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Dlanor A Knox

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Dlanor A. Knox is the Head Inquisitor, known as "Dlanor of the Ten Wedges" or "Death Sentence Dlanor". She possesses two swords, the Red Key and the Blue Key, whose functions are essentially the same as the Red and Blue Truths. Summoned by Erika Furudo during the events of EP5 and EP6 to deny Beatrice and Battler's gameboard.


Health = 1500

+ Long range normals allows Dlanor to pressure opponents with her superior spacing capabilities.
+ High health + Very good ability. + Good damage potential with command grab

- Terrible movement and extremely slow normals.
- Only has one tool to deal with zoners.


Armor Boost - Reduces damage taken by 50%. Command grabs are unaffected by this ability.

Move List

Normal Moves

[ Mid | Damage - 66 | Startup - 4 | Active - 3 ]

Dlanor swipes forward with her hand.

  • Whiffs on crouching opponents.
[ Mid | Damage - 69 | Startup - 5 | Active - 5 ]

Dlanor swipes with her gauntlet hand.

[ Mid | Damage - 150 | Startup - 7 | Active - 6 ]

Dlanor stabs forward with her dagger of blue truth.

[ Mid | Damage - 186 | Startup - 11 | Active - 3 ]

Dlanor makes a wide horizontal slash with her longsword.

[ Mid | Damage - 186 | Startup - 8 | Active - 1 ]

Dlanor swings her sword horizontally while crouching, rather low to the ground.

[ Mid | Damage - 210 | Startup - 9 | Active - 5 ]

Dlanor swings her long-sword upwards.

  • Launches opponent into a juggle state if it hits an airborne opponent.

[ Mid | Damage - 315 | Startup - 16 | Active - 4 ]

Dlanor swings her long-sword down on the opponent.

[ Low | Damage - 384 | Startup - 16 | Active - 2 ]

Dlanor makes a slash downwards with her longsword.

  • Cannot be canceled into another normal or special afterwards.
[ Low | Damage - 264 | Startup - 13 | Active - 3 ]

Dlanor sweeps the opponent off their feet with her longsword.

[ High | Damage - 330 | Startup - 25 | Active - 2 ]

Dlanor makes a downward slash with her longsword and dagger simultaneously.

  • Hits overhead

[ High | Damage - 60 | Startup - 5 | Active - 12 ]

Dlanor sticks her dagger out in a down-forward direction.

[ High | Damage - 165 | Startup - 8 | Active - 6 ]

Dlanor jabs her sword upwards.

[ High | Damage - 270 | Startup - 11 | Active - 4 ]

Dlanor swings her longsword horizontally.

[ High | Damage - 150 | Startup - 8 | Active - 6 ]

Dlanor stabs forward with her sword.

[ High | Damage - 294 | Startup - 12 | Active - 5 ]

Dlanor swings her sword downwards.

[ Throw | Damage - 360 | Whiff - 30 ]

Dlanor grabs the opponent and knocks them to the ground, walking all over them.

  • Switches positions with the opponent.

Special Moves

Jungfrau Cornelia 「ユングフラウ・コーネリア」 ― 22A/B/C

Dlanor summons Cornelia, who produces a shield for her which negates most projectiles.

  • Does not negate Rosa's shotgun, Virgilia's Gungnir, nor any projectiles that have similar properties.
  • Cornelia stays in the field forever unless she is manually dismissed by repeating the input, Dlanor takes a hit, or Dlanor performs her Meta Super.
  • Dlanor cannot perform 623A+B while Cornelia is present.
  • While Cornelia is out, damage done to Dlanor's Break Limit is reduced by 25%/33%/50% respective to each button.
Kirushuaizen 「キルシュアイゼン」 ― 623A/B/C

Dlanor charges forward a certain distance, gaining autoguard for a short time at startup.

  • Distance traveled is dependent on button pressed.
  • Dlanor will not stop her forward momentum even if she hits the opponent.
Knox's Ten Commandments 「ノックス十戒」 ― 63214A/B/C

Dlanor grabs the opponent, jumps in the air, and impales them with her sword. Knocks down.

  • If used when not point blank with the opponent, the grab registers as a hit that can be blocked and hits for reduced damage.
  • Can be comboed into.
Turumuto reene 「トゥルムトレーネ」 ― j.63214A/B/C

Dlanor grabs the opponent in the air, stabs them with her longsword and slams them into the ground.

