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Name: Ignis

Debuted in: 塵外魔京

Introduction: Ignis is like Kamui, but with the power of modern firearms.


Ignis fights primarily from mid-to-long range, using traps to stop an opponent from moving in and long normals to poke, but she can also fight up close using her command grab. These tools make her a well-balanced character between both offense and defense. However, she has a weakness in her lack of an invincible reversal without meter.

Command List

If you are having trouble reading inputs, check out the Notation section!

236+A/B/C - Hisatsu: Getsuka (Air OK)

421+A/B - Ansatsu: Kokushi (Air OK)

421+C - Ansatsu: Gurou (Air OK)

22+A/B/C - Bakusatsu: Hidaruma

[4]6+A/B/C - Bokusatsu: Funkotsu

4A/B/C (During Bokusatsu: Funkotsu) - Saishin

6426+A/B/C (Close) - Raisatsu: Shikaku

236+AB (Air OK) - Ousatsu: Lathspell

421+AB - Gyakusatsu: Khazad-dum

646+AB - Zansatsu: Glamdring

236236+BC - Flame of Anor


5A 2A [6A / cl.B] st.B 2B 5C 2C [5E/2E] is basic chain route. Any deviations from that route will be noted as an additional or limited.

NOTE: Frame data is not tested exactly, so frame data may be slightly off.

5A - 5 frames

Elbow to the face. Jump cancellable. Extremely fast startup, so it’s strong as an anti-air or against Vanishing Guard.

6A - 9 frames

Upward sheathe swing. Upper body invincibility make it a capable anti-air, but be careful so you don’t get [4]6A instead when you do it from guarding.

cl.B - 7 frames Additional Chain - Chains into 6A

Sheathe swing to the side. Jump cancellable. Ignis has a relatively long “close” range where this will come out, and it has fast startup as well as being very easy to confirm from, so it’s one of her most important normals while applying pressure. If it gets Vanishing Guarded, cancelling into a command grab can easily stop the opponent.

st.B - 10 frames

Sideways sword slash with a lot of range. It’ll miss against an opponent low-profiling often, so don’t treat it as 100% reliable. Cancelling far 5B into a special move is one of the fundamentals of playing Ignis at mid-range; mix up which special move you use to throw off the opponent.

5C - 13 frames Limited Chain - Does not chain into 2C

Downward sword slash. Reach isn’t as long as far 5B’s, so be careful that it won’t miss when chaining into it.

5E - 19 frames (31 frames when fully charged)

High kick. Jump cancellable. Breaks guard when fully charged. Mostly used in combos.

2A - 6 frames

Low kick. Chains into itself. Jump cancellable and has long reach, so it’s an extremely good 2A.

2B - 10 frames

Upward sword slice. Jump cancellable. Huge hitbox that’s even capable of hitting behind Ignis makes it her primary anti-air and tech chase.

2C - 16 frames

Stationary slash that looks similar to her [4]6X attack. Not cancellable to specials, but it is cancellable to supers and to 5E.

2E - 13 frames

Sweep. Knocks down and is cancellable, so this can be used to start up setplay. Throw a grenade after and mix up the opponent.

j.A - 6 frames

High elbow. Jump cancellable. Useful as a rising air-to-air.

j.B - 7 frames Additional Chain - Chains into j.A

Downward jump kick. This is the main jumping attack you’ll use. Jump cancellable. Hits fast and is strong air-to-ground, as well as having a crossup hitbox. 

j.C - 10 frames

Downward sword slash. Strong downward hitbox, but it’s hard to justify using this over jB in most cases. If the opponent blocks this deep, you can use jB as a rising overhead after (might be character specific).

j.E - 13 frames

Sword slash directly to Ignis’ side. Slow startup and a weak downward hitbox, but it has long reach and a great horizontal hitbox, so it’s a very good air-to-air provided you have time to get it out.


236+A/B/C - Hisatsu: Getsuka (Air OK)

Arcing projectile. Usable in the air as well. Has a timing where it’s guaranteed to come out (ie doesn’t disappear if Ignis is hit).

