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Button Layout and Notation

Standard Layout

Numpad Notation: The numbers on the number pad of your keyboard correspond to the directions on your stick, or d-pad. This notation assumes you are facing right. See the image above for reference.

See Cam's Notation and Input Primer for more details and detailed examples.

Buttons: Them's Fightin' Herds is a four button fighter. The buttons in this game are labeled A, B, C, and D. For attack combinations that require "any two attacks," only A,B, and C are considered attack buttons.

A: Light Attacks
B: Medium Attacks
C: Strong Attacks
D: Magic Button


6 - Walk
4 - Backwards Walk
66 - Dash or Run. All Characters have a dash except Arizona and Paprika who have a run.
44 - Back Dash (Paprika has a backwards run)
7/8/9 - Jump
j.7/8/9 - Double Jump (Oleander Only), Float (Pom Only)
Tap 7/8/9 - Short Hop (Arizona, Paprika Only)
2, then 7/8/9 - Super Jump (Arizona, Tianhuo, Paprika Only)

Universal Command Normals

Every character has an anti-air, 6A, and a launcher, 3C.


236 + Any Two Attacks (A,B,C): Super (Paprika also has a 214+Any Two Attacks super)
214 + Any Two Attacks after Super (requires additional bar): Follow Up Super (Paprika's input is 22 + Any Two Attacks)


4B+C - Back Throw
5 or 6B+C - Forward Throw
j.5B+C - Air Throw


While Blocking, 4 + Any Two Attacks- Push Block
While Blocking, 6+ Any Two Attacks (requires 1/2 bar)- Cross-Canter
Them's Fightin' Herds