  • Will never hit or grab grounded opponents.
  • Depending on button pressed, Dlanor will launch herself a very small distance into the air before grabbing.

SP Supers

Jungfrau Gertrude 「ユングフラウ・ガートルード」 ― 22A+B

Dlanor summons Gertrude instead of Cornelia who negates most projectiles.

  • Does not negate Rosa's shotgun, Virgilia's Gungnir, nor any projectiles that have similar properties.
  • Gertrude will disappear after 12 seconds, is manually dismissed by repeating the input, or Dlanor performs her Meta Super.
  • Dlanor cannot perform 623A+B while Gertrude is present.
  • Reduces damage to Dlanor's Break Limit by 75%.
Kirushuaizen 「アイゼルネ・ユングフラウ」 ― 623A+B

Dlanor summons both Gertrude and Cornelia, using their shielding to extend her charge distance to almost fully across the screen.

  • Dlanor is fully invincible during the animation.
  • This move cannot be used if either Cornelia or Gertrude are present.
Knox's Ten Commandments 「ノックス十戒・原典」 ― 63214A+B

Dlanor grabs the opponent, jumps higher into the air, then impales them with her sword. Knocks down.

  • If used when not point blank with the opponent, the grab registers as a hit that can be blocked and hits for reduced damage.
  • Can be comboed into.
Turumuto reene 「メイルシュトロームトレーネ」 ― j.63214A+B

Dlanor does a command grab in the air, impaling the opponent and spinning them around before slamming them to the ground.

  • Will never hit or grab grounded opponents.
  • Depending on button pressed, Dlanor will launch herself a very small distance into the air before grabbing.

Level 2 Super

Rootoshuryusseru 「ロートシュリュッセル」 ― 236236C

Dlanor jumps forward and slams her sword on the ground knocking back the opponent.

  • Does very high stun damage to the opponent.
  • Can link a 63214x or another SP2 if done in the corner.
  • Can also knock lying opponents off the ground.

Meta Super

Holy Death Sentence 「ヘイリッヒ・トーデスルタイル」 ― 641236C

Dlanor charges forward a short distance. If it lands, a cutscene plays as she does her infamous "Die the Deaths" scene, knocking the opponent back.

  • Can link a 63214x afterwards if done in the corner.

Frame Data

      KD = Knockdown
                              |          Frames             |  Frame Advantage |
              Attack  | Damage|Startup*| Active  | Recovery |On Hit | On Block | Notes
               Throw  ------------------------------------------------------------------
                 B+C  |  360  |  0-1   |    ?    |    ?     |  UKD  |          |Switches Sides; 30 Duration on Whiff
             Normals  ------------------------------------------------------------------
                  5A  |   66  |    4   |    3    |    5     |  +2   |   +2     |
                  2A  |   69  |    5   |    5    |    5     |  +0   |   +0     |
                c.5B  |  150  |    7   |    6    |    8     |  +2   |   +0     |
                f.5B  |  186  |   11   |    3    |   13     |  +0   |   -2     |
                  2B  |  186  |    8   |    1    |   17     |  -2   |   -4     |
                c.5C  |  315  |   16   |    4    |   18[16] |  +3   |   +5     |See Note L
                f.5C  |  384  |   16   |    2    |   21[17] |  UKD  |   +4     |See Note L
                  2C  |  264  |   13   |    3    |   19     |  UKD  |   +0     |
                j.5A  |   60  |    5   |   12    |    6     |       |          |
               j8.5B  |  165  |    8   |    6    |   10     |       |          |
               j8.5C  |  270  |   11   |    4    |   12     |       |          |
           j(7/9).5B  |  150  |    8   |    6    |    6     |       |          |
           j(7/9).5C  |  294  |   12   |    5    |   11     |       |          |
     Command Normals  ------------------------------------------------------------------
                  6B  |  210  |    9   |    5    |   17     |  -6   |   -8     |
                  6C  |  330  |   25   |    2    |   12     |   WS  |   +8     |
            Specials  ------------------------------------------------------------------
                623A  |   99  |    ?   |    ?    |    ?     |   ?   |     ?    |
                623B  |  123  |    ?   |    ?    |    ?     |   ?   |     ?    |
                623C  |  147  |    ?   |    ?    |    ?     |   ?   |     ?    |
            j.63214A  |  562  |    ?   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |    --    |
            j.63214B  |  562  |    ?   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |    --    |
            j.63214C  |  562  |    ?   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |    --    |
              63214A  |600/495|    ?   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |     ?    |
              63214B  |600/495|    ?   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |     ?    |
              63214C  |600/495|    ?   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |     ?    |
                 22A  |   --  |    ?   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |    --    |
                 22B  |   --  |    ?   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |    --    |
                 22C  |   --  |    ?   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |    --    |
       SPs and Meta  ------------------------------------------------------------------
              623A+B  |  198  |    ?   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |     ?    |
          j.63214A+B  |  855  |    ?   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |    --    |
            63214A+B  |810/720|    ?   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |     ?    |
               22A+B  |   --  |    ?   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |    --    |
              236x2C  |  762  |    ?   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |     ?    |
             641236C  |  634  |    ?   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |     ?    |

