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MoveData is used in conjunction with AttackData or FrameData templates to make character pages

List of Parameters and Usage
  • name: Name of the attack
  • input: the input for the attack
  • image: the image you want to use
  • caption: the caption you want under the image
  • imageSize: size of the image. Format is 175x250px = 175 pixel width and 250 pixel height. 175x250px is default if no value entered.
  • you can have up to 10 images/captions/sizes this way with the variables image2 - image10 and caption2 - caption10
  • textonly: set this to "yes" to make a MoveData template without frame data tables.
  • data: this is where the data template goes (like Template:AttackData-KERRR or Template:AttackData-MAAB)
    • version: Attack Data templates have a version variable that are useful for attacks that have different versions, such as air and ground versions of the same attack. See the second example below.
    • header: Attack Data templates can opt to not show the header. This is useful for having multiple rows of data. See the second and third examples below for an example of each case.


Green Dragon Wrath
Koihime Kanu DragonWrath.png
Koihime Kanu DragonWrathEX.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Adv on Hit Adv on Block Counter-hit Attribute
Normal 90 Low-Mid 24 3 28 +6 -12 Floor Bounce

Overhead with very obvious animation: Jumping downward lunge that moves towards opponent. Projectile invulnerable startup and punishable on standing block but guard crushes on low block for slight frame advantage. Causes Special Down on counter-hit and ground bounces during Hougeki. All versions have the same startup, but travel different distances - A is point blank, C travels the furthest.

EX 180 Low-Mid 24 2 31 +71 -14 Blow Away

EX version has fully invulnerable startup and knocks down on hit. Does NOT cause Special Down on counter-hit.