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羅将神 ミヅキ, Rashoujin Mizuki


Red priestess needs manicure badly.

This character is not good at all. Hardly any pokes worth anything, poor high/low game, gimmicky WFT. Her range is good but basically everything is horrible on block. She does have a command grab, which is really important to her game, since she has very few ways of forcing damage. Her damage is surprisingly high, though, so she can occasionally random out wins. She just has a lot of trouble landing any of her heavy hitters consistently or reliably.


  • Good range on 5AB and 2AB.
  • Strong damage in the event she actually lands something.


  • Mediocre movement speed.
  • Poor antiair all around.
  • No reason to standblock anything against her.
  • Specials are almost entirely useless for zoning and all but claw can be beat on reaction. Even the WFT.


  • Damage taken: 115%
  • Rage duration: 10 seconds
  • Amount to rage: 19
  • Walk speed: 480
  • Backwalk speed: 480
  • Dash speed: 1424
  • Jump duration: 54 frames
  • Width: 24
  • Throw range: 20


Far Slashes

Properties: Recoil cancel on block. Deflectable.
Stick swipe. Comes out kind of slowish, okay range, crap damage. Only advantage over 5B is that it recovers almost instantly on block.
Be aware that this move will miss almost all crouching characters!
Properties: Recoil cancel on block. Deflectable.
Another stick swipe, this time with a cool swish effect.
Mizuki main poke, because of its fast startup, good hitbox, and long active frames.
Nearly the same startup as 5A, slightly further range, and more than twice the damage.
Properties: Recoil cancel on block. Deflectable.
Mizuki swings in a wide arc in front of her. Startup is kind of slow, but the damage is huge and the wide recoil cancel window makes people not want to challenge her. Good punishment move but take care about throwing it out randomly.
When timed right, this move is surprisingly good anti-air! The arc hits higher up than it might seem, stuffing careless jumps. Try to space yourself a bit out of their direct jump range to get the best out of this.
Properties: Recoil cancel on block. Deflectable.
Just like 5A, only low, and just as bad.
Properties: Recoil cancel on block. Deflectable.
Just like 5B, only low!
Properties: Hits low, knockdown.
Nasty on block, but hits low, comes out surprisingly fast and does a ton of damage. Good punisher.

Near Slashes

Properties: Cancelable.
Mid-height slap. Low damage, but quick and decent for spacing.
Properties: Cancelable. Deflectable.
Two hit move that is cancelable on hit. Combos into 236B and 214S.
Since this is a near only move, you should use 66B instead, which is the exact same attack except you can use it anywhere.
Properties: Recoil cancel on block. Deflectable.
Short ranged two hit arc. Unlike f.5AB, this doesn't hit up, so you can't use it to catch jumpers.
The damage is slightly less than either 2AB and f.5AB, but it comes out very quickly(12f) so it can punish some things those can't.
The same as n.5A, except it's lower and you can't cancel it.
Properties: Cancelable. Deflectable.
A two hit move just like n.5B, only the hitbox is lower.
Properties: Hits low, knockdown.
Same as 2AB.


Properties: Hits high. Knockdown.
Slow, lame range, passable damage. Best used for throw avoidance.
Properties: Hits high. Knockdown.
Same as 5BC.


A claw comes out from under her skirt and swipes. It's really lousy on block and doesn't combo with anything, so why would you use it?
Properties: Hits low. Cancelable.
Short ranged low bite that can actually combo with 236A. Might be useful, but it's only slightly slower than 2AB and it's not like you can confirm the hit either way.
Properties: Hits low.
Tail swipe. It comes out faster than 2A, but recovers slower. At least you can't deflect it.
Properties: Hits low. Knockdown.
Claw sweep. It's lousy on block, like everything else Mizuki has.


Properties: Hits high.
Air to air slap. Slow startup and basically no active frames really hurts the usefulness of this attack.
Properties: Hits high. Deflectable.
Air stick swipe. Good range and decent active frames, but when you don't need either you should stick with j.AB.
Properties: Hits high. Deflectable.
High damage downwards angled swipe. Not too many active frames, but the startup is surprisingly fast, so you'll be using this a lot.
Its range makes it a good anti-jumpin when you do a neutral jump.
Properties: Hits high.
Demon foot smash. Good active frames and range, but a downwards angle limits its usefulness. Basically no hitstop so useful for dealing with throw mash.


