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He schemes. Staring down his opponents from behind his glasses. He keeps a beast within,
and a book filled with nothing but chaos. He awaits the chance to unleash his power. The
desire to find his beloved friend, and a comrade who tries to stop him. But which he was
going to pick is obvious... the beast shows its fangs, crushing anything it finds in its path.


According to Gordeau, Chaos was once a violent youngster, earning him the name "Bloody Chaos" at some point. Gordeau told to Hilda that he has never beaten Chaos in a fight, but Chaos says that's a lie - meaning Chaos has at least once fought and lost to Gordeau. Chaos changed his style and started to fight using intelligence instead of brute force.

Even after Gordeau left Amnesia, Chaos and he have been in contact and working together to track down the Licht Kreis and find the Red Knight. Chaos personally is aiming to beat the Aion and the Licht Kreis with the allies he has


Character Health Jump Startup Forward Walk Speed Backward Walk Speed Initial Dash Speed Dash Acceleration Max Dash Speed Dash Startup Backdash Duration Backdash Distance Backdash Startup Backdash Invincibility Notes
Chaos 10800 4 800 -800 2200 200 3000 5 27 -39556 4 1-8 Full
9-10 Throw
Character Trait
  • Controls Azhi Dahaka, which can be controller independently with specials.
    • Azhi's status is indicated by a colored icon under Chaos' health bar.
      • Green: Azhi can be summoned or controlled.
      • Red: Azhi is acting and can be hit.
      • Grey: Azhi is acting but cannot be hit or Chaos has been hit while Azhi was acting.
      • Black: Azhi is has been hit and is unavailable. Chaos will take some damage as well when Azhi is hit.
Vorpal Trait
  • Azhi death no longer reduces HP
  • Azhi fully invulnerable during 623A/B
  • Azhi specials can be cancelled on whiff


Chaos is the game's proper puppet character, much like Zato/Eddie from Guilty Gear, or Lieselotte from Arcana Heart. But whereas most puppet characters have strong mix-up potential, Chaos is all about controlling the neutral game and maintaining the optimal distance from the opponent, while positioning his pet lizard Azhi-Dahaka between him and the opponent. Azhi has big hitting moves that have some invincibility attributes attached to them, and the only time he can be reliably hit and disabled is during the recovery on his moves. You can set it right next to the opponents face and make them scared to act from as far as full-screen, and he can help Chaos lock the opponent down in the corner, since Chaos can passing link Azhi moves into his normals, giving him lots of frame advantage. Azhi helps define Chaos as a character.

Without Azhi, Chaos is somewhat lackluster on his own, as his normals have poor range compared to the rest of the cast, causing him to play defensive until he gets access to Azhi again. His defense is lackluster as well, only having his Infinite Worth and Infinite Worth EXS as reversals. While on the offensive, he has difficulty opening up the opponent, being one of the few characters without having a standing overhead, leading him to rely on Assaults, tick-throws, and cross-ups. Along with that, he has some of the lowest damage output in the whole game, needing specific conditions to even break 3k damage, even with Azhi. How well you do with Chaos largely depends on how well you can outperform the opponent during neutral.

Lizard Gauge

Chaos has a special gauge under his health bar that indicates the status of Azhi-Dahaka.

Green: Indicates that Azhi is available for use. If Azhi is on screen while the gauge is green, he does not have an active hurtbox on screen. After being active, returning to green also restores Azhi's used special moves.

Red: Indicates that Azhi is currently active performing or recovering from a move. During the duration in which the gauge is red, Azhi has a hurtbox and can be killed by any non-A attacks with an active hitbox (this includes special moves and even command grabs).

Grey: Indicates that Azhi has been killed and cannot be called again until the gauge returns to green.

Move List

L = Low, H = High, UNB = Unblockable, CS = Chain Shift

Startup includes the first active frame.

Note that for all mentions of chaining into a whiffed 2A, you can also chaining into a whiffed 5A instead, it will net you 1 less frame of advantage but is usually still good.

Normal Moves

Cha 5a.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
180 6 2 12 -2 Sp,EX,CS HL Strike

Chaos does a quick swipe with his hand. Hits crouchers and has decent range. Can be used to stuff close range assaults on reaction and as a button to mash out of pressure. Use for stagger pressure and tick throws.

