Ultra Fight Da! Kyanta 2/Chihiro

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A 1,000,000,000-dan Judoka.


A grappler with surprisingly strong combos. Chihiro is rather weak at neutral, but deals a load of damage when he gets in. His main threats at neutral are 2B or 2EX for lows, j.B for a strong instant overhead, and 5B as a forward-advancing move with enough frame advantage to tick throw off of. Once Chihiro lands a normal throw, he can Kyanta Cancel into very high damage.

Recommended Types: Super, Demon

Super is the preferred Type for Chihiro, giving him the speed and life he needs to compete with the strongest members of the cast. Demon has 2EX loops available to it, and the Demon activation can be used in place of Kyanta Cancel, so it's an acceptable option for a more aggressive Chihiro.


Input Damage Guard Notes
5A 5 Mid 1 frame.
2A 5 Low 3 frame. Very short range.
j.A 15 Overhead Bounces off opponent on hit or block.
5B 25 Mid
2B 25 Low
j.B 25 Overhead Halts upward momentum and moves Chihiro forward. Fantastic instant overhead.
5X 45 Grab Three hits, so the next move of the combo will be scaled as such.
2X - - Roll with invulnerable startup, but punishable during recovery.
j.X 15*8 (66) Overhead
5EX 45 Grab Three hits, like 5X.
2EX 20*2(38) Low EX version of 2B. Fantastic reversal.
j.EX 20*6+(90+) Overhead Horizontal tatsu. Not sure if it is possible to get all the hits.
Ultra 1 (Y) - - Gives Chihiro infinite armor for a short time.
Ultra 2 (2Y) 25*5(105) Mid Upkicks. Good antiair, or crossup to use with 2X.
Throw 55 Grab More damage than a normal grab. Leads to devastating Kyanta Cancel combos.
Taunt - - Next hit gets +20 damage.

Sample Combos

Ultra Fight Da! Kyanta 2

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