Properties: Cancelable.
Dashing slap. This is actually a really useful poke! Not too much range but almost no hitstop. This makes it great material for tick throws, or a tick 623C setup.
Properties: Recoil cancel on block. Cancelable. Deflectable.
Two hit slice. Combos on hit, cancelable on block. This is a good general purpose tool for getting combos started, as it combos with 214S for her strongest punisher, but be careful about how horrible it is on block uncanceled. As a pressure tool it's kind of gimmicky.
Properties: Knockdown. Deflectable.
Long range swipe that does okay damage, comes out fast, and knocks down. If spaced to max range it's surprisingly not terrible on block, only a few characters can punish. Learning the range on this one would be a good idea.
Properties: Hits low. Knockdown.
Literally a dashing 3C. Still just as lame, as there's no reason to high block against Mizuki.


It's n.5A! Without the cancel!
An okay poke for what it is, really.
Same as n.2A, so it's just a lower version of u.5S.
Properties: Hits high.
Same as j.A. It's actually decent now that you don't have anything else to use..
Properties: Cancelable. Knockdown.
Same as 66A, only it knocks down and is cancelable. This makes it an actually really good poke, since it can confirm a combo into 8BC for you automatically if for whatever reason you don't actually want your weapon.


Deflect - 216D:
Average deflect. Nothing special here.
Weapon Pickup - 5A:
Faster than average.
Taunt Disarm - Start Start Start:
Very short taunt animation, all things considered. The actual drop is very late in it.


Juka Soudan - 236S: (can be used unarmed)
Claw swipe. The A and B versions are all punishable on block, while the AB is just very slow on startup. Since they hit a different number of times, you can consider this like an inverse rekka or something.
  • 236A:
Hits once, knocks down. Damage and range are both really good, so you can sort of use it as a very long range poke.
Since it comes out fast, it can actually be really good antiair. Backroll into it so Mizuki herself doesn't get hit.
  • 236B:
Hits twice, knocks down. Somehow, this does LESS damage than 236A.
The main benefit here is mixing up with 236A, since if they try to punish after the first claw swipe they'll get hit by the second. This does not work on observant people, since they can see that the startup was longer.
  • 236AB:
Hits 6 times, knocks down. Starts up very slow, but it's safe on block. If you can actually get this started, it's not a bad little blockstring and it chips like crazy. Good time slow fodder.
Like 236A, you can backroll into it against poor jumpins. It probably won't knock them out of the air, but they'll have to deal with it when they land.
Jashin Kyoumei - 214C: (can be used unarmed)
Unblockable seal appears at the opponent's position. This comes out very slow and has an obvious animation, so it's not going to hit anyone attentive normally.
However, its vertical location is fixed and it has a wide hit area, so it can stuff jump landings. Unfortunately there's no way to do this on reaction against jumps.
Has throw invincibility on startup. Mainly used in time stop to finish off the opponent.
Shinma Messatsu Jin - 623C:
PIG GRAB! Landing this gains you ten style points.
This is actually a really good move. Comes out on the third frame, does good damage, and Mizuki's forward roll actually goes fast/far enough to make it useful!
It's also good against blocked high jumpins, since like other command grabs you need reversal timing to evade it on landing.
Haki Inmetsu Jin - 214S:
Long range low hitting portal. Does a ton of damage if it hits, and Mizuki's just standing there like an idiot for about 8 hours if it doesn't. Combos into 8BC on hit.
Stronger versions go further, but she stands around even longer, so there isn't much point in bothering unless the opponent has no reactions. The portal also destroys almost all ground-level projectiles.
Best part? If it catches from too far away, they'll get sucked into the portal and then spit out for no damage.
Gashin Kyoumei Kon - 623S:
Crotch dog. This move is bad for so many reasons.
Mizuki jumps up, and then the dog appears for the first overhead hit. If it hits, this will cause a reset state, which knocks the opponent backwards slightly. Then the dog dashes forwards and does not combo with the initial hit, letting the opponent block. The dogs eats almost all projectiles, at least.
The strength of the slash used affects the direction Mizuki falls after the dog appears, with the A version moving backwards, the B version moving slightly forwards, and the AB version moving far forwards. At point blank, you can use the AB version as okizeme to make for an ambiguous crossup. The startup is very slow, so this is not something you can do on reaction to their wakeup timing.
Since second hit is hugely disadvantageous on block, this means any character with a decent long range swipe can punish you for free even when you hit.
Makai Tensei - 421S: (can be used unarmed)
Teleport. While you can choose the destination, it's a long animation, and it's melee vulnerable both coming and going. To make it worse, Mizuki has no use for this. What sort of mixups could she possibly do with a move this slow? It might be useful to escape away, but if they see it they can just dash on reaction and catch you coming out. Even with invincibility on actually entering the portal, it's pretty much useless.
Tenchi Makyou Jin - 236CD - WFT:
Finally, a good move!
Startup is slow but melee invincible for a good portion of the time, the hitbox is enormous, and IT'S SAFE ON BLOCK. MIZUKI HAS SOMETHING SAFE ON BLOCK HOLY CRAP. Too bad you can roll under it.
Since it disappears entirely on block a lot of players just spam this repeatedly until it hits. This doesn't really work on anyone good, but it's funny.
Its best use is as anti-air. If you see a poor jumpin you can use it, or backroll into it, to punish. Backrolling on reaction isn't so great on faster jumps, but you can do it pre-emptively and confirm the jump. But if your opponent just groundhogs all day, forget it.