Cha 2A.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
140 6 2 11 -1 Se,Sp,EX,CS L Foot

2A with a pretty big hitbox, only -1. Hits low. Best normal to whiff into as it's total duration is less than 5A. Also tied for fastest normal and therefore a go to mash to get out of pressure. Use for stagger pressure and tick throws.

Cha 5B.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
400 8 2 19 -5 Sp,EX,CS HL Strike

Slightly downwards kick. Good blockstring filler and leads into 5BB. It's also got pretty good range compared to chaos's other normals, so it's a good footsies tool as well.

Cha 2B.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
400 9 3 16 -3 Sp,EX,CS L Foot

Low kick. More range than 2A, hits low and can low-profile. It also pushes Chaos's hurtbox back a surprisingly decent amount. Good move to poke with. Chaining into a whiffed 2A will make this move -3

Cha 5C.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
510 11 3 22 -7 Sp,EX,CS HL Strike

Backhanded swipe that moves Chaos forward. Hits quite high so can miss some low profile animations. Somewhat slow but its range makes it useful in the mid-far footsie range. Combine with passing link to make a strong pressure tool. Chaining into 22A or 22C on block will leave you -4. 22B or force function will leave you -16.

Cha 2C.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
580 12 3 26 -11 Sp,EX,CS L Foot

Low hand swipe that can low profile some moves. Farthest reaching normal and great tool to use in footsies. Will cause a short otg-able state to hard knockdown on hit, but if scaling is too high the opponent will be able to air tech. Chaining into a whiffed 2A will leave you -1. Chaining into 22A or 22C on block will leave you -4. 22B or force function will leave you -16.

Cha jA.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
140 8 2 X+2 Varies Sp,EX,CS H/AS Head

Simple jumping jab that points downward. Not particularly special on its own but very important in overhead strings (ie. j.2C > j.A). Will instant overhead Gord, Wald, Mika, and Enkidu if done out of an assault while rising.

Cha jB.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
400 10 4 X+3 Varies Sp,EX,CS H/AS Head

Chaos kicks outward with his leg parallel to the ground. Works as a great air to air and useful for crossing up (note that it wont beat cross-up protection, it'll just let you switch sides after a jump-in). Also sees usage in safejump setups.

Cha jC.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
520 12 2 X+4 Varies Sp,EX,CS H/AS Head

Chaos does a kick pointed upwards while jumping. Its upward hitbox makes it a decent rising air-to-air. As a jump-in, j.2C is better in every way so you wont use this too much.

Command Normals

Cha 5BB.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
450 12 2 20 -6 Sp,EX,CS HL Strike

Follow up to 5B. Chaos does a reverse kick with a high vertical hitbox. Useful in pressure strings since it moves Chaos forward. Also useful in combos since it launches on hit. Can occasionally be used as a situational anti-air after whiff 5B > 5BB. Because Chaos lifts off the ground in the animation this move is considered airborne and thus is throw invun. It'll also high profile some moves. Chaining into 22A or 22C on block will leave you -6. 22B or force function will leave you -18.

Foot invincible frames 10~11
Ground Throw invincible frames 1~11

Cha 5CC.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
427 6 5 26 -13 Sp,EX,CS HL Strike

Follow up to 5C. Chaos does a diagonal kick. Mainly used in combos as it is not able to cancel into passing link on block. Chaining into 22A or 22C on block will leave you -4. 22B or force function will leave you -16.

Cold Reflection
Cold Reflection
Cha 6C.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
640 14 14 29 -15 (Sp),EX,CS HLA Projectile

Code Reflect. Chaos throws the Chaos Code forward at his opponent. Will absorb ONE projectile and upon absorption Code Reflect's hitbox will expand from where it absorbed the projectile. This move is great for combating your opponent's zoning. 6C is also a very useful mid-range anti-air and can stuff assaults easily. Will wallbounce on hit and you can follow up with a combo on hit by using Chaos' force function roll. It can also be chain shifted on whiff and used to cover an approach. The last five frames of recovery can be canceled into block, but nothing else (Note: this means Chaos will take damage from Enkidu's Havoc).

With Vorpal active, you can chain-shift this move on whiff for a free jump-in during pressure.

Cha j2C.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
620 12 4 X+4 Varies Sp,EX,CS H/AS Head

YOU LIKE THAT? Chaos performs Nova's kick from UMVC3. Great downward hitbox and Chaos' staple jump in move.

