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劉 雲飛, Liu Yunfei


Kicked off from a Chinese wire-fu movie set for one too many lectures.

Yunfei's focus is on his really wild movement options. He's the only character in the game with airdashes, and they're all good. His actual attacks are average at best, although he has a solid ranged high/low mixup. His rage balance easily give him the strongest time slow and Issen in the game, which is to the benefit of his ability to make the opponent edgy. Playing him requires a lot of creativity and trickery, so if that's your bag he's the old dude for you.

His main weaknesses stem from his difficulty in dealing with wide area type moves, such as Genjuro's DP, being grounded due to fear of the opponent's time slow, and simply being outpaced in the damage war.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Has a ridiculous amount of air control, between his airdashes, footstomp, and dive attacks.
  • Command grab is not only invincible to throws itself, but drains the opponent of his rage. Even drains rage explosion!
  • Charged wave is very, very scary.
  • Rage balance is heavily geared towards absurd meditation.
  • Sweet victory dance.
  • For all his movement he's still pretty easy to knock out out of the air.
  • The limitations on his airdashes prevent you from trying more elaborate tricks.
  • Has difficulty forcing damage.
  • Doesn't really get to rage much.


  • Damage taken: 115%
  • Rage duration: 60 seconds
  • Amount to rage: 51
  • Walk speed: 416
  • Backwalk speed: 336
  • Dash speed: 1600
  • Jump duration: 44 frames
  • Width: 8
  • Throw range: 20



Yunfei has no distinction between near and far slashes.

Properties: Deflectable.
An inexplicably slow standing poke that is safer on block than on hit. Stick to 5B.
Properties: Recoil cancel on block. Deflectable.
Mid-height slash. Lame range but starts up fast and has decent damage.
Properties: Recoil cancel on block. First hit cancelable. Deflectable.
Startup and range are not so hot, but on hit it combos into both his WFT and his 236AB, making it a great choice for a punisher.
Properties: Hits low.
A low poke that has incredibly slow startup but recovers quickly. Sometimes okay for spacing, but usually not useful. At least you can't deflect it.
Properties: Recoil cancel on hit. Deflectable.
Long range mid-height slash. It's Yunfei's longest reaching normal and very very useful. Even without the recoil cancel it's pretty safe on block, so spam away.
Properties: Launches. Knockdown.
Slow startup and low range, but launches the opponent for a juggle combo and hits surprisingly high up, making it a good choice for antiair or punishing.
Will combo with j.236AB if it hits from the ground, otherwise combo with 8BC.
Despite appearances, this does NOT have recoil cancel on block. Be careful.
This is good to use just outside of block range, since it will catch any outstretched limbs and jumps, and on whiff you can cancel it into any airdash for the mixup of your choice.


Properties: Hits high. Knockdown.
A surprisingly long ranged overhead. Good as a surprise mixup with 6C, but it doesn't start up too fast so be careful.
Properties: Hits high. Knockdown.
A midrange overhead with a hilarious animation. Damage makes it not worth the effort unless you think you can get a knockdown from it.


Properties: Cancelable after second hit. Resets.
The first kick sends the opponent flying into the air on hit, having them land some distance away for a reset. The second kick knocks down if they're still grounded, otherwise resets.
You're airborne and can cancel after the second hit, making this an ideal setup for airdash mixups. When spaced right, it can be a good trick to cancel this to j.236C to fly along with them so you land next to them for a throw or poke mixup. You don't have frame advantage here, so be careful.
Properties: Hits low. Knockdown.
Startup isn't the best, but it hits low and surprisingly far. It combos into 2BC easily for good damage. Very useful move.
Properties: Hits low. Cancelable recovery.
Low poke that comes out fast, has a lot of active frames, and recovers reasonably fast. It's pretty lame on block, unfortunately.
Since you can cancel the recovery, one trick you can do is 2C 623C. If you're still in range it's more or less a free command grab.
Properties: Hits low. Knockdown.
A short range kick with a lot of active frames that knocks down on hit. If this were cancelable it'd be good, but it's not.
Due to the sheer quantity of active frames it might be okay to use if you expect the opponent to dash into your foot, but most of the time it's just a waste of a kick.


