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Additional Notes

This page assumes that you understand numeric notation. [[1]]

Universal Mechanics:

6A - Universal Anti-air. Similar to Guilty Gear's 6P

2E - Universal Sweep. Hits low and knocks down. Similar to Guilty Gear's 2D

5B - There are close and far versions of 5B. Similar to Guilty Gear's close and far S.

j.5/6D - Air Dodge. Can be used after all your air options are used but will not allow you to jump or airdash until you land. Will only cancel into assist, an attack, or throw.

C+E - Variable Rush. Your character is immune to all assist damage for the entire duration of the attack. This includes things like Sakura's counter assist.

Combo Mechanics:

Some throws can be comboed after they are Escape Canceled.


This game has strike/throw unblockable protection. Attempting to grab your opponent while they are blocking will result in a whiffed throw. You can still guard crush a blocking opponent with charged 5E.

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