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Name: Ignis

Debuted in: 塵外魔京

Introduction: Ignis is like Kamui, but with the power of modern firearms.


Ignis fights primarily from mid-to-long range, using traps to stop an opponent from moving in and long normals to poke, but she can also fight up close using her command grab. These tools make her a well-balanced character between both offense and defense. However, she has a weakness in her lack of an invincible reversal without meter.

Command List

If you are having trouble reading inputs, check out the Notation section!



5A 2A [6A / cl.B] st.B 2B 5C 2C [5E/2E] is basic chain route. Any deviations from that route will be noted as an additional or limited.

NOTE: Frame data is not tested exactly, and may be slightly off.

5A - 5 frames

Elbow to the face. Jump cancellable. Extremely fast startup, so it’s strong as an anti-air or against Vanishing Guard.

6A - 9 frames

Upward sheathe swing. Upper body invincibility make it a capable anti-air, but be careful so you don’t get [4]6A instead when you do it from guarding.

cl.B - 7 frames Additional Chain - Chains into 6A

Sheathe swing to the side. Jump cancellable. Ignis has a relatively long “close” range where this will come out, and it has fast startup as well as being very easy to confirm from, so it’s one of her most important normals while applying pressure. If it gets Vanishing Guarded, cancelling into a command grab can easily stop the opponent.

st.B - 10 frames

Sideways sword slash with a lot of range. It’ll miss against an opponent low-profiling often, so don’t treat it as 100% reliable. Cancelling far 5B into a special move is one of the fundamentals of playing Ignis at mid-range; mix up which special move you use to throw off the opponent.

5C - 13 frames Limited Chain - Does not chain into 2C

Downward sword slash. Reach isn’t as long as far 5B’s, so be careful that it won’t miss when chaining into it.

5E - 19 frames (31 frames when fully charged)

High kick. Jump cancellable. Breaks guard when fully charged. Mostly used in combos.

2A - 6 frames

Low kick. Chains into itself. Jump cancellable and has long reach, so it’s an extremely good 2A.

2B - 10 frames

Upward sword slice. Jump cancellable. Huge hitbox that’s even capable of hitting behind Ignis makes it her primary anti-air and tech chase.

2C - 16 frames

Stationary slash that looks similar to her [4]6X attack. Not cancellable to specials, but it is cancellable to supers and to 5E.

2E - 13 frames

Sweep. Knocks down and is cancellable, so this can be used to start up setplay. Throw a grenade after and mix up the opponent.

j.A - 6 frames

High elbow. Jump cancellable. Useful as a rising air-to-air.

j.B - 7 frames Additional Chain - Chains into j.A

Downward jump kick. This is the main jumping attack you’ll use. Jump cancellable. Hits fast and is strong air-to-ground, as well as having a crossup hitbox. 

j.C - 10 frames

Downward sword slash. Strong downward hitbox, but it’s hard to justify using this over jB in most cases. If the opponent blocks this deep, you can use jB as a rising overhead after (might be character specific).

j.E - 13 frames

Sword slash directly to Ignis’ side. Slow startup and a weak downward hitbox, but it has long reach and a great horizontal hitbox, so it’s a very good air-to-air provided you have time to get it out.


236+A/B/C - Hisatsu: Getsuka (Air OK)

Arcing projectile. Usable in the air as well. Has a timing where it’s guaranteed to come out (ie doesn’t disappear if Ignis is hit).

236A - 14 frames - goes low to high

236B - 16? frames - goes high to low

236C - 20? frames - starts high and boomerangs back towards Ignis

j.236A - 14 frames - goes high to low

j.236B - 16? frames - goes low to high

j.236C - 20? frames - goes low then boomerangs in a U shape upwards

421+A/B - Ansatsu: Kokushi (Air OK)

Ignis sets a wire trap that fires an arrow at the opponent when broken. Possible in the air. Can set two at a time (two A versions, two B versions, or one of each). Activates either when the opponent walks through it or attacks it. When triggered, they will fire an arrow. The arrow can be intercepted with an attack if timed correctly.

The wires don’t have a time limit and won’t go away if Ignis herself is hit or blocks, so it’s possible to set them and see how the opponent will approach with relative safety.

421A - 34 frame duration - Causes poison on both hit and block.

