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Name: Ruili

Debuted in: Kikougai-The Cyber Slayer

Voice Actor: Yukari Tamura

Introduction: A female gynoid who was born from Cybernetics technology. The younger sister of Kong Taoluo, Kong Ruili's seperated soul was fused back together with an installed program and learned the Chinese art of Kenpo.


Command List

If you are having trouble reading inputs, check out the Notation section!

TODO: Add start up frame data from this site


5A 2A [6A / cl.B] st.B 2B 5C 2C [5E/2E] is basic chain route. Any deviations from that route will be noted as an additional or limited.
Limited: Ruili cannot chain 2C > 5C or 5C > 2C. Additional: Ruili can chain cl.B > 6A

5A 5F startup. Hits crouching. Mashable. Jump cancellable.
6A 8F startup. Universal anti air. Jump cancellable.
cl.B 7F startup. Jump cancellable.
st.B 7F startup. Jump cancellable.
5C 14F startup.
5E 22F-44F startup.

2A 6F startup. Hits low.
2B 11F startup. Hits mid. Jump cancellable.
2C 9F startup. Hits mid. Jump cancellable
2E 16F startup. Hits low. Universal Sweep.

j.A 6F startup.
j.B 10F startup.
j.C 9F startup. Cross up hitbox (?)
j.E 12F startup.


236A 9F startup. Can cancel into any one of her 214X freeform rekka series.
236B 15F startup. Knocks back and down on hit.
236C 22F startup. Full crumple state on hit.

214A 19F startup, 4F startup if done as rekka followup. Forces standing on hit. Will cancel into 214B or 214C on block if they have not been used in the same attack string by pushing B or C respectively.
214B 23F startup, 11F startup if done as rekka followup. Standing overhead. Forces crouching on hit. Will cancel into 214A or 214B on block if they have not been used in the same attack string by pushing A or C respectively.
214C 22F startup, 7F startup if done as rekka followup. Hits low and is a sweep. Will cancel into 214A or 214B on block if they have not been used in the same attack string by pushing A or B respectively.

623A 6F startup. Only throw invuln (?)
623B 7F startup. Strike and throw invuln (?)
623C 9F startup.Strike and throw invuln (?)
j.623A 7F startup.
j.623B 9F startup.
j.623C 11F startup.


214AB 22F startup dash into superflash, 3F startup after superflash. Command grab. Ruili dashes forward a bit before the superflash. Opponents can jump out after superflash. Does 4500 damage. Startup after super flash is removed if done while Ruili's Lethal Blaze is active.
236AB 10F + 1 startup. Superflash activates on 5th frame. (Double check JP wiki archive for frame data) Flying kick. Does 4800 damage.
623AB 6F + 4F startup.
j.623AB 8F + 6F startup.

Variable Rush

7F startup?

Lethal Blaze

236236BC Install super that slowly drains meter and ends when she is out of super meter. Increases her dash distance and slightly boosts damage. Can be comboed into. This Lethal Blaze is unique in the sense that you can activate other supers immediately after. 1 bar supers can still be activated even if the remaining super meter is less than 1 bar. (Instant activation? There may be other benefits?)


Please check out the Notation section, for help on understanding how to read and write combos!


Throw (first hit only) >2D > j.C > 6A > j.B > j.C > double jump > j.B > j.E (3650)
Note: Universal

Normal Chain > 236A > 214A > 214C
Note: 236A will whiff if the target is too far out. Go directly into 214A in this case. Univeral.

Normal Chain > 5C > 236A > 214A > 214B > 6A > j.B > double jump > j.C > j.E
Note: Universal

Other routes to experiment with:
214C > 236AB

Crouch only routes:
5C > 5E
2C > 5E

Corner only: Throw (first hit only) > 2D > j.C > 236B > 214A > 214B > 6A > j.B > j.C > double jump > j.B > j.E (4458)
Notes: Only tested on Ruili so far. Need to delay 214B for certain and may require delays in other sections. Somewhat inconsistent.


Frame traps:
5E > 236C



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