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Name: Mora

Debuted in: Vampirdzhija Vjedogonia

Voice Actor: 山菱白花

Introduction: Mora is a little blonde girl. When she went to school everyone made fun of her giant head, so she learned to use a hammer to smash them to a pulp.


Because she has short reach and no projectiles, she does not have many effective strategies for long range fighting or dealing with an opponent’s projectiles. On the other hand, she can easily open up opponents with ambiguous left/right and high/low mixups due to having moves that are difficult to distinguish from one another. Recommended for players that like highly explosive close combat. Mora is a high damage character.

Command List

If you are having trouble reading inputs, check out the Notation section!


5A 2A [6A / cl.B] st.B 2B 5C 2C [5E/2E] is basic chain route. Any deviations from that route will be noted as an additional or limited.

5A - 6 frames

Jump cancelable. Mora's fastest normal. Hits crouchers. Good at anti airing opponents hovering in your face. 5A can combo into itself, but it's somewhat strict timing.

6A - 8 frames

Jump cancelable. Solid anti air. Can use 6A > 5C to bring down airborne opponents with the ground bounce that 5C causes.

cl.B - 9 frames

Jump cancelable. Good combo starter.

st.B - 10 frames

Jump cancelable. Good combo starter.

5C - 12 frames Limited Chain - Cannot chain into 2C or 2E.

Not jump cancelable, but still goes into specials and 5E. The most important thing about this move is that it ground-bounces airborne opponents, making it great in combos. Triggers a knockdown when it hits grounded opponents.

5E - 27 frames (44 frames when fully charged)

Specila cancelable, goes over lows. It's on the slow side, so be careful about over using it. Not bad to use once in awhile, especially if you escape or special cancel it.

2A - 7 frames

Jump cancelable, but still special cancelable. Standard 2A, does not combo into itself. Hits mid despite looking like a low.

2B - 9 frames

Not jump cancelable, but still special cancelable. Standard 2B, hits low.

2C - 6 frames Additional Chain - Chains into 5C.

Jump cancelable. Useful in combos and hit-confirms. You can chain 6A into 2C for an easy anti-air hit-confirm, or use it in place of 6A.

2E - 15 frames

Not jump cancelable, but still special cancelable. Standard sweep, knocks down. Cancel into a special to do a combo. Low profiles.

j.A - 8 frames

Double jump cancelable. Standard j.A.

j.B - 9 frames

Double jump cancelable. Standard j.B.

j.C - 8 frames Additional Chain - chains into j.B.

Not double jump cancelable, but still special cancelable. Amusingly faster than j.B. Can use it from 2D for a low overhead, though it has heavy proration.

j.E - 11 frames (22 when fully charged)

Not double jump cancelable, but still special cancelable. Causes a soft-knockdown when uncharged. Causes a groundbounce if fully charged. The uncharged version can still cause a groundbounce if it lands counterhit. Also Mora's best jumpin in most neutral situations. Since it's chargeable, this move is also good at creating empty jumps to bait shield and do mixups. The charged version can be used from many situations, such as after 6A, an air to air exchange, a throw, or a combo blast. A very important move.


j.2C - Sledge Press - 14 frames

Mora halts her movement in the air and drops to the ground using her hammer. Crosses up. Great for doing crossup and un-crossup mixups using airdashes and other forms of air movement.

236 A/B/C - Sledge Hammer

Mora spins around with the sledge and does a few hits. Fairly safe if blocked, but possibly susceptible to shields if used predictably. Important combo tool, different versions have different properties.

236A - 7 frames. Hits twice. On standing: leaves them standing. When airborne: sends them flying.

236B - 11 Frames. Hits 3 times. Always sends them flying.

236C - 26 Frames. Hits 3 times. The first swing of the animation does not actually connect and is just a part of the wind-up. On standing: crumples them. On airborne: sends them flying.

623 A/B/C - Dead Rising

Reversal. First hit is ground-to-ground. Second hit is anti-air. Different versions have different properties. Even if the attack hits, if you cancel into Child’s Play (214AB) before the rising section of the move, it still combos and you can chase down the opponent with a D cancel. This is safer to do if you have a partner with a fast activation to use as a followup if this is blocked.

623A - 7 frames. Not fully invulnerable, but least recovery and causes knockdown.

623B - 7 frames. Seems at least invulnerable until it hits, and causes knockdown.

623C - 7 frames. Most invulnerable, does more damage, but has a lot of recovery, and does not cause a knockdown.

