hit. Mostly used as a combo extension after things like anti-air 6C.

UNIST Merkava 2C.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
570 12 7 24 -9 Sp,EX,CS L Foot

Merkava takes a second to lunge forward with a low hit that knocks the opponent airborne on hit. This thing is pretty awesome. It's one of Merkava's main combo tools since it leads into a launch and can be confirmed with multiple different buttons. It's also fairly useful in pressure since the delay on it creates a bit of a frametrap, and on block you can gatling out of it. The range on this thing is also great, which leads to some good punishes and call outs.

UNIST Merkava j.A.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
180 9 2 X+2 Varies Sp,EX,CS H/AS Head

Mostly used in combos or as a safejump/whiff for flight okizeme. More on that later. Doesn't see much use outside of that.

UNIST Merkava j.B.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
504 10 2*2 X+3 Varies Sp,EX,CS H/AS Head

j.B - 2 hit move where Merkava throws his arm out across the screen. Its primary use is to control space and it does a very good job of that. Combined with low flight, Merkava can throw this out very low to the ground to cover great space with very little recovery. Its 2 hits also make it good for extending air combos as Merkava lands.

UNIST Merkava j.C.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
666 15 4 X+4 Varies Sp,EX,CS H/AS Head

Merkava spins around in a big dumb circle. Go to jump in and assault overhead, also used in combos. It's pretty big so don't be afraid to throw it out sometimes.

Command Normals

UNIST Merkava 5BB.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
293 3 4 21 -9 Sp,EX,CS HL Strike

Usable on even whiff from 5B: looks a lot like 5B. Makes confirming 5B a bit easier but doesn't pop up all that often.

UNIST Merkava 4B.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
666 10 5 19 -4 Sp,EX,CS HL Strike
  • First two active frames whiff on standing opponents.

Merkava gives them the elbow. This is a strong anti-air that leads to a full combo on hit and is a pretty good starter. On air hit it spikes the opponent down to the ground and causes a knockdown, so it also is a primary combo ender for a large amount of combos.

Head invincible frames 8~11

UNIST Merkava 6C.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
754 18 6 20 -8 Sp,EX,CS HL Strike

Anti-air version of 5C, looks the same just angled upwards. Can be used as an anti-air in very specific situations, but has so much recovery on whiff that it rarely comes into play. It's also a good combo extender as well.

UNIST Merkava 6C.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
862 28 6 21 -9 Sp,EX,CS HL Strike

Combo extension.

UNIST Merkava 2CC.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
302 15 3 24 -11 Sp,(EX),(CS) L Strike

Launches the opponent pretty high on hit, making it a primary combo tool. This was updated in [st] to allow cancelling into special moves on block, so it's a bit safer than in UNiEL. You should still not autopilot this on block since that will severely limit your options still.

UNIST Merkava 4C.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
862 29 2 23 -7 Sp,EX,CS H Strike

Merkava tilts his arms back, then slams them down. Hits overhead. Has quite a bit of range, so you'll see this towards the end of pressure once Merk has been pushed out a little bit. The delay sometimes catches people trying to do something, and since it comes down it will catch people attempting to jump out. Pretty safe if blocked from far out, but don't try using it at close range. Can be followed up on hit but might be a little tricky.

UNIST Merkava 3C.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
612, 488 7 3(20)11 14 -9 Sp,EX,CS H Strike

Merkava goes airborne and slams down with an overhead. This move is really good. Since Merkava is so high, he'll go over a lot of grounded moves and throws, catching opponents who like to mash. On hit it is easily confirmable into a combo. Has a hitbox on the way up that is a surprisingly good anti-air as well. On block it's unsafe, but can be special cancelled into air fireball to make it safer. It's also used as a combo extension in the corner. In [st], you can cancel this move into flight on block or hit.

UNIST Merkava 3Cx.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
612 9 5 33 - Sp,EX,CS H Strike

The feint button. If you hold the button C the whole way, Merkava won't do the second part of normal 3C and instead slam back to his original position. If you hold it a little bit, it will appear as the regular 3[C] animation, but will do the second attack of 3C instead.

UNIST Merkava j.2C.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
410 10 Till L 10 -6~+1 Sp,EX,CS HL Head

Divekick. On hit, it causes a knockdown that can easily be followed up. Mostly used in combos for the knockdown, but has situational applications for pressure and defensive option selects.