      Note L: Has a different recovery animation on block, which plays on the first frame after block.
       This changes the move's recovery. Recovery duration on block is listed in brackets.

General Strategy

Feel free to edit this part of the wiki with your tips/strats on how to use Dlanor. Remember I'm watching you.

Dlanor is a grappler. Her role is to punish the enemy through her extremely difficult to counter command grabs, which deal enormous damage, and to act as a powerful combo finisher through her grabs.
First thing you should learn with Dlanor is how her command grab works. Both the SP and the non-SP versions can be unblockable and are simple to combo into, with the SP version being able to be cancelled into from more attacks and should, overall, be the main way you use SP. There are several situations under which your command grab can be blocked, be wary not to fall prey to these, as your grab is extremely unsafe on whiff and block:

  • The enemy is in blockstun or just out of blockstun.
  • The enemy is airborne.
  • The enemy is currently using an extremely fast attack, you can be knocked out of your grab.
  • The enemy has just gotten up off the ground.

Essentially, do not attempt to use Dlanor's command grab in blockstrings, it will either be blocked by the standing enemy, or if they attempt to jump, it will still be blocked. Be very careful around extremely fast attackers such as Kanon and Lucifer, as their 5As are quite capable of knocking you out of your grab - even after the game gives you your counter hit notification and begins the grab, you can still be knocked out of it. Next, remember that both command grabs have superb scaling, and are fantastic combo finishers. It is recommended that you learn a metaSuper → 63214X link in the corner for those moments where you happen to be in the Meta World. This link is rather difficult with the non-SP version, but child's play with it. It serves as a fantastic ending to any combo.

Dlanor's weaknesses are extremely apparent, and require skill to overcome. Most notably, her movement speed is abysmal, her jump height is awful and her attacks are hilariously slow; with proper skill, however, this can be a non-issue. Overall, this just means that you have a great deal of trouble closing in and applying pressure to enemies - it is therefore important to work out how to avoid projectile spam. Dlanor's 22X move (Cornelia's shield) is extremely strange - she is entirely capable of outrunning it, making its usefulness variable. They, like Ronove's Enchant Shields, refuse to block projectiles such as Virgilia's spears and Rosa's gunshots. Fortunately, these are fired much more sparingly than any other projectiles, so with proper timing, the autoguard on Dlanor's 623X moves should be enough to get past them. Against characters such as Chiester and Beatrice, it is vital that you remember to summon a shield when you knock the opponent down.

Dlanor's woes in the aerial department are not an issue with practice. Dlanor is quite often best off standing her ground. Her 6B is a fantastic anti-air attack, and can combo into quite a few skills, including her metaSuper and command grab. It is important to use Dlanor's 6B often in neutral game; often an enemy will attempt to evade a command grab by jumping, something that her 6B will be able to punish with relative ease. Oddly enough, it is also entirely possible to counter aerial attackers with her command grabs as they have an impressive vertical reach, but it is usually a great deal inferior to her 6B. As such, it is recommended only to use the command grab if they're attempting to bait a 6B.

Dlanor also functions somewhat well in the air due to her aerial grab's extremely impressive damage, being a great deal higher than that of her ground version. Dlanor's aerial attacks do have somewhat impressive reach, but are still extremely slow and not recommended, but should you land one, it is quite possible to combo into an aerial command grab.

