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Welcome to the world of Ultra Fight da! Kyanta 2. There’s quite a few system mechanics and quirks that the game has that will be explained here, in hopes to prepare you for studying matchups and combos.


If you're a beginner, or you feel completely lost, make sure to read the MANUAL available on the main menu! It's properly translated to English, now, so take a look!

Team Size

Team size does not affect damage at all. When a character dies, your next character will be granted a free bar of meter. The main advantage of Solo teams is the amount of health you have access to when using Stamina or Super types(Health also affects boko the games guard break mechanic making solo characters very hard to guard break). When using trios, consider using at least one Stamina- or Super-type character so you don’t lose all your life in one combo.


In Kyanta 2, the most noticeable difference in movement from most games is the ability to walk through your opponent. You’re able to create crossup situations without leaving the ground, and in combination with parry mechanics discussed later, move through your opponents to escape corner pressure. While there are no double jumps or airdashes, every character has at least one momentum-altering attack in the air, so learn your options well.


Parrying exists in Kyanta 2 for all characters in all Types. When you press forward or down, you will parry mid or low attacks respectively. The parry window isn’t extended by returning to neutral, so you can hold forward to parry then advance forward. You can reset the parry cooldown by jumping using the input 696 quickly.


Besides parrying, the Ukemi system can help you get out of okizeme setups. EX moves are all invulnerable for some amount of time. Most of your meter should likely go to using EX moves that your opponent must respect. Many are safe and deal loads of damage on hit, so don’t be afraid to throw them out!


Combos in Kyanta 2 are typically short but high-damaging, although corner combos can often be extended. Meter will almost always be used in longer combos in some regard. Demon mode opens up new combo opportunities for most characters, so if you want to do some long anime combos, try that out.

Ultra Fight Da! Kyanta 2

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