421B - 34 frame duration - Causes a large hitstun or blockstun.

j.421A - 28? frame duration - Causes poison on both hit and block.

j.421B - 28? frame duration - Causes a large hitstun or blockstun.

421C - Ansatsu: Gurou (Air OK)

Sets up a wire that does not actually fire an arrow when touched. The point is to bait opponents into thinking it's real. Because the appearance of the wire itself is completely the same, it is possible to put the opponent on alert with it. Good for building meter since you can set it up along with other wires. Since it you can put down two of these, it is impossible to set up to 5 wires on the screen when it's combined with Ansatsu: Kokushi and Gyakusatsu: Khazad-dum.

421C - 34 frame duration

j.421C - 28? frame duration

22+A/B/C - Bakusatsu: Hidaruma

Throws a lighter that explodes. There is a short interval of time before the explosion, so it is useful for setplay. Be careful, as unlike wires, this will disappear if Ignis is hit or guards an attack.

22A - 84 frames to explode

22B - 97 frames to explode

22C - (doesn't explode)

[4]6+A/B/C - Bokusatsu: Funkotsu

After a low slide, a rushing slash towards the opponent. The button used determines the distance and startup. The button used determines the distance and startup. The A and B versions are easy to use in combos. Only the C version is invincible, so it is effective in long distance battles against characters with projectiles. If no follow-up attack is executed, it is safe on block. It can also be hit confirmed into.

[4]6A - 15 frames

[4]6B - 19 frames

[4]6C - 23 frames

4A/B/C (During Bokusatsu: Funkotsu) - Saishin - 9 frames startup, -14 frames on block

Kick followup to Bokusatsu: Funkotsu. On hit, bounces the opponent to the edge of the screen. You can extend combos with this move using special moves and partners or set up a wire to create an advantageous situation. At a certain distance from the edge of the screen, you can connect this move into your Lethal Blaze.

6426+A/B/C (Close) - Raisatsu: Shikaku

Command throw that stuns the opponent with a shock. Although the damage of the technique itself is low, it is very powerful for opening up opponents because you can combo after it with attacks and partners. The C version has a slow startup and a long range. The B version's startup and range are between A and C's.

6426A - 9 frames - Shortest range.

6426B - 12 frames - Medium range.

6426C - 14 frames - Longest range.


236+AB (Air OK) - Ousatsu: Lathspell - 6 frames before super flash, 3? frames after super flash

Launches a large number of projectiles. When activated from a distance, the projectiles home in on the opponent slightly. The movement is fast, but it can be penetrated by moves like Ein's Colt Python. You have several different cancel options on hit. (Partner, Blast, et cetera)

421+AB - Gyakusatsu: Khazad-dum - 15 frames before super flash, 11 frames after super flash

There is no super flash when setting the wire, but it consumes 1 stock of meter during the setup. When the opponent touches the wire, a rocket appears in front of them from off screen during a super flash and it explodes. After the explosion, additional vulcan fire is launched. Unlike Ansatsu: Kokushi, the time between the wire being touched and the activation of the attack is very short and it can lead into a very powerful combo since it cannot be blown away by another attack. This is a good technique to support the strength of Ignis as it greatly restricts the opponent's actions, but be careful, as it will not be set up if she is damaged during the setup motion and it will waste the meter.

646+AB - Zansatsu: Glamdring - 6 frames before super flash, 6 frames after super flash

After the super flash, you stab towards the opponent at high speed. Nearly full screen. Very powerful for rushdown as it is invincible and can be activated after seeing the opponent attempt to fire a projectile. If you have at least 1 stock of meter, it is a powerful deterrent against opponents that primarily use projectiles.

Variable Rush

11? frames

After a short hop backwards, a bear trap is generated at the opponent's feet and then you move towards them with a C Bokusatsu: Funkotsu to execute a rush attack. From the bear trap hit, it is possible to cancel the follow up sword slash into something else before the rest of the rush even if it is vanishing guarded. The bear trap has a lock on ability and catches moving opponents. Furthermore, it generates a guard crush and the rush attack happens whether or not the they guarded. However, it is possible and very easy for the opponent to vanishing guard against this technique because of the rushing attack followup. The dash after the bear trap is is invincible, but it may be cut off since it can't slip through some attacks such as partner attacks. The A button series of strikes ends in a hard knockdown and the B version series ends in a mid air launch. The C version tosses the opponent, then throws a powerful hand grenade at them.


