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This is just Michelle wearing a mask. The mask does not have any special powers and it does not conceal his identity in the slightest.



Masked Michelle is a footsies-oriented character, with a strong disjointed move in 5B and a strong, if narrow, dragon punch in 2X. However, the defining characteristic of M. Michelle is his Ultra 1, which is quite fast and deals an insane amount of damage. Ultra 1 is the centerpiece of M. Michelle's whiff punish game and allows him to cut through enemies unfortunate enough to not have picked Super or Stamina type. M. Michelle's lack of approach tool is his biggest weakness, but patient approaches utilizing parry and 2X to prevent the opponent from jumping away will eventually force an opponent to make a mistake or open an opportunity to punish.

Recommended Types: Stamina, Speed, Super

Stamina/Super/Speed: M. Michelle would prefer to be an anchor so that he can always have the threat of Ultra 1 available. Stamina will ensure that he does not fall victim to the same strategy that he employs, and Speed will allow him to move into the optimal position to execute that strategy.


Input Damage Guard Notes
5A 5 Mid 1 frame.
2A 5 Low 3 frames.
j.A 15 Overhead
5B 15*2(28) Mid Largely disjointed.
2B 25 Low Almost completely disjointed.
j.B 20 Overhead Moves Michelle down and forward, like a divekick.
5X 15*3(39) Mid Requires specific amounts of gravity scaling to juggle properly depending on character.
2X 15*3(39) Mid Invulnerable.
j.X 10*5(31) Overhead Michellecopter. Keeps horizontal momentum. Almost impossible to get all the hits.
5EX 10, 15*5(50) Mid Not nearly as comboable as its meterless counterpart. Use more for brute force.
2EX 25*2(48) Mid
j.EX 15*4+(48+) Overhead Seemingly impossible to get all the hits.
Ultra 1 (Y) 20*14(158) Mid Huge damage, and also 100% projectile invulnerable. Not useful for wakeup oki, as the combo sequence only starts if the opponent gets hit; M. Michelle's movements whiff otherwise because the initial attack has no range.
Ultra 2 (j.Y) 30*4(108) Overhead
Throw Grab
Taunt - - Grants 1 EX Gauge.

Sample Combos


5A/2A(1-3) , 2B
5A/2A(1-3) , 5B
5A/2A(1-3), 5X
5A/2A(1-3), 2X
5A/2A(1-3), Ultra 1. Less hits more damage.

5A/2A(1-3), 5X, 5A, 5A, 5X, 5A, 5A, 2X

  • Only hits large characters

Throw(1) KC 2B 2B 5X 5A 5X 5AA 2X

  • Big characters (Spike?) only.

Throw(2) KC 2B 5A 5X 5A 5X 5AA 2X

  • For Rare's wonky hurtbox. The throw's second hit hits much earlier than it looks, must be KC'd very early.

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