Dash Normals

UNIST Merkava 2B.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
789 7 3(7)4 10 -2 Sp,EX,CS L Foot

Dash version of 2B. Saw an extensive overhaul in [st] where it has become extremely useful. The move has a very generous special cancel window now, as well as juggling downed opponents in a way that can be followed up. Major combo tool and can be used in pressure now.

UNIST Merkava 3C.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
800 6 2(18)6 19 -7 Sp,EX,CS H Strike, Head

Sped up version of 3C. Has all the same benefits except it is faster and goes a bit farther. Since it's faster you'll see it used as a combo extension for a lot of BnBs. Merkava is left with massive amounts of frame advantage after this, making it a very good combo ender in the corner. Second hit has Head hitbox, so it can lose to anti-air normals.

Universal Mechanics

Execute Agitation
UNIST Merkava BC.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
1630 11 3 22 -9 (CS), Sp HL Strike

Shake the baby. On hit it will net you an absurd amount of GRD. Can be used in the corner for the occasional frame trap or combo extension. Is special cancelable on hit while in vorpal state, making it a solid lead-up into Cross-Cast Veil-Off combos. Spin the stick around and mash the attack buttons to get maximum hits.

UNIST Merkava Throw.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
1850 (max) 4 1 22 +29 (hit) - UNB Throw

Merkava slams the opponent around. To get more hits(up to 8) and damage, spin the stick in 360 motions while mashing all your buttons. Has thankfully been updated so that you can get all 8 hits without having to break your stick.

Guard Thrust
UNIST Merkava 4B.png
Version Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
Normal 0 15 5 26 -12 - HL Strike

Completely invincible frames 1~15

Vorpal 0 12 5 26 -12 - HL Strike


Completely invincible frames 1~12

Veil Off
UNIST Merkava VeilOff.png
Version Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
Normal 0 20~68 2 Till L+7 Uncharged:-13 Charged:-14 - HLA Strike

Universal reversal. Invincible from start-up until the first active frame. You can delay the start-up until the 68th frame, but there's no real incentive to do so outside of thwarting meaty attacks.

Completely invincible frames 1~30/91

Cross-Cast 0 2 4 20 +3 - HL Strike

Occurs if enemy is in hitstun. Used mostly as a way to tack on extra damage, or to reliably close out the round.

Completely invincible frames 1~19

Special Moves

Flying Attack
66 during flight
UNIST Merkava 88,66.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
666 20 12 X+16 -17 SP,CS H Head

Swooping attack. Covers a lot of distance fast, but can be seen and anti-aired a mile away.

Execute Drill
「我、 穿つ」

UNIST Merkava 236X.png
Version Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
A 1335 9 8 25 -5 EX,CS HL Strike

Merkava flails his arms forward in a flurry of punches. Used either as combo fodder before ending with EX "Execute Coil", or as a general all purpose midscreen defensive option, thanks to it's far reaching and disjointed nature. Becomes a pretty scary option for pressure with Chain Shift available.

B 1510 13 8 29 -9 EX,CS HL Strike

Like the A version, but more damaging and moves Merkava a bit more forward. Usually the version used for combo fodder.

EX 1955 1+11 16 22 -2 (CS) HL Strike

Super version. Has invuln up until it's active, which means it can be used as a reversal but is at risk to trade or be beaten outright, so be careful. On block it's safe unless the last hit is shielded. On hit, it wallbounces the opponent which can easily be followed up.

Completely invincible frames 1~11
Projectile invincible frames 12~19

Execute Pierce
「我、 穹窿を貫く」

UNIST Merkava 623X.png
Version Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
A 1412 14 14 20 +1 EX,CS HL Strike

Looks like 236A but Merkava leaps of the ground in a short little arc. This thing is godly since it leads into his most damaging combos and is really good on block. You'll be delay cancelling into it on block pretty often.

Head and Air Strike invincible frames 14~17

B 1392 7 28 24 -8 EX,CS HL Strike

Like 623A but he goes to the top of the screen. Has some slight anti-air properties in [st], but still isn't used very much outside of combos.

Head and Air Strike invincible frames 5~16

EX 1714 1+6 28 28 -36 (close) (CS) HL Strike

Merkava really takes off with this one. Again, not really any use to this one.