  • 2AB 2BC
Hits low. High damage, at least.
  • 214S 8BC
Good damage, but 214S is really risky as anything but a punisher.
  • (66B or n.5B or n.2B) ...
  • ... xx 214S 8BC
Mizuki's strongest combo. Really nice damage. Do it whenever you can. A version is preferable.
Sometimes even a point blank n.5B or n.2B will push the opponent far enough to make it uncombo. Stick to 66B if you want it guaranteed.
  • ... xx 236A/B 2BC
Less damage, but you can do it. Knocks the enemy down closer to you.
  • 6C xx 236A 2BC
Hits low. Damage is pretty awful, and you should probably do 2AB instead, but you can do this.
  • 236AB 8BC
If the other guy actually gets hit by 236AB, you can follow it up for some nice damage.

Time slow

  • 2C 623S 8BC or 6C xx 623S 8BC
Low hit that combos into the overhead dog. This can be exploded on reaction to the low, so be careful.
If the second hit of the dog doesn't connect, you can Issen instead. This is character specific, working best on characters with high juggle boxes like Haohmaru.
  • j.AB j.AB j.AB ...
Boring, but if you can't wait for them to come down to Issen them, that's what you're stuck with.
  • 5AB x n Issen
Boring, but she doesn't have much. Explodable, so just do the Issen.
  • 214C
Finish weak opponents off with this. If he jumps, backdashes, or tries some other way try to escape, use an Issen.



If you pick this character, you lost at the character select screen. At least you didn't pick Nakoruru.
Your pokes are pretty awful, but your movement is not half bad. Try and use your range to your advantage, with lots of ranged pokes.
Abuse 623C pig grab liberally, try to tick throw into it off of 66A. Roll into it during lulls or as a fast punish.
Punish jumps with 5AB, neutral jump AB, backroll 236A, or WFT depending on situation.
If you do Mizuki's 623AB in very close range and enemy blocks first hit, Mizuki jumps over enemy and second hit become cross-up. Is it useful? Hell no!

Damage and defense

Best punishers:
  • 2AB - Surprisingly fast for what it is, forces a knockdown.
  • 66B xx 214A 8BC - This is always your best option if they're open enough to be hit by it.
  • 5AB - Spaced right, this is a really nice option that beats many jumpins clean.
  • 1D xx 236A - Backroll claw is fast and beats a lot of near jumpins clean.
  • 66AB - When crossing under the opponent.