Dash Normals

Cha 5BB.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
400 10 2 20 -4 Sp,EX,CS HA Strike

Same animation as Chaos 5BB but not jump-cancellable or in passing link. His anti-air for when Azhi isn't available, but it's honestly awful to use on reaction, since you have to input a dash, and his hurtbox gets extended vertically pretty far before the invulnerability kicks in, which can make this unreliable. Good if you have a solid read on the opponent (i.e. throwing this out preemptively against predictable assaults/jump-ins), and leads to great reward on a counter-hit, but typically, your safest option is to either block, or Force Function under them and punish them from there. Chaining into 22A or 22C on block will leave you -4. 22B or force function will leave you -16.

Head invincible frames 9~11
Ground Throw invincible frames 3~9

Cha 66C.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
780 11 3 21 -6 Sp,EX,CS HL Strike

Chaos does a downward hand swipe. Not an overhead. Is actually Chaos' most damaging combo starter but not a move you will use often outside of combos sadly. Useful for extending combos and leading into Veil Off routes as well as an alright ender. Chaining into 22A or 22C on block will leave you -4. 22B or force function will leave you -16.

Universal Mechanics

Force Function
Cha BC.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
- 1 - 8 33f total duration - - -

Command roll. Can be used to go behind the opponent. Best to use this move wisely as you can't just mash it out and get a free escape out of pressure. Even upon successful roll through your opponent's attacks, you still have 8 frames of recovery until you can do something.

Head invincible frames 3~26
Projectile invincible frames 3~26
Strike invincible frames 8~25
Throw invincible frames 14~25

Cha throw.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
1570 4 1 22 +22 (hit) - UNB Throw

Excerrento! Chaos grabs his opponent and knees them having them land back in place. Give you just enough time to setup a 22A or go for a low 2B meaty. The hitstun is combo-able but you need azhi in order to follow up. If your opponent chooses not to tech you can also pick up for an invalid combo.

Guard Thrust
Guard Thrust
Cha 5C.png
Version Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
Normal 0 15 5 26 -12 - HL Strike

Completely invincible frames 1~15

Vorpal 0 12 5 26 -12 - HL Strike

Chaos does his 5C animation to knock his opponent back.

Completely invincible frames 1~12

Veil Off
Cha VO.png
Version Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
Normal 0 20~68 2 Till L+7 Uncharged:-13 Charged:-14 - HLA Strike

Universal reversal. Invincible from start-up until the first active frame. You can delay the start-up until the 68th frame, but there's no real incentive to do so outside of thwarting meaty attacks.

Completely invincible frames 1~30/91

Cross-Cast 0 2 4 20 +3 - HL Strike

Occurs if enemy is in hitstun. Used mostly as a way to tack on extra damage, or to reliably close out the round.

Completely invincible frames 1~19

Special Moves

Note: All azhi moves are cancelable into each other and into any normal as per passing link rules. After using an azhi move it cannot be used again until Azhi flashes white (which will happen when both he and chaos are in a neutral state and the opponent is not in hit/blockstun) or if Chaos uses CVO/CS.

Prey in Sight
Prey in Sight

Air O.K.
Cha 236A.png
A version
Cha 236B.png
B version
Cha 236C.png
EX version (2nd hit)
Version Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
A 650 Ground: 15
Chaos Air: 18
Azhi Air:13~22
5 Ground: 32 Ground: -8
Azhi Air: -9 to -1
Sp,EX,CS HL Strike

AKA swipe. Chaos calls Azhi to do a claw swipe in front of him. Amazing range and probably one of Azhi's best moves. Hits air unblockable. Closer to the ground you are before doing the attack, the more frame advantage you have. If Azhi is in the air when he does this, then he will do the attack while falling to the ground. Has projectile invun making it good against players who try to zone out chaos with fireballs or use fireballs to cover their approach, if someone tries, throw a lizard at 'em! Chaining into a whiffed 2A makes this move +10. Chaining into 22A or 22C on block will leave you +7. 22B or force function will leave you -5.

