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PC Version.

To save your config file, it is the big button at the bottom right.

The game normally comes with a configuration program that is in Japanese.

Shown English is from Sara's old translation patches. There is an upcoming english release, however.


• Full Screen

• Window mode

• 16 bit graphics.

• 32 bit graphics.

• Toggle audio on/off (both sound and BGM).

• Turn off the Time Limit in modes except 1P vs Network


Note: to set the controls, click the circle and then press the key/button.

• Switch between configuring 1st player and 2nd player's control

• Weapon A

• Weapon B

• Dash

• Hyper

• Special

• Shield

• Start

• (Left) Y-axis sensitivity

• (Right) X-axis sensitivity


Note: to play online, set these to your opponent's address and port and then go into the game. Match --> vs Network

• Your opponent's IP address

• The port you're trying to access

• play as 1st player

• play as 2nd player

• Low bandwidth mode (controls bandwidth to help keep connection stable)

Acceleration of Suguri X-Edition

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