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Version: 1.3a <br\> The Basics: Here <br\> IRC Channel: #pewpew

Acceleration of Suguri: Acceleration of Sora Edition

Stand up for love, there's nothing more to say. Stand up for love, what can I say?

■Update History

  • ver 1.3a Updates
    • Fixed typo in Story Mode
    • Fixed a bug with Sumika's feathers
  • ver 1.3 Updates
    • Clown face Sumika now playable, unknown unlock conditions.
    • You can now choose 2P color in Arcade and Story mode.
    • Fixed story mode typos.
    • Fixed a bug where the final boss form in story would move.
    • Can no longer spam Nanako's Shell Shoot attack. (Click click)
    • Nanako's Tentacle Breath (Single Fire) slowed down.
    • Hime's Delicate Pains of Paradise now remain on the screen for a short while when used and can not be reused until they disappear. (Holy crap terrible change)
    • Hime's Pain knockback and accuracy changed.
    • Hime's Entrapment has longer recovery and knocks back on hit. Doesn't raise the heat of an enemy in shield anymore. Raises heat a little less than before. (Can't combo after it anymore, Hime nerfs galore)
    • Hime's Passion builds less Hyper meter.
    • Suguri Sword recovery longer.
    • Sora Sword recovery longer.
    • Saki's Maracas Hammer does more damage
    • Alte's Claymore has higher HP and is not hittable on startup.
    • Alte's Search Panel hyper if she has a Search Panel up is not hittable on startup.
    • Alte's Searchlight Shield is now considered in "Defense Mode" when used. (Seems to increase the durability by a ton.)
    • Mira's Gekirin no Tatsumaki and Souryuu no Tatsumaki slowed down. (Welp. -_-)
    • Nath's Reflect Laser lasts shorter. (No more Gemini Laser spamming!)
    • Sham's Sprite Call fires faster.
    • Sham's Sprite Lilith and Poly Sprite explode on contact now as well. (FINALLY)
    • Sham's Dwarf Call fires more shots per volley.
    • Sham's Resist Sphere is larger. (WHAT REALLY?)
    • Starbreaker's Burning Red Flame and Melting Blue Flame take less ammo. (SB buffs everywhere)
    • Starbreaker's Burning Hot Edge of Death "closes" more quickly. (Her lasers converge faster)
    • Starbreaker's Frightening Incoming Sparks spread a little more centralized.
    • Starbreaker's Shivering Hidden Killing Intent spread when directed using directionals is now increased.
    • Starbreaker's Accept the End hyper explodes faster. (No more staring for a really long time at her bombs.)
    • Starbreaker's Witness This Star's End does more damage.
  • ver1.2 Updates
    • Story mode added
    • Hime and Starbreaker character introductions added to the manual.
    • Fixed a bug where after one character's HP dropped to 0, the character could still move and the match would not end.
    • CPU AI changed
    • Fixed a bug where Iru was required to hold WB to perform Homing Missile Pod.
    • Tsih's Zenhoui Wire Laser (D+H) collision detection on startup changed.
    • Mira's Hayate no Senrin (SA with rings) and Hishou no Senrin (SB with rings) build less meter.
    • Fixed a bug where the opponent would drop out of Mira's Jinsoku no Zangeki (SA autocombo) and Shinsoku no Zangeki (SP+Hyper autocombo).
  • ver1.1 Updates
    • Fixed a bug where random select would show up with the name "Sora."
    • Fixed a bug where randomly selecting a character would select nothing.
    • Fixed a bug where a 3rd option appeared while pausing during a replay.
    • Fixed a bug where Alte could not do Hyper A in advanced mode.
    • Fixed a bug where Mira could not do Hyper A in advanced mode.
    • Fixed a bug that allowed you to burst during an opponent's Accel Hyper.
    • Fixed a bug where FullColorTexture and FullColorScreen were switched in the configuration options.
    • Fixed a bug where on startup, checking "Don't show this window on startup" in the startup option window was not preventing it from showing on startup.
    • Changed some graphics handling.
    • Fixed a bug with Iru's Highly-Explosive Genocide Bomb's collision detection.
    • Iru's Highly-Explosive Genocide Bomb explodes on destruction.
    • Saki's Tambourine Boomerang and Tambourine Blade now induce pushback to prevent infinites.
    • Sora's Hyper Spread startup increased.
    • Sora's Launcher(Delayed) slowed down.
    • Hime SA cancel window moved to very late to prevent infinite SA.
    • Sham's Sprite and Dwarf robot HP increased.
    • You can direct where the opponent flies after hitting them with Kae's SAAAA autocombo.
Acceleration of Suguri X 2

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