B 710 Ground: 15
Chaos Air: 17
Azhi Air: 9
Azhi Ground: 8
Azhi Air: 4
Ground: 32 Ground: -3
Azhi Air:-13
Sp,EX,CS HL Strike

Chaos calls Azhi to do a jumping claw swipe. Good for catching jump outs and can be used as an anti-air. Chaining into a whiffed 2A makes this move +10

[B] 820 Ground:20
Chaos Air:23
10 - Ground:-3 Sp,EX,CS HL Strike

Charged version of B swipe. You cannot charge B swipe if Azhi is in the air. This will pass through an opponent and goes a little bit higher. Good for setting up azhi behind an opponent and for bringing them closer to chaos mid-combo.

EX 1672 Ground: 1+8
Chaos Air: 1+11
Azhi Air: 1+8
5*2 Ground: 38
Ground First hit: -2 to -8
Second hit: +38 or less
Azhi Air: +6~+46
CS HL Strike

Azhi does a claw swipe similar to the A version. Great move for punishing whiffs or really just challenging anything in neutral since Azhi is invun. Can be used to cross up if Azhi is behind them by rolling before the last hit. Cancel the first hit into a whiffed 5A or 2A for even more frame advantage.

Throw invincible frames 1~3

Touch of Death
Touch of Death

Air O.K.
Cha 214X.png
Version Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
A 550 Ground: 19~34
Chaos Air: 22
17 28
Air: X+12
-3(+13) - HLA Projectile

Azhi will breathe one fireball. A decent move for zoning but must be space correctly for any kind of decent frame advantage.

[A] 550, 550 Ground: 33
Air: 36
17 16
Air: X+12
+12 ~ -9 Sp,EX HLA Projectile

Azhi will breathe two fireballs. You want to try to use this version more if you can since it gives you excellent frame advantage. This is also your go to meaty move after a j.2C knockdown.

B 550 Ground: 19~36
Air: 25
21 28
Air: X+12
-3(+15) - HLA Projectile

Same as 214A but Azhi hops further up. You can get better advantage with this then the A version since it gives the fireball more time to travel.

[B] 550, 550 Ground: 36
Air: 39
17 16
Air: X+12
+15 ~ -6 Sp,EX HLA Projectile

Azhi breathes two fireballs like the [A] version but the fireballs move at a slightly different angle.

EX 1722 Ground: 1+17~34
Air: 1+20
69 12
Air: X+12
-41 ~ +96 Sp,Ex,CS HLA Projectile

Three fireballs, the last one causes a ground bounce to hard knockdown. Good combo ender for meter combos.

Throw invincible frames 1~3


Air O.K.
Cha 623A.png
Version Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
A 570 Ground: 23
Chaos Air: 26
Azhi Air: 14
5 16 Ground: +6
Azhi Air: -3
Sp,EX,CS HL Strike

Azhi performs a tail whip. Good for starting Azhi pressure or ending in + frames during blockstrings. Makes an alright anti-air as well

B 690 Ground: 27
Chaos Air: 30
Azhi air: 18
5 12 Ground: +10
Azhi Air: +1
Sp,EX,CS HL Strike

Slower version of the A tail whip but Azhi jumps higher and you get more frame advantage. Similar uses as the A version, although this gives you enough advantage to dash in and reset passing link mid-blockstring if you're close.

EX 1278 Ground: 1+13
Chaos Air: 1+16
Azhi Air: 1+9
5 23 Ground: +19
Azhi Air:+18
Sp,Ex,CS HL Strike

Azhi does two tail whips that sends your opponent to the other end of the screen. Causes a sliding knockdown. Kind of outclassed by 214C in combos and doesn't have much use elsewhere. It can be canceled into other azhi moves.

Throw invincible frames 1~3


Air O.K.
Cha 22A.png
Version Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
A 1139 Ground: 37 ~ 96*
Air: 41 ~ 100
2 25 (Azhi) +28 Sp,EX HLA Strike

AKA hide AKA bite. You can cancel this at any point during his disappearance to one of Azhi's specials. Otherwise, this move has its own data. It's considered by the game to be the same move as 22B

  • Frame data note: The further away Azhi is from the opponent, the longer the start-up.
  • If Azhi does not hit the opponent (i.e. whiff or block), he will growl instead. This growl is not a hitbox.
  • If Azhi does hit the opponent, Azhi will jerk them into the air.

Useful for frame trap setups. You can cancel into another special move just before the growl on block. Throwing an opponent into this move will let you combo off throw.