Properties: Hits high. Cancelable. Deflectable.
Slice that hits in an arc directly in front of Yunfei. This is actually very useful because it hits further horizontally than j.B and the damage is still okay. Since it's cancelable, you can use this for airdash mixups.
Properties: Hits high. Cancelable. Deflectable.
Slice that hits at a downwards angle. The upper part of the attack doesn't hit the opponent, so be careful. Otherwise, since it's cancelable, this is at least as useful as j.A is, depending on the angle you come in at.
Properties: Hits high. Deflectable.
Hits furthest of all his jumping attacks, comes out surprisingly fast, and the damage is high. This is a great all-purpose move but since it's not cancelable you have to have an idea what you're going to do if it doesn't work.
Properties: Cancelable. Hits high.
Hits about as far as j.A does at a lower angle, for slightly less damage. This is usually preferable to j.A, though, because there is almost no hitstop or hitstun which allows you to surprise the opponent with a quick followup.


Properties: Recoil cancel on block. Deflectable.
Short ranged mid-height poke that is ridiculously disadvantageous on block. Not recommended.
Properties: Hits low. Recoil cancel on block.
Similar to 2A, a short ranged low poke. Surprisingly fast but not at all safe on block.
Properties: Knockdown.
Surprisingly long ranged knockdown, but ridiculously unsafe on block. A decent punisher if you can't get anything else.
Properties: Cancelable.
A flying kick that sends Yunfei airborne. This is cancelable so you can do any air move off of it, and since there's almost no hitstop you can setup all kind of mixups off of it. Hella useful.


Finger of lameness. Low damage, hilariously bad range. At least it has a lot of active frames, in case they run into it or something.
Properties: Hits low.
Now this is the true finger of death. The entire animation is 12 frames, so he can do this five times a second. It's safe on block and advantageous on hit, so spam away!
Properties: Cancelable. Hits high.
Flying finger of lameness. Does less damage and has less range than j.C but has way more hitstop. Why would you ever use this?
Properties: All frames cancelable. Knockdown.
This is like u.5S, only good. Comes out fast, Yunfei keeps sliding for a bit, and all frames are cancelable, so if it doesn't work you're free to try something else!


Pursuit - 2BC
A standard pursuit with above average range. Because of this feature it is one of the few ground pursuits that also works from a 4CD throw in the corner, not limited only to 6CD corner throws.
Heavy Pursuit - 8BC
The proper combo finish when j.236S will not connect. Performable during the animation of 2.AB.


Deflect - 216D:
Ordinary average range deflect.
Weapon Pickup - 5A:
Slightly above average speed here.
Taunt Disarm - Start Start Start:
All frames of this taunt are cancelable, which is kind of cool. This includes before the weapon is put down, so you can put flourishes on your specials if you feel like being silly.


