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Input Notation


7 8 9           7 is up back, 8 is up, 9 is up forward
4 5 6           4 is back, 5 is neutral, 6 is forward
1 2 3           1 is down back, 2 is down, 3 is down forward

So 5A is neutral A button, and 2A is crouching A button. 236A is quarter circle forward A button.

j.A - Jumping A, or doing A while in the air. Likewise, j.236A is also possible for some characters.

66 - Dash forward

236AB - Do 236 then press A and B simultaneously. This is common for super inputs.

Combo Notation

5A 5A - Chain 5A into 5A

5A > 5A - Link 5A into 5A. These arrows are used for any combo transition that is not a direct cancel.

6A > j9.B C - Do 6A, jump cancel forward (press the stick in the direction 9). Then do j.B, and cancel into j.C.

6A > sj8.A B C - Do 6A, super jump cancel neutral (press 2 then 8). Then do j.A B C.

236B(3) 214AB - Do 236B, then on the third hit, cancel into 214AB.

5A 5B 5C <Kaigen> - Do 5A 5B 5C, then cancel into Kaigen's Partner Attack.

...5C 236B - It doesn't matter too much what you do to start the combo, but do 5C 236B afterwards.

5A 5B 5C > ender - Indicates that after doing 5A 5B 5C you should pick one from a set of combo enders. If using this, an "ender" section must be created nearby. Please use your best judgement, exhaustively listing every ender is not required nor desired.

5[E] - Hold down the E button until 5E is fully charged.

5[E] 5D > ]E[ - Hold down the E button until 5[E] is fully charged, and continue to hold it. Cancel into 5D. After 5D has recovered, then let go of the E button. (this may not apply to NPB, not sure yet)

5{E} - Hold down the E button until 5E is partially charged.

5B 5C 236 A/B - Do 5B 5C, then you can cancel into either the A or B version of the 236 special.

5A 5B [5C / 5E] - Cancel 5A into 5B, then you can choose between doing 5C or 5E.

5A (5B) 5C - Do the string as usual, however, it's ok to skip 5B. The notes may say why it is sometimes beneficial to skip 5B.

[236A 5D > 5C]x5 - Perform the section within the brackets 5 times.

5A 5B (cross through) 5C - After performing 5A 5B, you will cross through before performing 5C. You can include any sort of plain English notes in this format that are helpful.

tk7.214A - You should perform a "tiger knee" motion to input the 214A. To TK an air special, input the special, then jump, then press the button. (tk7.214A = 2147A, tk9.214A = 2149A)

Example 1

(near corner) B+C 5D > 6A > j9.C [E] > (land) cl.B 5C 5E 214A

Example 2

... 236B(3) <Kaigen> > 66 5D > 236C > 5[E] (5D) 214X

  • Depending on the range, you may have to use different versions of 214. If you are very far, you must roll and then use 214C.

Example 3

(midscreen)...236B(3) <Kaigen> > 66 5D > 236C > 5[E] <Psycho Pass> 66 j9.[E] > (land) 236236BC

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