B 1139 Ground: 64 ~ 123*
Air: 68 ~ 127
5 37 (Azhi) +28 Sp,EX HLA Strike

Almost the same as 22A but it is slower. Azhi can teleport before or behind the opponent to attack depending on your spacing.

  • Frame data note: The further away Azhi is from the opponent, the longer the start-up.
  • If Azhi does not hit the opponent (i.e. whiff or block), he will growl instead.
  • If Azhi does hit the opponent, Azhi will jerk them into the air.

Useful for cross up setups and frame traps. You can cancel into another special move just before the growl on block. Throwing an opponent into this move will let you combo off throw.

EX 1649 Ground: 1+53
Air: 1+57
2 25 (Azhi) +28 - HL Strike

Similar to 22B, but Azhi will always teleport behind the opponent, regardless of spacing. Furthermore, the start-up is always the same.

  • If Azhi does not hit the opponent (i.e. whiff or block), he will growl instead.
  • If Azhi does hit the opponent, Azhi will jerk them into the air.

Useful for getting Azhi into a threatening position (behind your opponent) even at full screen. You can cancel into another special move just before the growl on block.

Throw invincible frames 1~3


Air O.K.
Cha Azhi Walk.png
Version Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
A/B/C - 1 - - - - - -

Hold any button to make Azhi move forward toward the opponent. Can be done during block stun or during combos. Can be done with the A, B, or C buttons. A useful way to hold down a button without having to whiff a move is to use A+B to dash, hit back/down-back to cancel the dash, and continue holding A/B. Alternatively Hit D to start concentrating and then quickly hit another button, then let go of D or Shield and start holding a button during the shield.

Infinite Worth


Cha IW.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
3042 13 2 55 -39 - HLA Strike

Full screen super, but opponent can block or jump. Useful for full screen punishes vs projectiles (ex. Hyde Orbiter). Fully invincible and chaos's only reversal save for system mechanics

Completely invincible frames 1~14
Throw invincible frames 15~31

Infinite Worth EXS

Profound Revenance
Profound Revenance

Cha IWEXS.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancel Guard Attribute
3760 1+14 6 47 -25 - HLA Strike

Same as any other IWEXS. Azhi devours his opponent in an anime-like fashion.

Completely invincible frames 1~26



General Theory
  • Chaos' neutral changes drastically depending on the matchup being played. The main goal is the control Azhi in order to accomplish two things. One is to keep the opponent out with Azhi acting as a wall keeping them full screen, and the other is to use Azhi to force them to block so Chaos' can go in somewhat safely and start pressure.
Approaching via the Ground
  • Chaos lacks effective ways to get in via the ground on his own due to his lack of accessible pokes. Ground approach is mostly going to take place once you've conditioned the opponent enough for you to dash in after 214[A/B] or 22[A/B]
Approaching via the Air
  • This is more doable than the ground approach in most matchups. j.2C is a nice high active jump in and is one of his best starters. He has the ability to bait standing anti airs by summoning Azhi using 214A or 236A to slow his air momentum.
Stopping Rushdown
  • Probably one of the things Chaos is most effective at. 6C is a large projectile reflector that will stop mindless dash in rushdown and rushdown assisted by slow projectiles (e.g Vatista's 46A or Akatsuki's 236A). Azhi also acts as a block to impede their movement while he's active and can be used to punish fireballs, allowing you to slow their approach and swat them away with 623A. Roll also acts as a last resort once they're past your 6C range as you can roll through them and retreat safely back to neutral if they committed to fully going in.
Anti Airing
  • Chaos has the weakest anti air capabilities in the game, not only lacking a reversal, but lacking a one button move that even has an upwards hitting hitbox like Hyde's 3C. At far ranges, 236B/623B can deal with far jump in approaches (e.g. jump assault). If you predict fast enough, you can snipe them out of their jump in with rising j.C for a full confirm. 66B is chaos's main anti-air at closer distances as it has a good hitbox and head invun. On counterhit you get a full combo, but on normal hit the best you can get is 236B which is unreliable as it wont connect if the opponent was too high. 5BB/5CC are also possible anti-airs but very unlikely since they require a whiffed normal before use. That being said, they're jump cancelable so you can get a conversion even on normal hit. If in doubt, Roll (B+C) acts as an okay choice as you'll roll under their jump in, likely placing you in a better position. You can also always stand shield to get some frame advantage and maybe a punish, but it's very risky as all the opponent has to do is empty jump to GRD break you.