Completely invincible frames 1~6
Head invincible frames 6~16

Execute Seize and Devour

UNIST Merkava 214A.png
UNIST Merkava 214B.png
Version Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
A 1476 13 16 10 -11 to -14 (CS) HL Strike

Merkava extends his arm horizontally across the screen, and on hit it grabs the opponent and brings Merkava to them where he then eats their face. This is completely blockable and whiffs entirely on airborne opponents. The arm will go through projectiles, making this a very good way to punish or discourage people from using them. If you press D while the arm is extending, the arm will stop and stay active for a few frames. On hit, this can be Chain Shifted which leads to really big damage from across the entire screen. On block this is very unsafe point blank, but most of the time you use it your opponent will be very far away and will have a tough time punishing depending on who they are. Massive whiff recovery, so you will be punished if they jump it.

B 1476 11 16 10 +39 (combo stun) (CS) UNB Strike

Functions the same as 214A, but goes at an upward angle. Can grab airborne opponents but whill whiff on standing ones. Aside from being used as an anti-air, is also commonly used to end long range combos.

EX 1980 1+4 21 7 -2 to -12 (CS) HL Strike

Is a very fast and more damaging version of 214A, with the exception that it can grab airborne opponents. Can confirm into it off of max range 5C.

Throw invincible frames 1~3

Execute Breathe

UNIST Merkava j.214X.png
Version Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
A 700 14 30 (max) 22 +1 to +3 EX,CS HLA Projectile

Air fireball. Pretty straightforward to use in neutral to control space. Is also used after a blocked 3C to help make it safer. Can be used as a combo extension in some cases as well. [st] adds a charged version of this that hits twice, making it a staple combo tool as well as being much stronger if blocked.

B 700 21 53 (max) 20 -1 to +1 EX,CS HLA Projectile

Same as the A version except it travels at a more horizontal angle.

EX 1725 1+5 86 (max) 19 -4 to -6 (CS) HLA Projectile

Fires off 3 fireballs instead of one. Can be used to end air combos or to make certain situations safer.

Execute Coil

UNIST Merkava 22X.png
UNIST Merkava Worm.png
Version Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
A 427 168 (worm) 4 43 (Merkava) + - HL -

Merkava throws down his arm and spawns a little worm creature after a bit of time. If Merkava is hit, blocks, or techs a grab the worm disappears. His new Vorpal trait in [st] makes it so they won't go away if Merkava blocks while in Vorpal. The worm itself can also be hit before it becomes a threat. They sped these up substantially in [st], so you can very easily set them up for better oki now.

B 427*2 169 (worm) 4 43 (Merkava) + - HL -

More or less same thing as 22A but the worm bites twice.

EX 999 (Merkava)
1228, 836 (Worms)
18 (Merkava)
169 (Worms)
1 (Merkava)
~16 (Worms)
22 (Merkava) -5 (Merkava)
+ (Worms)
- H Strike

With the super version, Merkava will actually hit the opponent with his arm and knock them down, giving him much more time to set up. Additionally, this versions spawns 3 worms that will attack three times. Sees a lot of use as an oki option at the end of combos, as well as extending CVO combos. Note: Merkava hits you with an overhead as hes setting down his worms.

Execute Domination

UNIST Merkava 41236C.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
2109 14 18 15 -6 (CS) HL Strike

Merkava goes airborne then swoops at the opponent. On hit he slams them into the ground for a bit of damage. It's invulnerability ends after the superflash, but it can help against specific moves that 236C has trouble with, like Gordeau's dashing C. Doesn't see a whole lot of use since there are usually better options to go with.

Completely invincible frame 1
Throw invincible frames 2~3

Infinite Worth

Execute Rage

UNIST Merkava 41236D.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
3062 13 72 44 -30 - HLA Strike

Party Hard. Mostly just a combo ender if you want/need the extra damage. Has invuln though so can be tossed out to go through some attacks.

Completely invincible frames 1~31
Strike and projectile invincible frames 32~84

Infinite Worth EXS

Execute Trample

UNIST Merkava ABCD.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
3665 15 6 47 -25 - HLA Strike

Same as other IWEXS moves. Starts with a pillar of light as the hitbox with some invuln. On hit, Merkava just eats the opponent in a pretty flashy animation. On block it's pretty unsafe.

Completely invincible frames 1~26


WIP. Please check the updated combo guide on Evernote.


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