Where Dlanor functions extremely well is in the corner, due to being able to easily land command grabs on enemies who cannot back away and allowing her to perform her more damaging combos using useful links like metaSuper → 63214SP. Fortunately, Dlanor has two tools which she can use to force an enemy into the corner: her 6C and her 623SP both force a wallslam a full screen away; unfortunately, her 6C does tend to give her enemy room to breath, as it has recovery in which the enemy can use to regain ground. Strangely enough, Dlanor also functions well when cornered, as she does not have to attempt to close in, which is her bane. She is capable of reversing blockstrings, especially heavily staggered ones, with her command grabs (especially the extremely quick SP version) and can use her normal grab to exchange positions with the enemy. Unfortunately, if you do not predict jumps and punish accordingly, Dlanor is child's play to jump over and corner.

If you are planning to touch your second character in, it is highly recommended that you do a Normal Touch so that your partner will have Dlanor's fantastic ability that would help everyone out and annoy the opponent to no end. Dlanor's Ability has an Extremely Long duration, remaining active for a ridiculously long time, and helps out a lot in the overall outcome of the match, especially if your partner has low health. Simply having this ability active means that you can make a lot more mistakes without running the risk of losing a dramatic amount of health - it might not seem like much at first glance, but it is effectively doubling your total health points.

Dlanor's 22SP (Gertrude's shield) can rather strangely be used as a shield against some combos and reversals. Unlike Cornelia, Gertrude does not disappear when Dlanor is hit, meaning that some moves and reversals (such as Beatrice's 623SP and Shannon's 22SP) will simply not work correctly on Dlanor, only hitting her a few times or not hitting her at all.

Unique properties and links to learn:

  • 6B anti-air
  • 6C/f.5C 50/50 high/low mixup
  • 6C cornering
  • 623X autoguard (requires good timing to counter the more annoying projectiles)
  • 623X (so far, they are capable of linking into 63214X, 2A in the corner, and metaDeclare → metaSuper when connected on the last few active frames)
  • 623SP punishing (full invulnerability, amazing startup and nearly fullscreen range; fantastic for projectile spammers, especially things like Battler's metaSuper)
  • SP2 chain (can combo into itself for enormous stun and an easy cornering when used midscreen, combos from 2C)
  • metaSuper → 63214SP in corner (fantastic, cheap combo finisher that deals very high damage)
  • 63214X punishing (great punishing move that can be used as a reversal in the corner and can stop the opponent from escaping your pressure)

Tag Partners

Dlanor has one of the most powerful abilities in the game - it allows the holder to take risks they usually wouldn't, because any resulting punishment is reduced by an impressive 50%. This alone makes her a wonderful partner to many characters. Her command grabs also act as wonderful combo finishers, especially in longer, prorate-high combos which are albeit rare, but very much worth having Dlanor tacked on.