If given the chance, Chaos can mount some very strong pressure using his ability to chain his normals and Azhi attacks in tandem to create long and varied blockstrings. However his actual mixups are rather poor since he lacks a standing overhead and his jump ins are very reactable. Despite this, he can still setup some cross up setups using 22X and go for easy double overheads with j.2C > j.A. His normal throw is also a bit scarier than normal as it can lead to a combo if Azhi is set up with 22x. Even if azhi isn't set chaos can still pick up for a combo if the opponent doesn't tech right away, letting him punish opponents for late teching. When positioning Azhi for a throw confirm placing him offset from the opponent's position and throwing 'into' him is often preferable because it creates a wider range of timings where Azhi can confirm for you. It can also let Azhi meaty opponents who tech out of the throw attempt, giving Chaos frame advantage despite having his throw teched. If you get Azhi behind an opponent (made easy with the use of 236[B]) then Chaos's pressure get's better since Azhi's attacks will now push the opponent in on block. That combined with the frame advantage given off a 623X or in conjunction with passing link pressure lets chaos mount some really long block strings.


Unfortunately, Chaos' defensive options are rather poor. Lacking invincible moves (aside from IW or IWEXS) he must rely on system mechanics in order to get his opponent's off of him. Use shielding to gain advantage over your opponent and Veil-Off when you spot a gap in your opponent's offense, and if you have vorpal use guard thrust to stop mix-ups before they happen.


Meaty normals obviously work and let chaos mount pressure when blocked, with a meaty 2A or 5A you can buffer a followup and hold back to OS against veil off but outside of that his normals are pretty straight forward for oki. 214[X] and 22B are both special moves that give frame advantage and can be setup to meaty easily. 214 doesn't really lead to a mix-up, but it's a little safer and better vs back tech. 22B can be timed to meaty as Chaos passes through the opponent using force function for a cross-up, or it can be delayed/spaced to go off later and give a combo after a throw. 236A can also be a good meaty, it's plus on block when passing linked into a whiffed A normal and it lets you meaty from a very safe distance.


Vs Hyde - Being able to reflect orbiter makes it hard for hyde to pressure at mid-long range, but it's not practical to reflect his ground-spike fireball, so watch out for that. If hyde ever does TK orbitor oki Chaos can use a wake-up force function to get out and punish. Hyde's rekka > air super cross-up isn't a real mix-up, you can shield after the second rekka to block both directions at once. If Hyde is knocked down a well spaced 2B will low profile his DP, although if Hyde chooses to spend meter his ex DPs and IW will hit.

Vs Linne - Charged kuuga still counts a projectile. Linne's strong mid-screen spacing is strong for Chaos as well,and since 6C and azhi moves have projectile invun and linne's main poke is a projectile (tk kuuga) it works out alright for Chaos. At further spacings Chaos can play patiently. Linne doesn't really have a way to punish azhi summons at a distance so using 623 or 214 to get azhi out works well. If linne tries to get in using 236/623/6C/66B/etc all work well to stop her. The main thing to keep in mind is that Linne has a double jump and a dive kick which can make air approaches harder to shut down. She also has a roll similar to Chaos's, but must be running to do it which makes it a little easier to see coming. It's possible to position Chaos far enough away from Linne and meaty with a 2C such that if she DPs it wont properly combo and Chaos will get a punish after teching out.

Vs Waldstein - Wald's 360 has really massive range, spacings for azhi pressure that are normally safe against reversals wont be. Chaos can instant overhead Wald with a rising assault j.A. Comboing off of the instant overhead works with either chainshift or if azhi is set to bite he can confirm for you. Because his ground movement is so bad, many Waldsteins like to Assault to get in, a habit that can be easily exploited with either 66B or Force Function.

Vs Carmine - His blood pools can be a real nuisance when trying to zone him with Azhi at full screen as much as Azhi is a nuisance to him, so a lot of the match will be the two of you dancing around each other in footsies until one of you gets trapped. Azhi's range and unpredictable nature can help you out a lot here. Pressuring him is pretty straight straightforward since defence is almost as bad as yours, but be wary of his options at 100%. If you find yourself on the receiving end of his pressure game, stay calm, block as well as you can, and look for a good opportunity to escape.

