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Skullgirls 2nd Encore+

Skullgirls 2nd Encore+ is the final version of the 2D tag team fighting game developed by Lab Zero for PS4, PC/OSX/Linux, Switch, Vita, and PS3. Since its initial release in 2012, six characters were added alongside major gameplay patches that considered player feedback and discoveries. The final patches were released in 2017, adding the '+' to the title.

Skullgirls provides a plethora of options to construct teams, combos, and resets. The mixups are brutal and the pressure is relentless, but the set of universal defense mechanics and strong reversals provide options to turn the tables. Each of the fourteen characters are unique and place highly at major tournaments. There are even strong zoning characters. You may enjoy Skullgirls if you also like the legacy of the Capcom versus series, the robust systems of Guilty Gear, the block pressure of Vampire Savior, or just mixing the hell out of people.

  • Versus style team game: Assists, DHCs, tags, snapbacks, recoverable health, lenient chain rules, and air blocking
  • Custom assist: Choose your assist from any grounded non-super move in a character's move set.
  • Variable team size: Each player chooses a team size of 1, 2, or 3 characters. The less characters, the more health you have and the more damage you deal, but less utility provided by team mechanics.
  • Undizzy and IPS (Infinite Protection System): These mechanics set rules for how combos can be structured and for how long. If these rules are broken, the opponent is allowed to burst out. This effectively replaces the role of hitstun deterioration. Intentionally triggering burst to bait it is also a strategy.
  • Defense mechanics: Pushblock is a powerful universal tool, not just because it pushes the opponent away, but it's also tied to pushblock guard cancel and absolute guard. Alpha counter is an option for teams. Additionally, each character has some kind of reversal option in their move set.
  • Visuals: Each frame of animation is individually hand drawn at a high resolution and are shaded in real time.
  • Netcode: Online play uses GGPO rollback netcode, which means zero frames of additional input delay. If the ping is too high, additional input delay can be added on for smoother gameplay.
  • Training room: A complete training room which includes reversal playback, frame data and hitbox display, and, on the Steam version, frame by frame advancing.
  • Tutorial: An in-game tutorial teaches both Skullgirls mechanics alongside general fighting game mechanics.
  • Tournament mode: This alternate mode for local versus forces button config on the character select screen, returns to controller select when a controller is unplugged after a match, and has a longer hold to pause timer.

Wiki Roadmap

80% complete
In Progress / Completed To-do
  • Complete empty sections on sub pages:
    • Filia - Team page, strategy (see cleanup)
    • Cerebella - strategy (see cleanup)
    • Peacock - Resets, strategy (see cleanup)
    • Parasoul - Resets, strategy (see cleanup)
    • Ms. Fortune - Team page, strategy (see cleanup)
    • Painwheel - Resets, team page, strategy (see cleanup)
    • Double - Strategy (see cleanup)
    • Big Band - Resets, team page
    • Eliza - Team page, strategy (see cleanup)
    • Beowulf - Resets
    • Robo-Fortune - Combos, resets, team page

  • Verify frame data with final version
    • All characters complete

  • Move, hitbox, and frame data images
    • All characters complete

  • Move descriptions and basics sections
    • All characters complete

  • Endless tasks
    • Add tech to combo and reset pages
    • Add links to external resources
    • Update community page with events and results
  • Combo pages - add new sections explaining which in-game trials are useful
  • Training room - Make IPS diagrams for each character
  • Advanced - add info on different reversal / input / link buffers
  • Complete launch options page
  • HUD - Make a numbered diagram of the HUD
  • FAQ - Add info on how to unlock colors
  • Combo pages
    • Add missing video links / record new videos for them
    • Highlight BnBs using 'BnBCombo-SG' template over 'Combo-SG' (what are the conditions for bnbs?)
  • Cleanup / strategy pages
    • The character overviews are all complete, but a lot of them could be streamlined more. The main goal of the move descriptions should be to explain behavior. The extra info should be moved to their relevant subpages (eg, conversions and strategy). Doing this should give the strategy section a good basis b/c a lot of strategy info is contained within the overview pages.
  • Reset pages
    • Create a consistent structure
  • Add frame data for 'on pushblock'
  • Jump arc comparison visual
  • Dash / backdash / walking velocity/acceleration in character stats

Skullgirls 2nd Encore+

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