  • Max damage route. About 8154 damage.


  • Lowest damage but safest route. The 7th and 8th A presses have 3 hits to them. Remember the timing of the presses to get max damage. About 7160 damage

Lethal Blaze

236236 BC - Flame of Anor - 35 frames before super flash, 1 frame after super flash

Slow startup, but it hits every part of the screen. Even if you don't combo into it and it is blocked, you can use it from a distance safely because of the high amount of pushback. If you want to incorporate this move into a combo, use a partner that binds the opponent for a long time. The activation is completely invincible, so there is no need to worry about getting vanishing guard punished during it. The recovery is also very short, so even if it misses, you will likely not be counterattacked.


Please check out the Notation section, for help on understanding how to read and write combos!

This isn’t an exhaustive list, instead it’s an introduction to Ignis combos alone or with Althea Partner Blitz

Solo Combos

2A>5B>5C>[4]6A>4X>(646A+B or 236236B+C)

(Close) 2A>5B>5C>5E>jc>

Anti-Air 2B > 9j.B > 9j.B > j.E > j.B > j.E > j.236A or j.236AB

  • An anti-air combo using 2B. Note that you cannot pick up opponents that are high in the air with this.

JB>jc>JB>JE>JD Cancel>JB>JE>(j236A)


Airthrow>JD Cancel>JB>JE

Airthrow > j.D > j.B > j.E > (land > 9j.B > j.E )236A or 236AB

  • If your air throw occurs while you and your opponent are too high in the air, the section of the combo in parentheses will not connect and you should omit it.

Close 2A> cl.B > 5C > 5E > 9j.B > 9j.B > j.E > j.D > j.B > j.E > 236A or 236AB

Close 2A > cl.B > f.B > 5C > [4]6B > 4B > 646AB or Variable Rush or 236236BC

  • Both of these are to be used while at point blank range against the opponent. The former is an air combo while the latter is a ground combo.

Close 6A > cl.B > 6A > cl.B > 5C > [4]6B > 4B > 646AB or Variable Rush or 236236BC

  • Relatively high damage combo for standing characters. For punishing large gaps between moves.

Throw > f.B or 5C (OTG) Throw > 646AB or Variable Rush

  • Since you can’t get a full combo without using meter or an assist off of a throw except in the corner, you can use this on oki alongside moves like Bakusatsu: Hidaruma.

632146+A/B/C > 6A > cl.B > 6A > f.B > 5c > [4]6B > 4B > 646AB 632146+A/B/C > 6A > cl.B > 5C > 2E > tripwire or lighter

  • Command throw starter. The former combo emphasizes damage and the latter emphasizes an advantageous okizeme situation.


(Corner) B+C > 5A or 2A > cl.B > 9j.B > delayed j.E > cl.B > 9j.A > j.B > sj8.B > j.E > j.236A or j.236AB B+C > 5A or 2A > cl.B > 5C > [4]6C > 5A > cl.B > 9j.B > 9j.B > j.C > j.E > j.236A or j.236AB

  • When you are in the corner, you can pick up foes with 5a or 2A after a throw, so you can get a full combo without having to spend meter. The latter combo does more damage, but it is important to know that the [4]6C > 5A may not connect on all foes.

Partner combos


Launcher>JB>jc>JB>JE>Call Alushia>C+E or 236236B+C

Throw or [4]6X>Combo Blast>5C>Call Alushia>236236B+C

Airthrow>Call Alushia>236236B+C


cl.B or f.B > Carol > Variable Rush (A version)

  • If you call Carol before the variable rush, she will hit after the A route. Upon partner call, even if the opponent attempts to trigger an escape blast, it won't go through the variable rush

(Filler) > [4]6+A/B/C > 4A/B/C > Carol > Variable Rush > 421A > cl.B > 5C > tripwire or 646AB

  • A combo that calls Carol before canceling into your A button series Variable Rush. Remember to delay the inputs for the 6th and 7th presses in the A series for your additional 3 hits of those attacks.


(filler) > [4]6A/B/C > 4A/B/C > Kaigen > Lethal Blaze

  • If you hit with Kaigen near the corner, you can also a combo into Bakusatsu: Hidaruma before the Lethal Blaze.

