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Name: Ein Phantom

Debuted in: Phantom - PHANTOM OF INFERNO

Voice Actor: 高垣彩陽

Introduction: Ein is a culprit of many mass shootings in schools. But since since she just runs really fast, the cops can't catch her.


Ein has normals with great startup, reach and hitboxes, as well as having the fastest mobility of any character. With extremely fast projectiles that can quickly create a gap and a command grab, she’s a character who can fight well at any range and positioning. To balance those strengths out, she has the lowest health of any character and weak reversal options, so when an opponent gets in or she makes a mistake in movement, it’s not uncommon for her to just lose. Ein is tough to use for beginners to fighting games, but capable in the hands of an intermediate or higher level player.

Command List

If you are having trouble reading inputs, check out the Notation section!

623 A/B/C - Palm Strike

214 A/B/C - Vz61 Scorpion (Air OK)

426 A/B/C - Chris Reeve

623+AB - Elbow to Palm Strike

236+AB - Colt Python

j.214+AB - .44 Auto Magnum

236236+BC - GEPARD-M1


5A 2A [6A / cl.B] st.B 2B 5C 2C [5E/2E] is basic chain route. Any deviations from that route will be noted as an additional or limited.

5A - 6 frames

Standing low kick. Must be blocked low. Has short reach, so you might want to do it from a dash if you’re doing it on the opponent’s wakeup to make sure it hits. Has a higher hitbox than it looks, so it’s an option when juggling the opponent. Cancelable to escape and specials.

6A - 8 frames

Upward palm attack. Has upper-body invulnerability. Reaches very far upward and not so far horizontally. Using it as an anti-air while dashing helps with its horizontal reach. Doesn’t launch on ground hit, so can be used as a combo part in ground chains. Jump cancelable.

cl.B - 7 frames Additional Chain - Chains into 6A

Elbow to the solar plexus. Starts up quickly and has short range. Mostly sees use as combo filler, and since it doesn’t float very high on air hit, can be used to connect to a 2C or 2E in juggles low to the ground. Jump cancelable.

st.B - 8 frames

High kick. An excellent normal in terms of startup, hitbox , reach, priority, and even as a combo filler. Jump cancelable.

5C - 7 frames Limited Chain - Does not chain into 2C

Knife slash to the head. Fast, but has exceptionally short reach. Works well as an anti-air because of its hitbox, but tough to use in combos otherwise. Still useful as a grounded hit, as its hitstun is long enough to connect 5E after. Has a special effect similar to a guard crush when it clashes with an opponent’s attack. Can even be used to fight against attacks with long range (especially against Ignis or Saya) instead of vanishing guard.

5E - 23 frames (35 frames when fully charged)

Roundhouse kick. Long startup, but long reach to boot. Combos from 5C or from a counterhit. Guard crushes when fully charged, and using an escape cancel you can easily convert to a combo. Wallslams the opponent on hit, so you can continue a combo by cancelling it to a special or super, or using 6A if you’re close to the corner.

2A - 6 frames

Elbow to the foot. Ein’s fastest normal, which makes it best suited for mashing out of disadvantage. It’s actually not a low, so use 5A for hitting low instead. Can chain to itself.

2B - 9 frames

Crouching kick. Startup, hitbox, reach and priority make it a top class low-hitting normal. Can be used as a faux slide by using it immediately out of a microdash.

2C - 9 frames

Knife stab to the feet. Has the longest reach of Ein’s grounded normals, and has a great hitbox as well thanks to the knife. Its speed compared to similar normals makes it one of her go-to tools at neutral. It can even be used as an anti-air against a landing opponent. Hits low.

2E - 8 frames

Sweep. Knocks down on hit. Its reach is shorter than 2C’s, so be prepared for situations where it’ll miss from a 2C. Combos reliably from A or B normals. Hits low.

j.A - 6 frames

Flying knee. Short reach, but its fast startup makes it a useful air-to-air. Unlike other character’s j.As, you can’t chain this into itself, but it has a ton of active frames. Has a crossup hitbox; paired with its long active frames, not a bad choice. Double-jump cancellable.

j.B - 7 frames

Downward-angled kick. Superb in every respect, as always. Great against grounded and airborne opponents both. Double-jump cancelable.

j.C - 8 frames

Knife stab directly forward. Has a lot of reach to the side and a great hitbox, so it mainly sees air-to-air use. Doesn’t have much of a downward hitbox, so be careful using it in combos. Double-jump cancelable.

j.E - 10 frames

Kicks the opponent down to the floor. Ein protected her panties to the last. Similar to j.B, but with slower startup and a better hitbox. Mostly used to end air combos with a knockdown into okizeme, but has a ton of hitstun against grounded opponents as well. It’s possible to catch them before they hit the floor with another hit.


