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Buttobi was the leader of a large biker gang ever since graduating high school. His glares could strike fear into every person in the room, and he had the guts and strength to match. Everything changed one night when he crashed into a young girl in a biking accident, killing her. He ended a person’s life for the first time, and it was a devastating feeling. While recovering in the hospital, he vowed to give up his outlaw ways, and he stepped down from his gang.


Buttobi is an interesting character mainly for his lack of diverse animations- his B and X moves all share the same hitboxes, but change Buttobi's momentum in different ways. With Hang-On, Buttobi operates as a trap character, forcing his opponent to block a mixup or two while dealing with his biker friend. With his Ranbu, Buttobi is purely footsies-oriented. Either way, expect to be using a lot of j.B and j.X, basic jab pressure, and tick throws. Buttobi's not a character with a lot of gimmicks, and you'll have to play solid if you want to overcome the less honest members of the cast.

Recommended Types: EX

Hang-On allows Buttobi to walk forward for a considerable amount of time, hopefully building most of the next bar for another Hang-On. Super or Demon types are not recommended, as Hang-On is a very powerful super.


Input Damage Guard Notes
5A 5 Mid 2 frames.
2A 5 Low 2 frames.
j.A 15 Overhead
5B 25 Mid
2B 25 Low
j.B 20 Overhead. Stalls vertical momentum. Good instant overhead.
5X 25 Mid
2X 25 Low
j.X 25 Overhead Dive-punch.
5EX 20*2(38) Mid
2EX 20*2(38) Low Hard to get both hits to connect.
j.EX 20*2(38) Overhead Very hard to get both hits to connect.
Ultra 1 (2Y) 25*5(105) Mid Hang-on summons one of Buttobi's biker friends to assist him. He keeps going across the screen until he hits or is blocked five times.
Ultra 2 (Y) 30*4(108) Mid
Throw Grab
Taunt - - Adds 20 damage to Buttobi's next attack. Bonus goes away even on block.

Sample Combos

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