B+C or 646AB > Kaigen > [4]6C > Variable Rush

  • After the partner attack, even if the opponent triggers an escape blast, the variable rush makes this technique invincible and they cannot escape.


(Filler) > [4]6+A/B/C > Henri > cl.B > microdash cl.B > 6A > cl.B > 6A > cl.B > f.B > [4]6A > 4A > 646AB or Variable Rush (Filler) > [4]6+A/B/C > Henri > cl.B > microdash cl.B > 2B > f.B > 5C > [4]6A > 4A > 646AB or Variable Rush

  • A ground combo extended with Henri. The former combo only works on standing opponents.

Throw > Henri > cl.B 2C > 5D > cl.B > 9j.B > 9j.B > j.C > j.E > 236A or 236AB

  • A ground throw conversion with the help of a partner.

Kaigen + Alushia

(everyone’s favorite combination)

General purpose combos

Starter>Combo Blast>(6A>c5B>6A>c5B>5C>[4]6A)>Call Kaigen>c5B>5C>5E>Call Alushia>Ender of choice

  • The part in parentheses is easier on crouching opponents if you use c5B>f5B>5C>[4]6A

Blast confirm (damage prioritized)

Starter>Combo Blast(can confirm that the opponent is bursting here)>Call Kaigen>restand>[4]6C>Call Alushia>236236B+C

  • Damage ender without 3 bars for 236236B+C:
  • (While under Blast effect)646A+B>5D>646A+B

Blast combos

2A > 5B > 5C > [4]6B > Blast > cl.B > 2B > f.B > 5C > [4]6A > 4A > 646AB > 5D > 646AB or Variable Rush

Throw > Blast > cl.B > 5C > [4]6B > 2D > j.B > cl.B > 5C > [4]6B > 4B > 2D > j.E > [4]6A > 646AB > Variable Rush

(Filler) 646AB > Carol > [4]6C > Combo Blast > cl.B > 6A > cl.B > 2B or f.B > 5C > [4]6B > Henri > cl.B > microdash cl.B > 6A > cl.B > 6A > cl.B > 5C > [4]6A > 4A > 5D > 421A > [cl.B > 5C > Variable Rush] or [22A > 236236BC]

  • A big damage combo using Carol and Henri. (10000 to 15000 + poison damage) There is a possibility that the opponent will burst the [4]6C, so you may want to switch to a variable rush at that point instead if you notice an escape blast around the time where you’re supposed to activate your combo blast. Generally, the 646AB cannot be escaped unless the opponent bursts. Be aware that you may not be able to build enough meter to do this combo if the opponent’s health is not high enough.

[2B > 9j.B] or [j.A > j.B] > combo blast > j.E > land > cl.B > 9j.B > delayed j.E > land > cl.B > 2C > delayed 646AB > Carol > 421A > Variable Rush > cl.B > 5C > 5E (> tripwire)

  • An anti-air/air-to-air combo. Note that j.E and 646AB need to be delayed. If you are too far from the corner, change the last part to Carol > Variable Rush > 421A > 5C > 5E (> tripwire)

Throw > combo blast > cl.B > 6A > [9j.B > delayed j.E > land > microdash cl.B] x2 > 2C > delayed 646AB > Carol > 421A > Variable Rush > cl.B > 5C > 5E (> tripwire) Airthrow > combo blast > j.E > land > microdash cl.B > 9j.B > j.C > j.E > land > microdash cl.B > 2C > delayed 646AB > Carol > 421A > Variable Rush > cl.B > 5C > 5E (> tripwire)

  • Combos from various throws.


Ignis actually has a walljump. When paired with a jD Escape, this helps to escape the corner safely. Be aware that this motion takes slightly longer than a normal jump) Because cl.B and 6A can chain into teach other, they have limited looping capabilities. (2 loops on their own, but you can get more if you incorporate partners) Not only can you perform the regular air chain route of j.A > j.B > j.C > j.E, but also the reverse beat of j.B > j.A After throwing an enemy in the corner, you can input 7j.B followed by Bakusatsu: Hidaruma as okizeme. You can then use IAD j.B for continued okizeme.


[Ignis page on the Japanese NPB wiki]


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