623 A/B/C - Palm Strike

Launches the opponent with a dashing palm upper. Button strength determines startup time and dash length. It has upper-body invincibility, so it can come in handy as an anti-air or as a neutral tool in certain matchups. Punishable on block, so be ready to cancel if need be. Since its startup looks the same as Chris Reeve, you can use it to bait an opponent into jumping out of your command grab and nail them with an air unblockable.

All versions have the same frame data after the attack comes out.

623A - 10 frames - Shortest dash length.

623B - 13 frames - Medium dash length.

623C - 18 frames - Longest dash length.

214 A/B/C (AIR OK) - Vz61 Scorpion

Attacks by firing a machine gun, while also using that momentum to quickly move around. Makes Ein very hard to pin down. One of Ein’s most important neutral tools.

214A - 9 frames?

Jumps backward while firing forward and parallel to the ground. Goes airborne for the first half of the animation if used on the ground, so be careful when timing a super cancel. Has a quick startup befitting an A button attack, but keep its recovery in mind. If used in the air, Ein doesn’t recover until she hits the ground.

214B - 9 frames?

Flips while firing bullets in a 90 degree angle diagonally upward. Its momentum changes a little between air and ground versions. Air version doesn’t recover until it hits the ground. It’s safe as long as they block even one bullet, so you can easily use it to cover the A and C versions’ blind spots. Carries momentum out of a dash if you don’t want to move as far backward. Using it as a combo ender creates a huge gap between both characters. Don’t spam this move, but don’t forget you have it, either.

214C - 9 frames

Fires downward while moving upward. Wherever it’s used, Ein recovers in the air. Slower startup and a less useful angle than the other two, but since Ein recovers in the air and it doesn’t use a jump option, you can use it to go into air combos from a 2E.

426 A/B/C - Chris Reeve

Command grab from a quick dash forward. Ein is either invincible or at least very hard to hit when she goes invisible during the dash, so you can use it to catch the opponent mashing out as well. Use Palm Strike or far B to keep people afraid of jumping out so they can get caught by this.

426A - 22 frames? - shortest distance

426B - 25 frames? - medium distance

426C - 28 frames? - longest distance


623+AB - Eblow to Plam Strike - 6 frames + 18 frames post superflash

A super version of Palm Strike. Dashes into an elbow before launching the opponent with a palm strike. Combos from 2C, Palm Strike and Chris Reeve, and into an air combo or Partner Blitz. It’s also useful to cancel the first (elbow) hit into an Infinite Blast or Partner Blitz in combos.

236+AB - Colt Python 6 frames + 12 frames post superflash?

Fires repeatedly with a Colt Python. Can use to confirm from a grounded A version Vz61 Scorpion and potentially into a high damage combo. Has invincibility until the first hit, so you can use it as an anti-air or as a reversal.

Variable Rush

1 frame + 5 frames post superflash?

Final blow for the A version varies, B version goes into an aircombo, and C version is used as a damaging ender. Has invincibility, so it’s a relatively reliable reversal for Ein.

All Variable Rushes allow you to do a sequence of attacks depending on if you hit the A, B, or C button. If you press nothing, the VR will end. If your VR is blocked, you have the option to press nothing, or keep attacking. Even if you keep attacking, you could still stop at any time, assuming you don't execute the final attack.

Depending on what combination of buttons you use, you can come up with some useful strings.

Lethal Blaze

236236 BC - GEPARD-M1 - 1 frame + 30 frames post superflash until Ein leaves the screen

Fires a single shot from a high-powered GEPARD-M1 rifle. Costs 3 meters. Ein becomes invincible as soon as it’s input, then leaves the screen. Aim using directional inputs and fire by pushing any button. This is a completely unblockable attack with huge damage, but since its aim is finicky, it can be hard to catch a moving opponent. Use a Partner Blitz to set it up, or combo into it.

This attack is a projectile so it can be rolled.


Please check out the Notation section, for help on understanding how to read and write combos!

2A 2B 2E 214C > j.B dj9.B E

2A 2B 2E 214C > j.B dj9.B C 214AB

2A 2B 2E 214C > (delay) j.C > (land) 66 214B > 6A > j9.B > dj9.B E

(corner) 2B 2E 214C > (delay) j.C > (land) 66 214B > 6A > j9.B 214C > j.B > dj9.B E

  • Meterless combos from a sweep. You need to be close enough for C Scorpion to juggle, so don’t expect this to work from long range, but it’ll do higher damage than longer ranged confirms. Rather than fishing for this route at neutral, expect to hit this from okizeme or from a jump-in. Tack on a .44 Auto Magnum for extra damage if it’ll kill.