214 A/B/C - Across the Nightmare

Overhead. Hard knockdown. A version is a good mixup - just be careful, it's unsafe on block unless you cancel into assist or blast. B and C versions are mostly used for combos. Any of the versions can be situationally used to hop over lows, and even assists as a wild punish.

When you cancel into 214AB, you will get a special version of Childplay that doesn't jump first, so that it will always combo.

214A - 20 frames. Short movement.

214B - 25 frames. Medium movement.

214C - 30 frames. Long movement.

j.214 A/B/C - Dejon the Nightmare

The last hit is the same as Across the Nightmare, as it causes hard knockdown, and can be canceled into Childplay (214AB) and always combo. She spins differently before coming down with the hammer, depending on the version used. Good no-meter combo ender after j.E when in the corner, and after j.C when midscreen. 2D > j.214A is a faster overhead than 214A and can be converted into a full combo.

j.214A - 12 frames. Mora starts spinning while maintaining her air momentum. Last hit does the most damage of all the versions, so it's the best to use after j.E. j.214A is also good, because you can easily whiff it to build meter in neutral while staying safe (jump, then do it on the way down so you don't get the ground slam portion).

j.214B - ? frames, spins in place then comes straight down with the sledge.

j.214C - ? frames, spins in place (but halts momentum more aggressively than the B version?) then comes straight down with the sledge.


236+AB - Combo Sledgehammer - 6 frames pre-superflash + 8 frames post-superflash

Strike invincible, but can be grabbed. Mora hits in front of her, then locks the opponent into a short sequence where she blows them away from the air. Good for setting up certain partners since it leaves the opponent high in the air when canceled. The strike invincibility and locking properties make this move a good candidate for safely punishing attacks while the opponent has dangerous partners on the screen.

214+AB - Childplay - ? frames

Air unblockable. Mora leaps forward then slams the opponent on the ground, locking them into a sequence. She hits them a bunch of times while they're down, and the last hit bounces them back into the air. Will combo on knocked down opponents, as well as airborne opponents. Does a bit more damage than Combo Sledgehammer.

From shorter starters (i.e. 214A 214AB) you can link after with 6A. If you want to combo after with a more highly prorated starter, you need to use an partners or blast cancel.

There's a special win pose for getting a KO with this move.

j.214+AB - Abyss of Nightmare - ? frames

Like her other supers it will lock the opponent on the first hit. You want to combo into this move for the kill as it adds significant damage. Gives hard knockdown just like her 214 specials.

Variable Rush

10 frames?

Mora's VR is invincible and goes about half the screen. Great for punishing unsafe stuff such as fireballs and partners on reaction since it will lock the opponent into an animation.

All Variable Rushes allow you to do a sequence of attacks depending on if you hit the A, B, or C button. If you press nothing, the VR will end. If your VR is blocked, you have the option to press nothing, or keep attacking. Even if you keep attacking, you could still stop at any time, assuming you don't execute the final attack.

Depending on what combination of buttons you use, you can come up with some useful strings.

A Final blow knocks the opponent back and causes a soft knockdown, similar to her 236 specials.

B Final blow launches the opponent up in the air. Mora automatically jumps up and you can either do an air combo, or combo into j.214AB to make it un-blastable.

C Final blow knocks the opponent on the ground and does a series of smashes similar to Childplay (214AB). You need to hit C several times to get all 3 of the hits. Like Childplay, you can also get the special win pose when getting a KO with this attack. Causes a hard knockdown similar to Mora's 214 specials.

Useful Strings

CE > A (safe on block)

CE > B B B (mid, low, high) Ends in a launcher that automatically makes you jump towards the opponent.

CE > B B C (mid, low, low) Third stage of this shifts into Child’s Play (214AB) and you can increase the amount of hits by continuously hitting buttons.

Lethal Blaze

236236 BC - Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

Reversal. Similar to Mora's 623 specials, there is a ground hit and an air hit. In order to get the full damage, you need to hit with the ground hit. It goes without saying this move is very unsafe, you want to combo into it unless you are sure it will hit. Usually combos well from 5C and j.[E], as well as 5E in the corner.

When it connects, Mora beats the living bejeezus out of the opponent. In the cut scene you can see their inner juices flowing out.


Please check out the Notation section, for help on understanding how to read and write combos!

NOTE: most of Mora's combos ending in j.214A/B can also be ended with j.E 5D > j.D (OTG hit)

Meterless, Midscreen

...5B 2B (2C) 2E 5D > 2C DMG:3527

  • Basic combo to set up oki such as a left right mixup with j.2C after a high jump cancel. Don't use the first 2C if you're too far for it to connect.

...5B 2B (2C) 2E > [214A/B / 236A] DMG:3916

  • Basic combo alternative.