Ten'i Daihou - 236A/236B:
Short range wave that knocks down. The startup is slow and it doesn't do much damage. Eats projectiles whole, but that doesn't accomplish a whole lot.
It's supposed to hit three times, but it'll only hit two at most because of how the attacks are spaced. On the other hand, that means a whole three pixels of chip, and that's worth something.
More or less safe on block at -12, at least. It's just not a very useful move.
Tensatsu Daisai - 236AB:
This move needs to be charged by landing 623C. You can only do it one time before you have to charge it again. The charge is only lost when the projectile itself comes out, if you're hit during the startup for whatever reason you'll keep it.
Long range wave that does absolutely ridiculous damage, hits/chips 8 times, and is very safe on block. However if any one part of it connects against an airborne enemy they'll just get knocked down and not take any more hits. This is a problem because only the last hit does actual damage.
The startup isn't too hot, but it combos from the first hit of 5AB easily enough. Another use is to confirm it off of opponent's whiffed attacks or predictable timings, since you can cancel into it from a backroll. The threat of being hit by this is huge, so as long as it's charged up you're at an advantage.
Tenkoku Houra - 623C:
Command grab move, forces knockdown about half a screen away.
The startup is kind of slow at 10 frames, but it's invincible to being thrown, so you can use it pretty much freely on anyone that likes to mash out throw.
This drains all of the opponent's rage meter and charges up 236AB for use. Not only that, it will drain away Rage Explosion completely. It will NOT drain time slow, but if you hit with it they've basically lost it anyway.
Very useful move for grabbing momentum, even if you don't need the charge.
Tensui Choukan - j.[1/2/3/4/6]C: (can be used unarmed)
Airthrow. While it's not listed on the frame data, it does a fixed 19 damage.
As with all airthrows, you have to do it from slightly below the opponent.
Tenmou Konji - j.236AB / j.214AB, j.236CD / j.214CD:
A diving airdash. Hits overhead, good damage, knocks down, but it's very leaves you wide open on block and startup is somewhat slowish.
  • Tenmou Konji: Zenpo - j.236AB / j.214AB
Dives forward at a diagonal angle. Good in combination with jumps and feints to bait the opponent's movement out with, but don't throw it out carelessly.
  • Tenmou Konji: Konji - j.236CD / j.214CD
Dives backwards at a diagonal angle. Despite it looking like Yunfei has changed direction, he hasn't, so any hit the opponent does on you during recovery will count as a backhit.
This has two uses. One is getting the hell out of a possibly nasty situation, and the other is surprising an opponent after crossing up behind them.
Since the startup is still not too quick, it's best to try and do this in a way that will bait the opponent out, but it's really not your best choice. Doing it off of a close range tk.236A can work, since you fly up behind them very quickly and can slap them in the back if they push any buttons or fail to react in time.
Either way, exercise caution.
Tenki Shichiyou: Tsuki - 214A (can be used unarmed)
A forwards and up airdash from off the ground, that will cross through the opponent. Changes to normal fall at 31f.
This is his least useful airdash, because the recovery time on it is amazingly slow. It's also easy to see so it will probably get punished if the opponent recognizes it.
If you need to use this angle, tk.236A or tk.236C is probably a better choice.
Tenki Shichiyou: Hi - 214B (can be used unarmed)
A quick hop back and up. Changes to normal fall at 19f.
As the initial movement is really fast, you can use this like a dodge and punish on the way down if they fall for it.
It doesn't set up a particularly good angle to attack from, though you can use it to quickly get above projectiles for other airdashes.
Tenki Shichiyou: Mizu - j.236A / j.214A (can be used unarmed)
Flies up and forwards, passing through the opponent, pauses momentarily, and then falls back and down. Cancelable on the way up, but not during the pause. Normal fall from 46f onwards.
The small cancel window before the pause means you can get out quickly if you realized you made a mistake. It also sets up a quick crossthrough for j.236CD.
The actual angle on the movement is great for setting up crossups or baiting out forwards DPs, since Yunfei moves forwards VERY quickly and then falls backwards more slowly.
Tenki Shichiyou: Ki - j.236B / j.214B (can be used unarmed)
Flies up and backwards, then falls diagonally forwards. Cancelable on the way up. Changes to normal fall at 33f.
Effectively a dodge, this can be used to bait out pretty much anything. The falling angle is great for setting up attacks on the way down.
Not very useful when tk'd, unfortunately. Don't use carelessly because used low it puts you in position to get smacked by any jumping attack.
Tenki Shichiyou: Kon - j.236C / j.214C (can be used unarmed)
Vaults forwards quickly, going through your opponent. Cancelable all throughout. Changes to a normal fall at 20f.
Learn the maximum range on this one, because you're going to be using it a lot to get in. When tk'd it will go over lows and send you at an ideal angle for landing deep hits or setting up more mixups, such as with nothing into throw or j.236A into footstomp.
Vaulting from long distance and canceling into a footstomp from far can be used to bait out DPs and other annoying countermeasures.
High in the air it's not as useful since the angle is really obvious, but it can be used as a good getaway if they're underneath you.
Tenki Shichiyou: Do - j.236D / j.214D (can be used unarmed)
Goes backwards and then up slightly. Cancelable on the way up. Changes to a normal fall at 40f.
Sloooooooow. Good escape, but not much of a bait. Cancel into footstomp if everything goes wrong.
Tenki Shichiyou: Nichi - j.AC (can be used unarmed)
Footstomp. While it doesn't hurt much, this is a great way of halting all air movement instantly. You can basically do this at any time during all airdashes, so abuse liberally.
While on the way down it has some lower body invulnerability, which means from sufficient height it will actually beat out most of the game's DPs. Genjuro's in particular can't win.
Unfortunately, when you vault off from a block or hit you have no control temporarily. The direction you hold during it will state which direction you bounce off to, meaning you can do things like 66C j.236C j.AC(crossup) [4] j.AB (uncrossup as you come back down).
Be creative with this one!
Tenkai Unri - 236CD - WFT
Odds are good that you will not ever be raged as Yunfei, so you probably won't be using this much. Combos from 5AB. The first hit is a catch that does no damage, so you'll lose your rage before going to the hit that does actual damage.
Part of the startup is invincible from the knees up, but since you lose it when the attack comes out you'll still get hit trying to use it on moves with long active frames, so be careful.
Starts up pretty fast against grounded opponents but takes awhile to hit people in the air. When it does, it does hit surprisingly high up. Yunfei himself is not invincible during the active frames, so it's not fantastic anti-air, but you can do it off of a backroll to gain more distance before it comes out.
A decent threat against slow jumpers and anyone that doesn't have the good sense to block j.AB or stop dashing into Yunfei, but otherwise not too great.



