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Name: Ruili

Debuted in: Kikougai-The Cyber Slayer

Voice Actor: Yukari Tamura

Introduction: A female gynoid who was born from Cybernetics technology. The younger sister of Kong Taoluo, Kong Ruili's seperated soul was fused back together with an installed program and learned the Chinese art of Kenpo.


Ruili is a close-range focused character who has access to a ton of frame traps, a DP, and a very far-reaching 5D to give zoners trouble, as well as the highest HP in the game.

Command List

If you are having trouble reading inputs, check out the Notation section!


Ruili is equipped with a step dash instead of a run, but its a fairly fast and far reaching one, and her 5D covers about half the screen, so she doesn't really have much trouble closing space. Her j.D has a very upwards arc, keeping her safe from anti-airs, so it can be good for feinting air approaches.


5A 2A [6A / cl.B] st.B 2B 5C 2C [5E/2E] is basic chain route. Any deviations from that route will be noted as an additional or limited.

Limited: Ruili cannot chain 2C > 5C or 5C > 2C. Additional: Ruili can chain cl.B > 6A

5A (5F)

Hits crouchers (although it can be low profiled by a few moves), and is whiff-cancelable into both itself and 2A. One of the best jabs in the game, with a very good speed/range ratio: There are ranges after a blocked 2B where you can use it and still hit the opposing jab despite being minus.
6A (8F)

Universal anti air. Jump cancelable.
cl.B (7F)

Jump cancelable, can kind of be used as an anti-air but 6A is much more reliable. Has a decent cancel window on it.
st.B (7F)

Jump cancelable. Good range for how quick it is, and has a fairly large cancel window.
5C (14F)

Farthest-reaching normal, but kind of slow. Is good for frame traps because it combos into 236C on counterhit (this also works if they're crouching).
5E (22-44F)

Another frame trap tool, letting you score 236C counterhits

2A (6F)

Hits low, doesn't chain into itself.
2B (11F)

Jump cancelable. Very low recovery; still minus, but the gap between the block and you doing a 5A/B can still be hard to see.
2C (9F)

Another anti-air option, will low-profile some things.
2E (16F)

Sweep, has a decent low profile and a cancel widow about as large as st.B.

j.A (6F)

>.<. Whiff-cancelable into itself. Very good air jab, usable for both air-to-air and air-to-ground situations.
j.B (10F)

More range than j.A, but significantly slower.
j.C (9F)

Like j.A, this is strong regardless of whether the opponent is grounded or airborne.
j.E (12F)

Good downward reach and blockstun; roll-cancel it to get another overhead.


Tie shan kao (236A/B/C, A is 9F, B 15F, and C 22F)

Shoulder tackle, with the B version knocking the opponent away and C causing crumple. All are safe on block (C is neutral), and all are cancelable into 214X.

Wo long wei (214A, 19F, 15F if done as followup).

The first of Ruili's rekka moves, which are all cancelable into each other provided you haven't used the one you're going for in the string already (you don't need to do the motion for this, just the button). Forces standing on ground hit, blows back on an air one.
Hu ya zhong (214B, 23F, 12F if done as followup)

Overhead, and a fairly quick one at that, though if you're doing it from the other rekkas you'll need an assist/blast to convert. Forces crouching on ground hit and ground bounces with air hits.
She jiao (214C, 22F, 15F if done as followup)

Low, knocks down.

Xuan feng diao cu (623A/B/C, air OK, A is 6F ground and 7F, B 7F ground and 9F air, and C 9F ground and 11F air)

Ruili's DP. The A version is not fully invuln, but B and C are. The air versions recover quick enough for you to use remaining movement options before you land.


Shuang hu kao hua shan (214AB, 22F before superflash, 3F after)

Command grab with good range thanks to the dash beforehand. The 3F of post-superflash startup are removed during Lethal Blaze. The first hit crumples, while the second blows back.

Fei xiang long jao (236AB, 10+1F)

Big ol' dragon kick. If it hits later on in the move, the opponent takes a big launch that'll probably knock down. If it hits earlier, you get a monochrome freeze frame and much more damage (4800 raw), but the launch lasts shorter, so you need an assist to get any more.
Xuan Feng shen diao cu (623AB, air OK, 6+4F ground and 8+6F air)

Super reversal, can be combo'd out of with Althea assist.

Variable Rush

All Variable Rushes allow you to do a sequence of attacks depending on if you hit the A, B, or C button. If you press nothing, the VR will end. If your VR is blocked, you have the option to press nothing, or keep attacking. Even if you keep attacking, you could still stop at any time, assuming you don't execute the final attack.

