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Game Version Date Notes
Ver.1.01 June 25, 2019 Western release day patch, contains input lag fix.[1]
Ver.1.02 July 10, 2019 Ending a ranked match is no longer treated as a disconnect.
All characters are counted as airborne immediately after backstepping.[2]
Ver.1.03 July 16, 2019 Bug fixes.[3]
Ver.1.10 August 7, 2019 Bug fixes, Rimururu added to the roster.[4][5]
Ver.1.11 August 13, 2019 Game balancing and improvements during Casual Matches.[6]
Ver.1.20 September 16, 2019 Slight move adjustments, Shizu added to the roster.[7]
Ver.1.30 October 15, 2019 Character balance, Basara added to the roster.[8]
Ver.1.40 November 18, 2019 Changes to online ranked modes, Kazuki added to the roster.[9]
Ver.1.50 December 18, 2019 Small move adjustements, Wan-Fu added to the roster.[10]
Ver.1.51 January 9, 2020 Bug fixes.[11]
Ver.1.60 February 27, 2020 Bug fixes, Mina added to the roster.[12]
Ver.1.70 April 1, 2020 Character balance, Sogetsu added to the roster.[13]


Samurai Shodown

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