2B > 2C > 214A > 214AB > 6A > 2C > sj9.C > delayed j.E DMG:6080

2B > 2E > 214A > 214AB > 6A > 2C > sj9.B > j.C > j.E

623C (1st stage) > Child’s Play > 6A > 2C > sj9.C > sj.E DMG:4712

(anti-air) 6A > sj9.B > j.C > > j.214C > 214AB > 6A > 2C > sj9.C > j.E DMG:5591

(anti-air) 6A > j9.A > j.B > j9.C > j.[E] > microdash j9.A > j.B > j9.C > j.E

(anti-air) 6A > j9.C > j.[E] > microdash 5C > 5D > 2C > sj9.B > j.C > j.E

(anti air) 6A > j9.B dj9.C [E] > 66 6A 5C 5D > 2C > j9.A B > dj9.C E 214A/B

  • You can do a similar combo for air-to-air hits.

BC 5D > cl.B 5C > 6A > j9.C [E] > 66 6A 2C > j9.C B > dj9.C E 214A

  • Good damage from throw. ~6k

BC > 5D > cl.B > 5C > 5D > 6A > j9.C > j.[E] > 2C > sj9.B > j.C > j.E

BC > 5D > 5A > 2C > sj9.B > j.C > j.E DMG:4132

BC > 5D > cl.B > 5C > 5D > 2C > j9.A > j.C > j.E > j.214A DMG:4811

BC > 5D > cl.B > 5C > 5D > 6A > j9.C > delayed j.E > 2C > j.C > j.B > j9.C > j.E DMG:5780

BC > 5D > 214AB > 6A > 2C > sj9.B > j.C > j.E

BC > 5D > 236236BC

j.BC > 236236BC

  • You can alternatively follow up an air throw with 236AB

Meterless, Corner

...2E 236A > 66 6A 5C 5D > 2C > j9.C B > dj9.C E 214A/B

...2E 236A 66 (delay) 6A 2C > j9.C B > dj9.C E 214A/B

  • High damage in the corner, do not delay the 6A after dash in the first combo. If you are too far to make it connect without a delay, use the second combo.

(anti air, in or near corner) 6A > j9.A B dj9.C [E] > (cl.B) 5C 5E 214A/B

  • Same as the above, but you can add some extra hits in the corner for more damage.

5A > 2B > 2E > 236A > f.B > 2C > j9.C > j.B > j9.B > j.C > j.E

2B > 236B > 236A > 5A > 2C > j9.C > j.B > j9.B > j.C > j.E

BC > 5D > 236A > cl.B > 5C > 5E > 236C > 5A > 2C > j9.C > j.E

  • Builds a lot of meter.

2A > 2B > 2E > 236A > microdash f.B > 5C > 5E > 236C  DMG:5983

(mid-screen to corner) BC > 5D > 2A > 5B > j9.C > delayed j.E > delayed 5C > 5E > 236C > 2C > j9.C > j.E DMG:6197

(near corner) 2A > 2B > 2E > 236A > delayed 6A > 5C > 236C > 2C > j9.C > j.E DMG:6255

Metered and Assists

2B 2E 214A 214AB > 6A 2C > sj9.B C E 214A/B

... 2E 214AB > 2C > j9.C B > dj9.C E 214A/B

  • no more than 2 hits before the 2E.

214A <Franco> > 2B 2C 2D > j.214C 214A

(Completely in the corner) 2A > 2B > 623B > Franco > delayed j.E > 5C > 236C > 2C > j9.C > j.E DMG:7707 

...236AB <Aoi> > j.D > j.C <Alushia> (3 hits) > 5C 236236BC

  • Combo into level 3 using 4 meters via Aoi and Alushia.

BC 214AB > 2C > j9.C B > dj9.C E 214A/B

BC 5D > 236236BC

j.BC > 236236BC

  • Cancel it as Mora slams them to the ground.

2A > 2B > 623A (1st stage) > Henri > 5B > 5D > 5B > 236C > cl.B > f.B > 2C > 2E > 214+A/B/C  DMG:7281 

214A > Franco > 2B > 2C > 2D > j.214C > 214AB

5A > cl.B > 236AB (3rd stage) > Aoi > j.D > j.C > Althea > (Althea’s 3rd hit) 5C > 236236BC


  • A safe route. The third A is slightly delayed. Must delay the final section to get all of the hits. DMG:7744

CE (ABCABCB) > j.C > delayed j.E > j.D > delayed j.E > 2C > j9.C > j.B > j9.C > j.E DMG:8246

(near corner) Variable Rush (ABCABCABCC) > 5A > 5C > 5E > 236C > 2C > j9.C > j.B > j9.C > j.E DMG:10373


5A > cl.B > 5C > Combo Blast > 236C > (in the second half of the hard knockdown animation) 2C > j9.C > max charge j.E > 2C > j9.C > j.[E] > 2C > j9.C > j.B > j9.B > j.C > j.E

  • Beginner blast combo. Because the damage is low, practice the other combos here once you get used to this one.