Depending on what combination of buttons you use, you can come up with some useful strings.

7F, 2-bar reversal. The A ender is a palm thrust (most damaging ender), B ender launches, and C is a 236AB.

Lethal Blaze

Lan ling wang (236236BC)

Install super that slowly drains meter and ends when she is out of super meter. Can be comboed into. This Lethal Blaze is unique in the sense that you can activate other supers immediately after. 1 bar supers can still be activated even if the remaining super meter is less than 1 bar.
The following buffs are applied:

  • Increases the distance and speed covered by her ground and air forward dash.
  • Slightly boosts damage.
  • Changes the properties of her rekka moves to allow for unique routes such as 214C > 214B to become possible.
  • Allows you to cancel 214AB into other supers.


Please check out the Notation section, for help on understanding how to read and write combos!


Throw (first hit only) >2D > j.C > 6A > j.B > j.C > double jump > j.B > j.E (3650)

(crouching hit) 5C>236C, dash 6A>air combo.

Standard crouching confirm, also works from 5C CH.

(crouching/counter hit) 5C. 236C, dash 5E>5D, dash 5B>236A>214A>B>C.

Good corner carry confirm for when you're nearby enough.

Normal Chain > 236A > 214A > 214C
Note: 236A will whiff if the target is too far out. Go directly into 214A in this case.

6A>j.C>j.D, j.C>6A>air combo.

Confirm you can hit if you 6A someone fairly close.

Variable Rush (ACBACA), dash 6A>air combo

Ruili can actually put the opponent in a crumple state from this specific Variable combination, letting you combo after. Also goes into corner routes if you're close enough.


(crouching/counter hit) ...5C>236C, 5E>214A>B, 5B>236A>214A>B>C.

Corner crouching route. You can go into 6A>air combo from the 5B to trade damage for a better knockdown.

214B>C>A, 5A>5B>236B>214A>B, 6A>j.B>j.C>jc>j.E.

Unlike midscreen, you can get actual damage without resources off the rekka overhead in the corner provided you don't cancel it from the other 214Xs. The 5B>236B can be inconsistent, just go into an air combo from the 5B if you're not confident.

Throw>2D, (delay) j.C, 236B>214A>delay B, 6A>j.C>j.C>j.E.

Assist Extensions

...236B>236AB>Franco, dash 214B>623AB/Variable.

Franco lets Ruili reset into another of her trap-filled strings, so she's a common pick.

...623AB>Althea, 236AB.

A few assists let you combo from 623AB, but Althea's one that, like Franco, also lets you enable you pressure game. You need to delay the assist cancel slightly, otherwise Althea will appear on the wrong side.

Extend Blast Routes

Standing Confirm>EB, 214C>A>5D, 5BB>236B>5D, 5BB>236B>5D, 5BB>236B>236AB
Tie shian loop, core of Ruili's blast combos. Drops on Homura during the second loop, you may need to delay the first 5B depending on the character. Is good both midscreen and in corner.

Standing Confirm>EB, 214C>A>5D, 5B>236B>5D, 5A>5B>236B>5D, 5BB>236B>236AB
Homura route. The first 5B has no delay whatsoever.

6A>j.C>EB, j.623C(1)>j.D, delay j.C,dash 5B>236B, [5BB>236B]x2, 5B>2C>214A>B>236AB

Anti-air Tie shan confirm. The first 236 won't connect if you hit Saya at the top of one of her hideously floaty jumps.

6A>j.C>j.D, j.C>623C(3)>EB, 236B>5D, 5A>5B>236B, 5BB>236B, 5B>2C>214A>B>236AB.

For the aformentioned flesh-monster jumps. Can be kind of finnicky. If you're near enough to the corner you can instead EB on the first hit of 623C into 5B>236B for something more consistent.

6A>EB, j.C>j.D, j.C, dash cl.B>236B>5D, 5BB>236B etc.

Insta-EB confirm for when you want them to have literally no opportunity to burst well.


Frame Traps

Ruili's good frame traps are the core of her offense: Her normals have healthy cancel windows on them, her strings can be very long, and 2B, while not actually plus, has small enough recovery for the gap to be deceiving. 5C is the button you ideally want to catch them with, since it'll combo into 236C on counterhit for real big damage, but other normals and 236C itself work well too.


If you cancel j.E into air roll after a corner knockdown, you can neutral jump immediately after and get a safejump (try option selecting a jump cancel on j.E if you think they're going to high Vanish>jab).


Burst Loop Explaination


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