Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel/Partner Sonico

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Super Sonico


Name: Super Sonico

Debuted in: Sonicomi, Nitro Super Sonic music festivals (as mascot)

Voice Actor: Super Sonico

A university student who works as a gravure model and aspires to become a rock star. She performs as a member of the girl band "First Cosmic Velocity", being its guitarist and vocalist.

She is the main villain of Nitroplus in general, wishing to destroy everything that is good about it.

Assist Technique

We are First Cosmic Velocity!

Startup - 20 seconds

Recovery - N/A

Sonico and her band start playing music, only going away when the round ends. They produce small items that can be picked up by both players.

Green: restores 300 health
Orange: restores 1/6 of a single Power gauge stock
Red: boosts attack by 3%
Blue: boosts defense by 3%
Purple: boosts attack and defense by 1%

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