236A - 14 frames - goes low to high

236B - 16? frames - goes high to low

236C - 20? frames - starts high and boomerangs back towards Ignis

j.236A - 14 frames - goes high to low

j.236B - 16? frames - goes low to high

j.236C - 20? frames - goes low then boomerangs in a U shape upwards

421+A/B - Ansatsu: Kokushi (Air OK)

Ignis sets a wire trap that fires an arrow at the opponent when broken. Possible in the air. Can set two at a time (two A versions, two B versions, or one of each). Activates either when the opponent walks through it or attacks it. When triggered, they will fire an arrow. The arrow can be intercepted with an attack if timed correctly.

The wires don’t have a time limit and won’t go away if Ignis herself is hit or blocks, so it’s possible to set them and see how the opponent will approach with relative safety.

421A - 34 frame duration - Causes poison on both hit and block.

421B - 34 frame duration - Causes a large hitstun or blockstun.

j.421A - 28? frame duration - Causes poison on both hit and block.

j.421B - 28? frame duration - Causes a large hitstun or blockstun.

421C - Ansatsu: Gurou (Air OK)

421C - 34 frame duration

j.421C - 28? frame duration

22+A/B/C - Bakusatsu: Hidaruma

22A - 84 frames to explode

22B - 97 frames to explode

22C - (doesn't explode)

[4]6+A/B/C - Bokusatsu: Funkotsu

[4]6A - 15 frames

[4]6B - 19 frames

[4]6C - 23 frames

4A/B/C (During Bokusatsu: Funkotsu) - Saishin - 9 frames startup, -14 frames on block

6426+A/B/C (Close) - Raisatsu: Shikaku

6426A - 9 frames

6426B - 12 frames

6426C - 14 frames


236+AB (Air OK) - Ousatsu: Lathspell - 6 frames before super flash, 3? frames after super flash

421+AB - Gyakusatsu: Khazad-dum - 15 frames before super flash, 11 frames after super flash

646+AB - Zansatsu: Glamdring - 6 frames before super flash, 6 frames after super flash

Variable Rush

11? frames

All Variable Rushes allow you to do a sequence of attacks depending on if you hit the A, B, or C button. If you press nothing, the VR will end. If your VR is blocked, you have the option to press nothing, or keep attacking. Even if you keep attacking, you could still stop at any time, assuming you don't execute the final attack.

Depending on what combination of buttons you use, you can come up with some useful strings.

Lethal Blaze

236236 BC - Flame of Anor - 35 frames before super flash, 1 frame after super flash


Please check out the Notation section, for help on understanding how to read and write combos!

This isn’t an exhaustive list, instead it’s an introduction to Ignis combos alone or with Althea/Alushia Partner Blitz Ignis solo combos

2A>5B>5C>[4]6A>4X>(646A+B or 236236B+C)

(Close) 2A>5B>5C>5E>jc>

JB>jc>JB>JE>JD Cancel>JB>JE>(j236A)


Airthrow>JD Cancel>JB>JE


※Alushia assist combos (she was a very popular pick at the time of wiki publication)

Launcher>JB>jc>JB>JE>Call Alushia>236236B+C

Throw or [4]6X>Combo Blast>5C>Call Alushia>236236B+C

Airthrow>Call Alushia>236236B+C

※Kaigen + Alushia combos (everyone’s favorite combination)

General purpose combos

Starter>Combo Blast>(6A>c5B>6A>c5B>5C>[4]6A)>Call Kaigen>c5B>5C>5E>Call Alushia>Ender of choice

  • The part in parentheses is easier on crouching opponents if you use c5B>f5B>5C>[4]6A

Blast confirm (damage prioritized)

Starter>Combo Blast(can confirm that the opponent is bursting here)>Call Kaigen>restand>[4]6C>Call Alushia>236236B+C

  • Damage ender without 3 bars for 236236B+C:
  • (While under Blast effect)646A+B>5D>646A+B


Ignis actually has a walljump. When paired with a jD Escape, this helps to escape the corner safely.


[Ignis page on the Japanese NPB wiki]


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