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Where to find match footage?

There are a few JP arcades that stream the title on at least a semi-regular basis, where you can find a multitude of strong players:

  • Nakano TRF has been streaming the game at least once weekly for two years now, and is home to a good amount of its strongest players. The clipped VODs tend to only be uploaded to YouTube a couple weeks or so past the initial broadcast, so you may want to also check out their Twitch channel to view the matches as they air.
  • WILL is an arcade that has much more recently started broadcasting their sessions, including regular Blasterz streams. Their players are overall less notable than TRF, but there's also a different mix of characters to be seen there, too.

Which characters and assists are strong? And, conversely, are there any that aren't viable?

While opinions are obviously going to differ between players, the general consensus appears to be that Homura, Sonico, and Saber are the overall strongest characters in the game, while Mora and Ouka are the weakest (but still perfectly viable). If you want an exact tier list (with the usual caveat of only being relevant in the context of both players possessing high matchup knowledge and skill), then the most recent, notable one would be this assessment by Urza, a very strong Japanese Ein:

  • S: Homura.
  • A: Sonico, Saber, Saya, Ruili, Muramasa, Al, Heart.
  • B+: Ein, Ethica.
  • B-: Mora, Ouka.

As for assists, those are slightly more cut and dry: While your choices are obviously going to lean towards which assists accompany your character choice the best, everyone outside of Sonico is typically going to dedicate a slot to either Franco or Henri, due to how much utility they have both in neutral (Franco is very fast to come out and Henri covers a wide amount of space for a long time; both get you in if they're blocked) and pressure (they have very large amounts of blockstun, allowing you to basically always go in for a second string) situations; the choice is typically decided by which gives you better conversions. The second slot is more flexible, but there is still a group of assists - Sonico, Mugen, and Ilya - that go almost completely unused.

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