  • 2AB ...
  • ... xx 8BC
Version that always works, regardless of where the other guy is.
  • ... xx j.236AB 2BC
More damaging variant, but can only be done on characters on or near the ground. You can 2BC when it's into the corner only.
  • 5AB ...
  • ... xx 236A 2BC
This actually does LESS damage than just letting 5AB finish, but it knocks down.
  • ... xx 236AB 8BC
While it does need charge, this is the only way to combo into 236AB and it REALLY HURTS. This is by far Yunfei's strongest combo, but unfortunately it's really easy to explode out of.
  • ... xx 236CD
The only way to combo into your WFT, this does about 55% damage. Really nice.
If canceled immediately, the game will freeze for two seconds for no apparent reason.
  • 6C 8BC
Hits low, high range, solid damage, great mixup with 5BC or just to catch people who like to dash forwards a lot.
  • 5C(first hit only) j.236AB 2BC
Only works at the specific range where the first kick connects and the second does not. Decent midscreen poke punish. Can only 2BC in the corner.

Time slow

  • (vs air) j.AB j.AB j.AB ...
The usual when you can't cram an Issen in when they fall. With Yunfei you're almost always going to have enough charge to wait their fall out for the Issen.
  • 5C j.AB j.AB j.AB ...
Launches, can't be rage exploded. Timing on the followup can be a pain, but the range and speed is really nice. Great punish if you think they'll recover quickly.
  • 2AB j.AB j.AB j.AB ...
Launches, can't be rage exploded. Neutral jump after the 2AB and wait until you're coming down to hit with j.AB.
  • 2AB Issen
Launches, can't be rage exploded. Useful!