Vs Orie - Good positioning is a must since her and her pointy stick pretty much win against Chaos's solo footsies. Her 22X specials can be Force Functioned on reaction, and can be punished by 236A.

Vs Gordeau - Dash-blocking is especially useful in neutral against Gord's moral slides, it'll let you advance without fear of getting swatted by a grim reaper. Shielding the second hit of mortal slide or grim reaper is be a good way to build GRD while in neutral against Gord, although grim reaper might be a little hard to shield properly and is almost always punishable anyway. Shielding the second hit of EX mortal slide is especially useful as it makes the move only +1, making it easier to contest Gord's buttons afterwards.

Vs Merkava - Best fought at closer ranges to avoid 214X punishes and lock-down attempts at flying. His tall hurtbox makes him susceptible to fuzzies.

Vs Vatista - Shielding projectiles in between dash blocks can be a good way to build GRD against vatista, if you have a life lead you don't ever really need to go in, you can let her come to you since she doesn't have a way to mix-up at range. While you can reflect her projectiles her laser is instant and can punish you for trying, so it's not always a good idea. Try to keep in mind if there's a flash kick charged when pressuring. It's much more practical for Vat to reaction DP than any other character so you may need to rethink which pressure resets or mix-ups are "safe" for this matchup. Vat's flashkick can be safejumped with normal setups, but the timing is very strict, so it may not be worth it if your execution is poor.

Vs Seth

Vs Yuzuriha

Vs Hilda - Despite looking and acting like projectiles, hida's sword normals cannot be reflected. Her beam lets her punish any azhi summon from full screen if she wants.

Vs Eltnum

Vs Chaos

Vs Akatsuki

Vs Nanase

Vs Byakuya

Vs Mika

Vs Enkidu - Enkidu's counter cannot trigger against azhi, unless it's his EX counter in which case it will always trigger and usually whiff, giving Chaos a full punish. Enkidu's mobility is pretty weak, so he's easy to keep out with azhi and 6C.

Vs Wagner

Vs Phonon


Combo Notation Guide:
( ) = optional, typically the combo will be easier if omitted
[ ] = Input is held
/ = Option to choose between multiple actions
+ = Multiple buttons are pressed simultaneously
(x N) = Attack can be repeated N number of times, range provided
(#) = Next action is taken after a certain number of hits
-> = Special is cancelled to add on special
CH = Counter Hit
HC = High Counter
CS = Chain Shift, or 5D 5D

Chaos' combos follow a pretty straightforward theory that you can adapt and modify depending on what you want.

Combo Theory


Start off by ensuring that you hit your opponent, once you've done that chain into 2C and pick a launcher:

  • 5BB
  • 5CC
  • 236A
  • 2C > 6C > 22A > 66C

If you picked one of chaos's solo launchers then it's time to jump cancel and do an air combo. If you picked 236A it's time to transition to Azhi. Note that the bite confirm will require the corner, if you picked that it's time to transition to a bite combo

Air combo

With an opponent knocked into the air, bring them down with one of the following strings:

  • j.B > j.C > j.2C
  • j.C > j.B > j.2C
  • j.B > j.C > j.236A > 6C > 22B > 66C

The first two are pretty interchangable, do whichever you find more natural. If a launch is particularly awkward you might find that j.C>j.B>j.2C is more stable, but you also might find that j.B>j.C>j.2C leads to easier followups. It's mostly preference as they both lead into OTGs to Azhi combos. The last one requires that you launched with 5BB>5C and may not work on heavily porated combos, it leads into 22B combo routes.

Potential enders post-air combo

After an air string you may want to end a combo early. Usually you do this if you don't have any azhi moves left to extend, or if you had a heavily porated starter or possibly if you just want to prevent your opponent from teching to neutral. The common main enders are:

  • OTG 2C > 22B
  • OTG 66C > 22B
  • j.2C > 214[X]

The basic idea is to cancel your last move into one of Azhi's more advantageous moves. With 2C>22B you can roll to bait DPs and cross-up. With 66C>22B you can roll to bait DPs and fake a cross-up. With j.2C>214[X] you can cover back roll and meaty without committing to anything.

