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GRD System

The GRD ("Grind Grid") system is a very unique aspect to Under Night In-Birth, and a very important factor in the game.

The GRD is a tug of war that plays during the rounds of combat. Each character owns six squares on the GRD which they can attempt to fill by being aggressive, recovering/teching, shielding attacks, and using concentration. The GRD is lowered by back dashing, taking damage, using UNI B.gif + UNI C.gif, getting shield blocked, throws getting escaped, and opponents using Concentration.

A timer shows itself as a repeating circle of progress in the middle of the GRD bar. It takes 16.5 in-game seconds to complete so it repeats exactly 6 times in a 99 second round. When the progress bar is filled, the character with the most amount of filled squares will enter a state called GRD Vorpal, which provides a 10% damage boost to the favored character.

When using Chain Shift, the GRD is absorbed and transformed into EXS at a rate of 20 meter per box (up to 120 meter), at the cost of resetting the GRD to zero.

EXS System

The EXS System is quite simply the super meter, which uniquely is measured in large percentages; starting at 0.00, and going all the way to 200.00. Each character has two stocks (or halves if you will) to their EXS meter; the first stock is filled at 100.00, and the second stock is filled at 200.00

In battle, the EXS meter is filled up accordingly to damage that is taken and dealt, just like any good old fighting game super meter, which is bolstered by being in Vorpal. EXS can also be filled by using Chain Shift, which converts GRD into EXS.

EXS is used for the EX version of Special Moves, Infinite Worths, Guard Thrusts, Assault, and Veil Off.


9501: Seth
10001: Hyde, Wagner
10101: Hilda
10401: Eltnum, Merkava, Phonon
10501: Byakuya, Vatista
10601: Linne, Orie
10701: Akatsuki, Mika, Nanase, Yuzuriha
10801: Carmine, Chaos, Gordeau
10901: Enkidu
11401: Waldstein


Most specials have a super version, performed by using the C button rather than A or B. Supers take 100 meter or 1/3 of the bar during Veil Off.

Infinite Worth

Infinite Worth refers to a character's ultimate super attacks. The normal version of Infinite Worth can be performed with 41236D when your meter is maxed at 200. Infinite Worth EXS is an even more powerful move with invincible startup that can be performed with A+B+C+D during one of two conditions: 1. At max meter with your HP under 30%. Using it this way will result in GRD break status. 2. While in Veil Off mode. This method immediately ends Veil Off mode but does not result in GRD break.

Button Priority


Landing Recovery

There is a variable amount of recovery after landing from a jump, depending on the action done in the air (or no action at all), whether it was shielded, and whether Assault was used.

0f: landing from empty jump
0f: landing from any jump attack that hit
2f: landing from any assault attack that hit, whiffed, or was guarded
2f: landing from whiffed or guarded j.A's
3f: landing from whiffed or guarded j.B's
4f: landing from whiffed or guarded j.C's
4f: landing from empty assault
6f: landing from jump shield
10f: landing from shielded jump attack
10f: landing from shielded assault attack