Once you're in the air, you can use any three airdashes, but not the same one twice, before landing. So you can do j.236A j.236B j.236C, but not j.236A j.236A, and not j.236A j.236B j.236C j.236D. Keep this in mind.
To get into the air, you can do one of the following:
  • 214A - This takes forever to cancel and puts you in a bad position. You probably don't want to use it.
  • 214B - Good way of baiting the opponent's forward movement. Treat it like a backroll for airdashes.
  • tk.236whatever (eg 2369C) - Lets you do an airdash directly off the ground. This is very useful for the C and A airdashes for advancing/mixing up the opponent. The D airdash is okay to escape with.
  • 2AB - Very powerful upwards slash that is safely cancelable on whiff. Use it just out of range of the opponent to catch them throwing out attacks or trying to jump.
  • 5C - Nice set of kicks that sends you a decent height into the air and launches nearby opponents. Great for setting up mixups with a j.236C followup. Note that landing from the airdash leaves you at frame disadvantage.
  • 66C - Low hitstun kick that's cancelable with air moves. Once again useful for setting up mixups.
  • 7 / 8 / 9 - Just jump. Neutral jump is as always a great way of confirming the opponent's movement.
  • 5BC kara cancel - Similar to doing a TK motion really. Not really that useful.
  • Backdash - Cancel window is pretty tight, so also not very useful.
Aside from the airdashes, you have three additional ways of controlling your movement in the air:
  • j.236AB - Diagonal dash slice forwards into the ground. In combination with other moves to confirm you can use this to hit people who carelessly use laggy moves around you. Optionally you can use this instead of landing from an airdash, if you're expecting them to mash on throw, because it will hit them out of it. Not safe on block and leaves you point blank, so be careful here.
  • j.236CD - Diagonal dash slice backwards into the ground. Great for escaping or crossup mixups. And not much else. If blocked you are in for a world of hurt since it gives the opponent a free backhit. Use with caution.
  • j.AC - Footstomp is the one you will probably want to be making the most use of, since it has the best opportunities for faking out the opponent and doing crossup shenanigans.
Above all, be creative with your movement. Your goal is to not be predictable and to get the opponent to want to try to smack you when you're not there.


Yunfei takes the longest time to rage, easily more than a round's worth of damage to get there. When he does finally rage, it lasts for a whopping 60 seconds, the longest in the game. This means you've got two basic routes for what you can do with the charge.
  • Max the concentration gauge.
This is your best bet for most matchups, since it allows you to get access to time slow very early. This forces the opponent into being defensive, since if Yunfei catches him he can launch into a combo that can't be bursted from and will do a LOT of damage. Very useful in shutting down offensive or fidgety characters.
  • Max the rage meter.
Since the rage lasts a really long time it gives a substantial damage bonus to everything you do. You do have to be careful about the Kenki Gauge here, though, since it does still take time to recharge.
The WFT itself is not boosted by rage damage, so it's not something you'll want to use unless you think it will cinch the win for you. Even if you have the opportunity to land it, the extra rage time is usually better for you. Stick to 236AB.

High/low mixup

This is worth noting because of its sheer range. Yunfei can run this mixup on opponents at least a full character width away.
  • 6C 8BC - Hits low. Simple combo that confirms for you. Long range, comes out surprisingly fast for its range, recovers quickly. Can be used to stuff forward dashes and other things, generally really safe to use.
  • 5BC - Hits high. Long range overhead. Startup isn't so great, but it's difficult to see coming and beats out throw mash.

Damage and defense

  • 2AB xx j.236AB 2BC - If they're wide open for it, you know what to do.
  • 5AB xx 236AB 8BC - When you're charged up and they're open for it, this is the most damage you can get.
  • 5AB xx 236CD - This is actually not the best of ideas, because Yunfei is often better off just staying raged. Good finisher, though.
  • 6C 8BC - Reasonably fast, forces knockdown, isn't explodable.
  • 623C - Doesn't hurt, but draining rage and charging the big wave is always nice.
  • 2AB xx 8BC - Not good against characters with strong downwards swipes, but smacks them out of the air well.
  • Neutral jump j.AB - Always a good option.