Alternatively you can forgo an early ender for some extra damage with azhi combos.

Azhi Combos

If you have Azhi with you you can transition into an Azhi combo, typically later in the combo for extra damage, but using azhi early can be good as well, since it can lead to stronger meterless enders. The typical routes for Azhi combos are:

  • 236A > 214B > 214A > 236B > 623B > 623A
  • 236A > 236[B] > 623A > 623B > (whiff 2A/5A) > 2C
  • 6C > 22A > 5B/5C/66C
  • 236A > 623A > (whiff 2A/5A) > j.B > j.C > j.2C
  • 236A > 22A, 66C (22A Hit)

Note that if you're starting any of these after an air combo you'll need to OTG first with 2C. The first is your go to bnb, you can omit a few of the moves if you don't have them at the moment, generally you can chain in pretty much any order (although to start you'll need either 236A or 236B) It'll end in an air tech unless you use an EX ender. The second route should always cross-up, so you'll need to delay the 623A a little. What it does is let you end an azhi combo with 2C canceled into your oki ender of choice. The third combo lets you transition into bite. The fourth one is a corner combo that's primarily used earlier in order to save a jump cancel for oki. The fifth one is usually done off an Assault starter or an A normal for solid damage into Okizeme.

EX enders

When your combo has reached it's end end you may want to end with an EX move. Chaos has 3 EX moves that work as combo enders:

  • 236C
  • 214C
  • 623C

236C leads to heavy advantage and easy side swaps. 214C is the highest damage ender and leads to oki in the corner. 623C is generally just an inferior 214C as it does less damage and leads to a similar knockdown, but sometimes 214C has trouble getting all 3 fireballs to connect, making 623C a more stable alternative. In all cases you should always whiff an A normal in order to gain more advantage from the knockdown.

Bite combos

Whenever a 22X move hits there's a long pause while azhi throws the opponent into the air. This lets you confirm the situation from pretty much any position and go into one of the following:

  • (j.B > j.C > j.2C)/(j.C > j.B > j.2C) > 2C > 236A > 214B > 214A > 236B > 623A/(Ex ender)
  • (j.B > j.C > j.2C)/(j.C > j.B > j.2C) > 214[X]
  • (j.B > j.C > j.2C)/(j.C > j.B > j.2C) > 2C > (jump cancel safe jump)

The first route is the most damage, but you may have trouble comboing that if the combo is heavily scaled. It's ideal for a combo started off a throw. The second route is good if the combo is heavily scaled. The third route is good if you haven't used a jump cancel yet.

It's also worth nothing that can confirm directly into bite anywhere on screen against a standing opponent with (2A) > 5C > 236A > 22A > 2C but be aware that you must cancel the 236A into 22A as soon as possible.

2C jump cancel safe jump

Any time 2C connects and you have a jump cancel you can use this safe jump, but do note that if the combo is heavily scaled the opponent will tech in the air so this setup wont really work. To get the safe jump all you have to do is jump cancel and OTG 2C and they air assault after a slight delay. You can use j.B or j.2C as the jump-in normal, they have the same recovery when done from an assault. Make sure to hold down back as you land. If done correctly you'll meaty with the jump normal and land in time to block a reversal. It will work against any DP in the game save for Eltnum and Wagner's 623Cs which are too fast to be safe jumped (And vatista's flash kick requires frame perfect timing, so you may find it hard to get the timing for that). If done midscreen jump cancel towards, if done in the corner it doesn't matter.


IDK man just do an ex move and then do super. If you're low on life you can do 2 EX moves into IWEXS

Example Combos

Now all you need to do is put the above together, like so:

2A > 2A > 2B > 2C > 5CC > jump cancel > j.B > j.C > j.2C > 2C > 236A > 214B > 214A > 236B > 623A - 2657 (2421)

BnB off A starter

2A > 2A > 2B > 2C > 236A > 236[B] > 623A > 623B > whiff 5A > 2C > jump cancel safe jump - 2200 (2003)

Midscreen confirm into safejump

2B > 5B > 5C > 2C > 6C > 22A > 66C > (22A hits) > j.B > j.C > j.2C > 236A > 214B > 214A > 236B > 236C - 4142(3771)

Corner confirm into bite. 623A and 623B were omited due to the scaling.

Some other, basic combos put together by Mota


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