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Ok, so first of all arguably only Enja, Charlotte, Galford and Nakoruru are the ones with actual hidden moves on this list and having the not so hidden moves as well hopefully won't make you feel too uncomfortable. Also, the move names are either made up on the spot or taken from other sources (where they were likely made up on the spot) so please bear with us here.

Hanzo - "Log Trick" during hitstun 6464642BC/AC (BC for low hit, AC for high)

Galford - "Plasma Factor" unlock with unarmed 21463214214AD (comes out as 214C-dog but can be done even when Poppy is already attacking, magic) -> armed 214214623AD (unblockable), "Log Trick" during hitstun 6464642BC/AC (BC hits from behind, AC from the front)

Enja - "Speed Up/Acceleration" 4123632141236ABD (broken af, GTAB)

Nakoruru - "Fake Super/10-Hit Auto" unarmed 21463214623BC

Yoshitora - "7th Sword" 632146BC unlock by performing all specials (no order): 236S, 623C, 421S, 214S need to hit fully whereas aerial 236S and 623S can be whiffed; only usable the round you unlocked it in

Charlotte - "14-Hitter" unlock with unarmed 21463214236AC (comes out as 236C) -> armed 6236321421BC (starts the 14-hitter as in SS4, different enders possible)

Haohmaru - "Steel Cutter" 632146AB

Rimururu - "Butt Splash" unarmed 66BC (increasing number of bounces with meter)

Kusaregedo - "Hold Dat Shit" 23642136421BC , "Heretic Hunt" 69874128CD (2nd super)

to be continued...? [1] [2] [3] [4] [5][6]

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