Ange's Ability, Stun Boost, is the primary reason you would choose her with Dlanor. Dlanor's beautiful scaling on grabs allows her to finish off any stun combo with impressive damage; couple that with the absurd level of stun Dlanor's SP2 generates without Ange's Ability and you have an extremely easy way to set up combos. Ange also has several ranged abilities and useful okizeme that compensate for Dlanor's weaknesses. However, they both lack a proper reversal, having only SP command grabs to rely on against staggered blockstrings. A patient and careful opponent can lock them in pressure that Ange and Dlanor can only escape with Damage or Assault Touches.
Battler is a wonderful partner for Dlanor. His ability perfectly complements hers, making the Meta World, frankly, an extremely safe place to be in that should be triggered whenever possible. Battler also has absolutely no problem closing in on enemies and locking them into the corner, which is a wonderful way to move Dlanor in, either by knockdown → Neutral Touch or Attack Touch for one of her extremely damaging combo enders.
Beatrice is simply just a good partner for almost anyone - Dlanor is no exception. Beatrice's Ability, Infinite SP, allows Dlanor to either use one of her beastly SP2s or upgrade a command grab to its SP version for free! Beatrice's extremely long range through stakes and her ability to close gaps with her 214 perfectly fills several of the holes Dlanor has in her kit. Within the Meta World, Beatrice's towers are a beastly combo extension tool, but usually suffer from enormous proration; fortunately Dlanor's grabs make this a non-issue. Beatrice also benefits from Dlanor's Ability very well, making this a decent team without many problems.
Virgilia's zoning and impressive range allow Dlanor access to several tools she normally would not, most notably is Virgilia's ability to corner an enemy and keep them there through 214SP, spears and 22SP. Virgilia also racks up stun extremely quickly (her combos usually revolve around inducing stun by herself); Dlanor's grabs make suitable finishers for these combos. With this team, the Meta World also becomes an extremely safe and rewarding place to be in and should be activated frequently - the reduced damage from Dlanor's Armor Boost allows Virgilia to soak up more damage from her keep-away game without taking that big of a risk, and Virgilia's Brimful helps build meter for Dlanor to perform one of her amazing SP command grabs. Virgilia's neutral game and zoning also fit well with Dlanor, making up for her woes in the ranged department. However, despite all this, this team is unbearably slow and neither of them have an effective reversal, making it rather hard to escape from a corner.
Willard H. Wright
Willard is somewhat similar to Dlanor himself, with slow, large range normals and impressive comboability. Fortunately, Willard has much greater damage on his own and does not rely on a partner to create combos. Unfortunately, he does also suffer from being easily zoned out. His Ability, SP Cancel, is absolutely fantastic on Dlanor, allowing fantastic new ways to punish enemies through her SP command grab, most notably that Dlanor's 623X can be cancelled into 63214SP at any time with SP Cancel. Be careful, though: if the 623 was blocked, the command grab will be blocked too. Most impressively, SP Cancel allows the unique metaSuper xx 22SP (SPCancel)metaSuper link, which allows Dlanor to even further extend her corner combos.
B.Battler is very similar to regular Battler, but his primary, dealbreaking flaw - his abysmal health - is easily overcome by Dlanor's wonderful Ability and above average health. The positive aspects of B.Battler are free for Dlanor to use as long as she keeps him nice and safe. B.Battler also acts somewhat like a punisher, akin to Dlanor herself, through his 623X and ranged punish. He can set up combos for Dlanor to finish relatively easily and his SP2, a wonderful combo extender, has the glaring issue of prorating heavily. Thank goodness for command grabs! Unfortunately, B.Battler's Ability, Massacre, has limited use for Dlanor outside of the corner.
Eva Beatrice
Eva is a rather decent partner for Dlanor, mostly because of her great pressure, air mobility and offensive tools which perfectly compliment Dlanor's defensive ones. Eva herself also has several command grabs, like Dlanor, but her grounded SP command grab is inferior in every way to Dlanor's; her aerial one, however, is superior, mostly due to Dlanor's poor mobility. Eva's ability is also useful to essentially any character. Eva's amazing pressure with her normals and her 22X jellies allow her to land a stray hit and Attack Touch into Dlanor. Due to the huge amount of command grabs these two have, your opponent will have to think twice about when to block and when to escape.
Ronove is a fantastic partner for Dlanor, his Ability being a great compliment to Dlanor's. Dlanor's large poke range and insane frametraps can benefit greatly from Counter Boost, as can well timed 623s. More importantly, Ronove can take many more risks with his poking since if he ends up punished, he receives a great deal less damage because of Armor Boost. Both characters generate large amounts of stun and have extremely well scaling supers, so if either character sets up a combo, either character can finish it for a huge chunk of damage. It is worth noting that Dlanor has the highest damaging normals in the game; because of this, a counter hit from Dlanor becomes ridiculously strong. This team will statistically have the second largest health total in the game (at 9450) - stack that with Dlanor's Armor Boost and this team has the absolute highest effective health total (in a best case scenario, you're looking at 18900 health).
Erika's primary features of benefit to Dlanor are her fantastic mobility and ease of escaping pressure. Her 22SP and her double jump let her escape the pressure that would usually be keeping Dlanor locked down with ease and her pokes are also very impressive. Erika's SP2 is also a great way to finish any combo to set up the next and can be used to set up easy combos for Dlanor, too. Erika's low HP is well complimented by Dlanor's Armor Boost, and Erika's Force Counter makes Dlanor's attacks a fair amount stronger. Unfortunately, Erika's mediocre damage also betrays her somewhat here, but if a combo can be finished with a Dlanor grab... things turn out well overall.
LambdaDelta is a fairly decent partner for Dlanor, her Ability UltraPER being a fantastic way to help Dlanor survive pressure. Her zoning can get Dlanor into her best range with ease and her ability to generate huge amounts of guard limit and stun work very well with Dlanor. LambdaDelta is let down by her poor damage though, but her SP2 causes enormous amounts of stun and an Attack Touch into Dlanor can easily fix all of her damage problems. Unfortunately, LambdaDelta doesn't have much use for Armor Boost, as her zoning and 22X series keep her far too safe for it to make that big of a difference.