Frame Data

Move Damage Startup Active Total Cancel Weapon
Guard Notes
5A 5 12 3 29 1~11(11) - -7 -7 -3 Mid Weak attack, Deflectable(weak)
5B 10 9 4 31 1~2(2) 7~8(2) -4 +4 -9 Mid Medium attack, Deflectable(med)
5AB 10, 19 17 3 69 17~22(6) 15~16(2) / 19~22(3) -3 +7 -21 Mid Heavy attack, Deflectable(heavy)
2A 5 13 3 25 1~4(4) - -2 -2 -3 Low Weak attack
2B 11 10 4 31 1~9(9) 6~9(4) -3 +5 -9 Mid Medium attack, Deflectable(med)
2AB 25 17 11 50 26~39(14) - KD KD -21 Mid Knockdown attack
5C 4, 4 9 4 42 18~26(9) - KD KD -19 Mid Weak attack Knockdown attack
6C 6 13 4 28 1~4(4) - KD KD -10 Low Knockdown attack
2C 2 6 8 19 1~5(5) / 14~19(6) - -3 -3 -8 Low Weak attack
3C 6 10 13 32 1~9(9) - KD KD -17 Low Knockdown attack
j.A 8 6 4 14 6~9(4) - -- -- -- High Weak attack, Deflectable(weak)
j.B 11 8 4 15 8~11(4) - -- -- -- High Medium attack, Deflectable(med)
j.AB 25 11 4 24 x - -- -- -- High Heavy attack, Deflectable(heavy)
j.C 6 12 9 23 12~20(9) - -- -- -- High Medium attack
ju.C 6 12 9 23 12~20(9) - -- -- -- High Medium attack
5BC 16 20 4 41 4~19(16) - KD KD -15 High Medium attack Knockdown attack
u.5BC 8 21 4 45 5~20(16) - KD KD -18 High Medium attack Knockdown attack
66A 8 9 3 20 1~5(5) 6~8(3) / 12~17(6) -1 -1 -28 Mid Weak attack, Deflectable(heavy)
66B 8 7 3 23 x - +2 +10 -21 Low Medium attack
66AB 14 7 3 39 1~3(3) 4~6(3) KD KD -27 Mid Knockdown attack
66C 8 13 10 36 4~24(21) - -19 -13 -18 Mid Weak attack
u.5S 4 5 14 25 1~2(2) - -2 +6 -15 Mid Medium attack
u.2S 4 5 4 12 1~4(4) - +3 +3 -2 Low Weak attack
ju.S 4 9 6 20 9~14(6) - -- -- -- High Medium attack
u.66S 4 5 14 25 1~25(25) - KD KD -15 Mid Knockdown attack
u.66C 8 13 10 36 4~24(21) - -19 -13 -18 Mid Weak attack
2BC 8 13 4 34 1~4(4) - -- -- -- Mid
u.2BC 8 13 4 34 1~4(4) - -- -- -- Mid
8BC 13 39 10 84 59~84(26) - -- -- -- Mid
u.8BC 13 39 10 84 59~84(26) - -- -- -- Mid
Tenkoku Houra - 623C 0 10 2 37 x - -- -- -- Mid 1-11f throw invincible
Ten'i Daihou - 236A / 236B 6x3 19 16 57 x - KD KD -12 Mid Knockdown attack
Tensatsu Daisai - 236AB 1x7, 35 19 32 57 x - KD KD -7 Mid Knockdown attack
Tenki Shichiyou: Nichi - j.AC 8 10 x x x - ?? ?? ?? High Medium attack
10f-hit below knees invincible
Tenmou Konji - j.236AB 18 17 x x x - KD KD -21 High Medium attack Knockdown attack
Tenkai Unri - 236CD 37 16 38 87 x - KD KD -59 Mid 1-14f above knees invincible
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