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Hanzo - "Log Trick" during hitstun 6464642BC/AC (BC for low hit, AC for high)

Galford - "Plasma Factor" unlock with unarmed 21463214214AD (comes out as 214C-dog but can be done even when Poppy is already attacking, magic) -> armed 214214623AC (unblockable), "Log Trick" during hitstun 6464642BC/AC (BC hits from behind, AC from the front)

Enja - "Speed Up/Acceleration" 4123632141236ABD (broken af, GTAB)

Nakoruru - "Fake Super/10-Hit Auto" unarmed 21463214623BC

Yoshitora - "7th Sword" 632146BC unlock by performing all specials (no order): 236S, 623C, 421S, 214S need to hit fully whereas aerial 236S and 623S can be whiffed; only usable the round you unlocked it in

Charlotte - "14-Hitter" unlock with unarmed 21463214236AC (comes out as 236C) -> armed 6236321421BC (starts the 14-hitter as in SS4, different enders possible)

Rimururu - "Butt Splash" unarmed 66BC (increasing number of bounces with meter)

Kusaregedo - "Hold Dat Shit" 23642136421BC , "Heretic Hunt" 69874128CD (2nd super)

to be continued...? [1] [2] [3] [4] [5][6]

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