Feel free to edit this part of the wiki with your tips/strats on how to use Dlanor. Remember I'm watching you.

Dlanor does not have much variety when it comes to her combos, but they deal very large amounts of damage to make up for it.

Notation key:
- hj.7/8/9 means a highjump/superjump (performed by inputting 27, 28 or 29 in quick succession)
- x means a link (you can't cancel the previous move into the next one - you'll have to wait for the first move's animation to end to perform the second move)
- xx means a delay (performing the next move immediately will net you worse results, if any at all)
- [ ] means a charged (or held) input, also known as a BE in other games (Blowback Edge)

Normal Combos

  • j.9CB land... (jump-in)
- Damage: 444
Dlanor's jump-in of choice when going for damage. The j.9C must be input at the apex of Dlanor's jump arc, otherwise the j.9B will not be able to connect.
  • ...2B 2C (OTG string)
- Damage: 130-200
You might need to omit the 2B if Dlanor is unable to recover in time. The later you use this OTG string in a combo, the less damage it will deal (scaling is harsh like that).

All damage totals on the following combos are calculated without the jump-in and OTG string. Adding a 5A/2A starter will reduce the damage output by roughly 10%.

  • 5B 2B 2C 623B xx 63214X [1]
- Midscreen only.
- Damage: 1218
Dlanor's generic combo. Deals an absolutely insane amount of damage for very little effort and no meter usage.
  • 5B 2B 2C 623A xx 63214X [2]
- Corner only.
- Damage: 1194
Corner variation of the above combo. Doing a 623B in the corner will be extremely unsafe, even on hit; replacing it with a 623A takes care of the problem.
  • 6B xx (dash) 6B 63214X
- Opponent must be airborne. [3]
- Works anywhere.
- Damage: 894
Looks rather silly. Dlanor's easiest confirm off of an anti-air 6B hit. The dashes after the 6Bs are only necessary midscreen; in the corner, you can simply omit them.
  • 6B xx dash 5B 5C hj.9 j.9BC j.63214C [4]
- Opponent must be airborne.
- Works anywhere.
- Damage: 1637
Highest damage confirm off of an anti-air 6B hit. Hitting with the entire air string is very difficult - as such, you can omit the j.9BC and go straight into the j.63214C ender, lowering the damage output to 1237.