Frame Data

Move Damage Startup Active Total Cancel Recoil
Guard Notes
5A 5 10 3 22 x 1~9(9) -2 -2 -3 Mid Weak attack, Deflectable(weak)
5B 11 11 5 30 x 1~10(10) -1 +7 -9 Mid Medium attack, Deflectable(med)
5AB 29 19 3 58 x 5~18(14) -2 +8 -26 Mid Heavy attack, Deflectable(heavy)
2A 5 10 3 22 x 6~9(4) -2 -2 -3 Mid Weak attack, Deflectable(weak)
2B 11 11 5 30 x 4~10(7) -1 +7 -9 Mid Medium attack, Deflectable(med)
2AB 28 14 3 43 x - KD KD -24 Low Knockdown attack
n.5A 5 7 3 19 7~9(3) - -2 -2 -7 Mid Weak attack
n.5B 4, 4 9 3 32 12~17(6) - -2 +6 -9 Mid Medium attack, Deflectable(med)
n.5AB 17, 17 12 1 52 x 2~10(9) -2 +8 -26 Mid Heavy attack, Deflectable(heavy)
n.2A 5 7 3 19 x - -2 -2 -7 Mid Weak attack
n.2B 4, 4 9 3 32 12~17(6) - -2 +6 -9 Mid Medium attack, Deflectable(med)
n.2AB 28 14 3 43 x - KD KD -24 Low Knockdown attack
5C 5 11 3 30 x - -1 +7 -14 Mid Medium attack
6C 5 13 3 33 16~18(3) - -2 +6 -15 Low Medium attack
2C 2 6 3 18 x - -2 -2 -7 Low Weak attack
3C 6 11 3 33 x - KD KD -17 Low Knockdown attack
j.A 6 11 3 22 x - -- -- -- High Weak attack
j.B 9 12 6 23 x - -- -- -- High Medium attack, Deflectable(med)
j.AB 24 14 3 25 x - -- -- -- High Heavy attack, Deflectable(heavy)
j.C 4 8 6 19 x - -- -- -- High Heavy attack
ju.C 4 8 6 19 x - -- -- -- High Heavy attack
5BC 14 20 4 41 x - KD KD -15 High Medium attack Knockdown attack
u.5BC 14 20 4 41 x - KD KD -15 High Medium attack Knockdown attack
66A 5 7 3 19 7~9(3) - -2 -2 -7 Mid Weak attack
66B 4, 4 9 3 32 12~17(6) 2~9(8) -2 +6 -26 Mid Medium attack, Deflectable(heavy)
66AB 16 10 3 32 x - KD KD -17 Mid Knockdown attack
66C 6 11 3 33 x - KD KD -17 Low Knockdown attack
u.5S 5 7 3 19 x - -2 -2 -7 Mid Weak attack
u.2S 5 7 3 19 x - -2 -2 -7 Mid Weak attack
ju.S 6 11 3 22 x - -- -- -- High Weak attack
u.66S 5 7 3 19 7~9(3) - KD KD -7 Mid Knockdown attack
u.66C 6 11 3 33 x - KD KD -17 Low Knockdown attack
2BC 4 14 3 39 x - -- -- -- Mid
u.2BC 4 14 3 39 x - -- -- -- Mid
8BC 13 39 15 92 x - -- -- -- Mid
u.8BC 13 39 15 92 x - -- -- -- Mid
Juka Soudan - 236A 18 12 3 40 x - KD KD -22 Mid Knockdown attack
Juka Soudan - 236B 12x2 20 2 67 x - KD KD -20 Mid Deflectable(med) Knockdown attack
Juka Soudan - 236AB 5x6 32 2 73 x - KD KD -9 Mid Deflectable(heavy) Knockdown attack
Jashin Kyoumei - 214C 17 55 3 82 x - KD KD x x Knockdown attack
1-11f throw invincible
Shinma Messatsu Jin - 623C 20 3 1 41 x - KD KD x Mid Fixed damage Knockdown attack
Haki Inmetsu Jin - 214S 2x6, 4, 30 20 x 81 x - KD KD -49 Low Knockdown attack
Gashin Kyoumei Kon - 623S 8, 12 29 11 101 x - KD KD -20 High Medium attack Knockdown attack
Makai Tensei - 421S x x x 51 x - -- -- -- Mid 18-24f fully invincible
Tenchi Makyou Jin - 236CD 3x7, 28 23 67 90 x - KD KD -8 Mid 1-16f melee invincible
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