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Game Version Date Notes
Patch 1.07 August 10, 2019 Added ZackyWild and changed the amount of meter players received at the start of the match, depending on their team size. Three character teams start with one bar, two characters with one and a half bars, and solo characters start with two bars.
Patch 1.08 August 17, 2019 Added Host Delay to matchmaking. No changes to character balance.
Patch 1.09 August 29, 2019 EX type underwent significant changes. Prior to 1.09, EX type built 1 point of meter per frame walking forward (requiring 80f to build one bar). Corrected corner facing in certain situations, which allowed for some jab infinites.
Patch 1.09a August 31, 2019 Fixed the aforementioned corner jab infinites.
Patch 1.10 October 5, 2019 Mostly netplay lobby changes, but also issued nerfs to ZackyWild.
Patch 1.10a October 6, 2019 Reduced loading times and added an arcade attract mode.
Patch 1.11 October 13, 2019 Changed properties on many of Masao's attacks, notably his throw, which was previously four hits, to three. Changed the recovery of Cocorn's 2X and 2EX from grounded to aerial.
Patch 1.12 October 20, 2019 Added a feature to select the previously used team.
Patch 1.12.1 October 27, 2019 Arcade mode change.
Patch 13 October 28, 2019 Balance changes to Well-Done, Cocorn, Jakor, Sendou, Azuma-Robo, Tsukinami, ZackyWild, and Chihiro.
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