...5C/2C ABC > 236C > (delay) [ 2C > j9.C [E] ]x2 > 2C j9.C B dj9.B C E 214A/B

...5C/2C ABC > 236C > 5D > BC > 5D > cl.B > j9.C [E] > 2C > j.C [E] > 2C > j9.B C <Alushia> (3 hits) > 5C 236236BC

BC/j.BC ABC > [ 2C j9.C [E] ]x2 > 2C > j9.B C <Alushia> (3 hits) > 5C 236236BC

j.214A 214AB > [ 2C > j9.C [E] ]x2 > 2C > j.C [E] > 2C > j9.B C <Alushia> (3 hits) > 5C 236236BC

5A/2A > cl.B ABC > (66) cl.B 623C(1) 5D > 2A cl.B 623B(1) 5D > cl.B > j9.C [E] > cl.B 623A(1) 5D > cl.B 2C > j9.B C <Alushia> (3 hits) > 5C 5D > 5C 236236BC

  • Swagger.

5B > combo blast > cl.B > f.B > 623C (1st stage) > 5D > 2C > j9.C > delayed j.E > 5B > 623B (1st stage) > 5D > 5B > 623A (1st stage) > 5D > 5C > 236236BC DMG:11500

  • General purpose solo combo blast recipe.

(Requires 1.8 stocks of meter before starting) 5A > cl.B > 5C > Combo Blast > 236C > 5D > B+C > 5D > cl.B > j9.C > max charge j.E > 2C > j9.C > max charge j.E > 2C > j9.B > j.C > Althea > (Althea’s 3rd hit) 5C > 236236BC

(Requires 2 stocks of meter before starting) B+C or j.B+C > Combo Blast > 2C > j9.C > max charge j.E > 2C > j9.B > j.C > Althea > (Althea’s 3rd hit) 5C > 236236BC

(Requires 3 stocks of meter before starting) j.214A > 214AB > 2C > j9.C > max charge j.E > 2C > j9.C > max charge j.E > 2C > j9.B > j.C > Althea > (Althea’s 3rd hit) 5C > Kaigen > 236C > 236236BC

  • Also works from raw 214AB

5A > cl.B > Combo Blast > cl.B > 623C (1st stage) > 5D > 2A > cl.B > 623B (1st stage) > 5D > cl.B > j9.C > max charge j.E > cl.B > 623A (1st stage) > 5D > cl.B > 2C > j9.B > j.C > Althea > (Althea’s 3rd hit) 5C > 5D > 5C > 236236BC

(In the corner) 5B > combo blast > 5E > 623C (1st stage) > 5D >623B (1st stage) > 5D > 2A > 5B > j9.C > delayed j.E > delayed 5C > 5E > 623A (1st stage) > 5D > 236236BC  DMG:12389 

  • Easy solo high power corner combo blast recipe.

(Near the corner) > 5B > Variable Rush (ABCABCABCC) > 5A > combo blast > 5B > 623C (1st stage) > 5D > 5B > 623B (1st stage) > 5D > 5B > 623A (1st stage) > 5D > 5B > 623A (1st stage) > 5D > 5B > 623B (1st stage) > 5D > Variable Rush (ABCABCABCCC)  DMG:14765 

  • Corner solo recipe. It is possible to burst this combo, so check your opponent’s actions before you continue it. Dead Rising (623+A/B/C) is given in the order of CBAAB because it’s easier to input that way, but you can input anything and it should still connect.

Recommended Partners

Franco Call her on okizeme, then use 214A and it’s safe. If it hits, you get a hard knockdown. You can also just combo into 214A after activating Franco in a combo.

Henri Keeps the opponent in blockstun for a long time, so it is easier to open them up if you use this. It is easy to use with 236C because it keeps the opponent in place instead of having them knocked away if they were airborne.

Kaigen Combo into this after the first hit of j.214+A/B/C to trigger a hard knockdown. You’ll have more options after the hit because of this.

Sakura Much like Franco, this is useful when called on okizeme. Can follow up with Jumping Sledgehammer for Hard Knockdown.


Hit them with the hammer and they will die. Be careful of having your j.2C parried.


[Mora page on the Japanese NPB wiki]


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