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Name: Muramasa the Third

Debuted in: Full Metal Daemon Muramasa

Voice Actor: Sumoto Ayana

Introduction: Delicious brown armor, you must wear.


Muramasa is a technical character with many movement options due to her Steel Spider Thread move.

Command List


5A 2A [6A / cl.B] st.B 2B 5C 2C [5E/2E] is basic chain route. Any deviations from that route will be noted as an additional or limited.

5A - 6 frames

6A - 12 frames

cl.B - 7 frames

st.B - 8 frames

5C - 16 frames Limited Chain - Cannot chain into 2C.

5E - 23 frames (45 frames when fully charged)

2A - 6 frames

2B - 11 frames

2C - 18 frames

2E - 12 frames

j.A - 7 frames

j.B - 8 frames

j.C - 18 frames

j.E - 12 frames

An overhead that will hit crouching opponents if done immediately after jumping.


236 A/B/C - Steel Spider Thread Muramasa's defining move. Shoots out a thread which connects to either the opponent or off screen, once the thread anchors Muramasa pulls herself along the line towards the anchor point. While Muramasa is reeling herself in she can cancel the animation into any air action, such as: an attack, air Vanishing Guard, double jump, air escape, or throw.

236A - Shoots the thread horizontally. Used to start offense on a far away grounded opponent. Will combo into j.B on hit at certain ranges, but on block can go into a small mind game. The standard option is to hit j.B, but that can be easily beaten by anti-air moves, so it is important to mix up your offense with double jumps, vanishing guards, j.E to delay the high, air escape to move over them, or cancelling a blocked j.B into other options rather than just landing and mashing 2A.

236B - Shoots the thread angled upwards from the horizontal. Primarily used to link into a combo after 2C.

236C - Shoots the thread almost vertically. Used to transition into the air, can also be used to combo after an air throw.

j.236 A/B/C - Aerial Steel Spider Thread Used for aerial mobility and combos.

j.236A - Shoots the thread horizontally. Used to create left/right situations on grounded opponents or to combo after a landed j.C

j.236B - Shoots the thread angled downwards from the horizontal. Used for threatening a j.B crossup situation from the air.

j.236C - Shoots the thread almost straight down. Used to transition from the air to the ground, or to extend combos from j.E

623 A/B/C - Eardrum Smash

214 A/B/C - Steel fly Catcher Net


j.236+AB - Enchant Plus: Linear Accel AKA: Maximum Spider! Unlike the move this super is nicknamed for, Linear Acceleration has 0 tracking and only travels in a set diagonally upward trajectory. A useful tool for ending a combo when the opponent is low on life and you're short on meter, or if you're running a carol assist load out and can't devote the meter to a lethal blaze. Combos easily after any of Muramasa's air normals, or after 5C cancelled into 2D. Comboing after j.236AB with assist cancel > 236C is possible, but not recommended as only works for low to ground j.236AB and heavily prorates the combo. As Muramasa has no hurtbox once she starts traveling across the screen, this super has some uses versus zoning character to plow through their projectiles or catching the opponent mashing on long duration air moves like Ethica j.E or Heart's Homing. Annoys the hell out of Ouka and Anna players.

623+AB - Enchant Minus: Magnetic Barrier Super counter with a fair amount of active frames, will not counter throws or projectiles, only physical attacks. A strong combo starter if assist or blast canceled on hit, the knock back caused by this move can be followed up with anything you could combo a 5E into. Can be used to counter the opponent's attempt to blast out of you combo: when you cancel a normal into blast to go in for the kill input 6>6235 to buffer a dash and if you see the blue spark of the opponent's escape blast, hit AB. This will activate magnetic barrier and counter their burst, wasting it and giving you reset combo with a strong starter. If you do not see the burst spark during your blast freeze, hit only B instead to get a dashing cl.B to continue your combo from.

421+AB - Manual Down Muramasa's only Invincible startup move other than Variable Rush. When Muramasa is in spider form she regains health overtime, you can hold the buttons down to prolong the healing duration, but the move always has the same poor recovery no matter what when the healing ends so this opens you up to a big punish. Effectively Yukiko's terrible Dia move from Persona Arena, except it costs a bar, avoid using if at all possible.

Variable Rush





Lethal Blaze

236236+BC - Railgun "Magatsu"


Please check out the Notation section, for help on understanding how to read and write combos!


2B 2C> 236B > j.B dj9.B C j.236A > j.E j.236C >j.C

  • Basic BnB to setup a wall air tech trap situation

...2B 2C> 236B > j.B dj9.B E j.236C > j.C j.236A > j.E

  • Floor bounce tech trap setup

Air throw > Land 236C > j.B dj9.B E j.236C > j.C

Throw D > 236A > j.B dj9.B C j.236A > j.E j.236C >j.C

  • Midscreen to corner throw combo

Throw > 5B 2C 236B > j.B dj9.B E j.236C > j.C

  • Corner throw combo

Throw D > cl.B 6A 2C > 236B > j.B E j.236C > Land cl.B 5B 214C

  • Corner throw to ground tech trap setup

Throw D > 236A > j.B dj9.B C j.236A > j.E j.236C >j.B > Land 236C > Air throw reset

  • Throw into corner air throw reset setup to catch mash tech.

Metered and Partners

...2B 2C > 236B > j.B C j.236A > j.E j.236C > j.C j.236AB

  • Basic Maximum spider setup combo.


j.B dj9.B C j.236A > j.E ABC > land 5E 236A j.E D j.C > land 214B 236236BC

  • Midair j.B to assistless Magatsu confirm

2B 5C 2D j.236AB <Amy> 5E ABC > 214B > 5B j.BC <Akane> 236A j.E VR

  • Fancy Two assist Blast combo, makes use of both assists and blast in a way that can be extrapolated to other situations easily


[Muramasa page on the Japanese NPB wiki]


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