Metered Combos

  • 5B 2B 2C 63214SP [5]
- Costs 1SP.
- Works anywhere.
- Damage: 1320
You can already tell Dlanor's metered damage output is going to be silly. With a very simplistic starter, tacking on a 63214SP at the end makes the damage dealt monumental.
  • 5B 2B 2C (metaDeclare) metaSuper xx 63214SP [6]
- Costs 1SP (or 2SP is Meta World is not up).
- Requires active Meta World (or Meta Gauge if Meta World is not up).
- Corner only.
- Damage: 1905
Hoo boy, those numbers. If you run out of SP before the 63214SP at the end, you can instead do 63214X as an ender (damage goes down to 1680). It is, however, much easier to land an SP command grab than it is to land a non-SP one.
This combo can also be performed midscreen; however, depending on the opponent, metaDeclare before metaSuper can be necessary rather than optional, and it will be impossible to land the command grab ender due to how far your opponent flies (damage goes down to 1185).
  • 5B 2B 2C metaDeclare 6C metaSuper xx 63214SP [7]
- Costs 2SP.
- Requires Meta Gauge.
- Corner/near corner only.
- Damage: 2218
Higher damage variation of the above combo in case you have Meta Gauge available. If you run out of SP before the 63214SP at the end, you can instead do 63214X as an ender (damage goes down to 1993). It is, however, much easier to land an SP command grab than it is to land a non-SP one.
  • 5B 2B 2C metaDeclare dash 5B hj.9 j.9BC j.63214X/SP [8]
- Costs 1SP (or 2SP with SP ender).
- Requires Meta Gauge.
- Works anywhere.
- Damage: 1792-2085
Very damaging conversion off of a midscreen confirm.
  • 5B 2B 2C SP2 xx 63214X/SP [9]
- Costs 2SP (or 3SP with SP ender).
- Corner/near corner only.
- Damage: 1857-2082+
One of the easier ways to make use of Dlanor's fantastic SP2. This combo is a guaranteed stun with a jump-in or if Dlanor comes in with an Attack Touch.
  • 5B 2B 2C SP2 xx SP2 xx 63214X/SP [10]
- Costs 4SP (or 5SP wth SP ender).
- Corner/near corner only.
- Damage: 2543-2768+
Dlanor's SP2 can combo into itself, though the timing to pull it off is rather strict. The second SP2 will actually connect OTG, relaunching the opponent. This combo is a guaranteed stun regardless of who the opponent is.
  • 5B 2B 2C metaDeclare 6C SP2 SP2 63214X [11]
- Costs 5SP.
- Near corner only.
- Damage: 2873+
Because why not. Again a guaranteed stun.
  • 6B xx (dash) 6B 63214SP [12]
- Costs 1SP.
- Opponent must be airborne.
- Works anywhere.
- Damage: 1119
Again, rather silly. Dlanor's easiest metered confirm off of an anti-air 6B hit. The dashes after the 6Bs are only necessary midscreen; in the corner, you can simply omit them.
  • 6B xx dash 5B 5C hj.9 j.9BC j.63214SP [13]
- Costs 1SP.
- Opponent must be airborne.
- Works anywhere.
- Damage: 1974
Highest 1SP damage confirm off of an anti-air 6B hit. Hitting with the entire air string is very difficult - as such, you can omit the j.9BC and go straight into the j.63214SP ender, lowering the damage output to 1530.
- Costs 2SP (or 3SP with SP ender).
- Opponent must be airborne.
- Works anywhere.
- Damage: 1161
Rather high damage off of an anti-air 6B, but that's not what this combo is for. This combo has amazing corner carry - it will almost always push your opponent into the corner, which is exactly where Dlanor wants them.
If you do this combo in the corner or near it and provided that you have the meter, you can further increase the damage dealt with SP2 xx 63214X/SP (2342/2567).

Off Tag

All of the below are performed off of a sweep → attackTouch lead. The damage numbers shown are those of Dlanor's portion only.

  • ...attackTouch 63214X/SP [15]
- Works anywhere.
- Damage: 588-788
Low effort ender for a reasonable amount of damage.
  • ...attackTouch 6B x hj.9 j.63214X/SP [16]
- Works anywhere.
- Damage: 810/1014
Slightly harder variation of the above, but it deals a fair amount more damage.
  • ...attackTouch dash 5B 5C 63214X/SP [17]
- Works anywhere.
- Damage: 960-1140
The 5B is a bit complicated to time. Do it too early and you get f.5B, invalidating the combo; do it too late and you'll end up behind your opponent, attacking the air behind them. Be careful when you do this one.
  • ...attackTouch 5C hj.9 j.9BC j.63214X/SP [18]
- Works anywhere.
- Damage: 1249-1483
Highest damage possible off tag with only 1SP spent, if you even choose to spend it. You have to input the 5C as soon as possible, or else you risk dropping the combo partway through.
  • ...attackTouch 6B x SP2 xx (SP2 xx) 63214X/SP [19]
- Corner/near corner only.
- Damage: 1366-1546 (1915-2095+ with a second SP2)
Again, because why not.

SP Cancel

Willard's Ability, SP Cancel, is very useful for Dlanor, making her 623X moves much easier to combo after they hit with and enabling her to connect with two metaSupers in the corner.

  • ...metaSuper xx 22SP (SPCancel)metaSuper [20]
- Costs 1SP.
- Requires active Meta World (obviously).
- Corner only.
- Damage: ~800
Due to the way damage scaling works in this game (combos that last longer than 15 hits start to scale heavily), the second metaSuper will not actually increase the damage output exponentially - the initial hit actually hits the opponent OTG (halving the damage dealt), and by the time it actually deals its damage, even without a lead-in the combo counter is already at 46. Overall, whilst this new link does exist, don't exactly count on it for damage. It does, however, add an insane amount of stun. Keep this in mind.
  • ...623C (SPCancel)63214SP [21]
- Costs 1SP.
- Works anywhere
- Damage: 754
There is no reason to use 623A or 623B when you have access to SP Cancel. 623C deals the most damage of all three, so it is highly recommended you use it over the others.

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