(corner) 2A 2B 2E 214C > (delay) j.C > (land) 66 6A sj9.B E 214C > dj9.B E

(corner) 2A 2B 2E 214C > (delay) j.C > (land) j9.A B E 214C > j.B C > dj9.B E

  • Combos using j.E -> C Scorpion. It’s usually situational, but in the corner you can do it easily. Practice this a lot against different characters so you get used to the delay j.C and the opponent’s hurtbox.

5A 5C 5E 623C

5A 5C 5E 214A j.214AB

(corner) 5A 5C 5E 5D > cl.B st.B > j9.A B C > dj9.B E

  • Combos using 5C -> 5E. High damage, but since 5C’s reach is so short, you won’t be using these as your average combo. If you input the 5C as B+C, you’ll option select a throw break against an opponent’s vanishing guard.

6A > j9.B > dj9.B E

6A > j9.B > B 214B 214AB

  • Basic air combos. j.B will connect from all of your usual anti-airs. Very stable and ends in a great oki situation from j.E.

(j.C air-to-air) 5D > j.C 214A

(j.C air-to-air) 5D > j.C 214C > j.B 214B

  • Conversions from air-to-air j.C. Since it’s such a strong air-to-air, converting into a ton of damage from it will put the fear of god into the opponent. Instead of ending in Scorpion, you can do a Partner Blitz or .44 Auto Magnum to squeeze in some extra damage.

BC(1) 5D > j.C > (land) 66 6A > sj9.B C E 214C > j.B C 214A

BC(1) 5D > (delay) j.C > (land) 66 cl.B st.B > j9.A B E 214C > j.E

(near corner) BC(1) 5D > (delay) j.C > (land, delay) 66 cl.B st.B > j9. A B E 214C > j.B C > dj9.B E

(corner) BC(2) 5D > j.E 214C > j.A (delay) j.C > (land) j9.B C > dj9.B E

  • Throw combos. There are a lot of options, but just shoot for 3700 damage midscreen and 4700 in the corner. As always, you can end in a Partner Blitz or .44 Auto Magnum to go for the kill.

214A (land) 236AB

214A j.214AB > 236AB

(grounded only) 214A j.214AB > 214A j.214AB

214B j.214AB

  • Ways to squeeze more damage out of a Scorpion hit at neutral. It can be tricky to judge which super to confirm into.

426+A/B/C 236AB

426+A/B/C 623AB > j9.B C > dj9.B E

426+A/B/C CE

426+A/B/C <Partner> > 66 cl.B 6A st.B 2C 623C

  • Combos from the Chris Reeve command grab. The opponent starts in grounded state and crumples into an airborne state. 2E into C Scorpion combos are possible in the corner, try to follow up Chris Reeve with a j.E.



Using Scorpion

Ein’s Scorpion is strong not only because of its movement and startup speed, but also because she doesn’t have to care if it hits or is blocked, only if it misses. Aim for making contact with the opponent rather than hitting them. 1 – C Scorpion is the version you’ll use the most. 2 – A Scorpion will miss if the opponent ducks, so you can’t just do it constantly, but you can mitigate that by using the ground version to catch a landing opponent and force them to take some chip, or as a counter to an opponent’s standing moves. 3 – B Scorpion is best for poking at an opponent above and far away from Ein. It’s safe as long as even one bullet touches the opponent, and sets up for using C or A Scorpion while the opponent falls after blocking.

Meeting Approaches

When your opponent has a life deficit, it’s easy to make them hang themselves on your normals. Keep these in mind as your main strategy in those situations. 1. 2B and 2C as your main ground pokes 2. 6A and trip guard 2C as your main anti-airs, as well as jC and airthrow as your main air-to-airs 3. Keep forward jumps, airdashes and Escape in mind as varied angles the opponent could approach from

Each of these options can be hitconfirmed into combos. Ending that combo with a j.E and using Ein’s okizeme to score a stronger hit is the best plan.


Jump-in or Late Airdash

This is the basic oki that can be used following a j.E combo ender or a Chris Reeve. Easy to set up a safejump by just holding up-forward after j.E, from which you have a few options. Jump-in A or B, empty jump followed by a low with 5A or a throw. When going for a late airdash, use j.A j.B then land with 5A. If you manage to jump over the opponent, j.A and j.B both have crossup hitboxes, so you can also air backdash into them with that same chain.



Ein’s 5A is likely the best standing low in the game. It’s also jump cancellable, so you can easily move into an overhead from it. It’s great as a meaty, as well as being very strong against air Vanishing Guard because it doesn’t hit an opponent in the air very easily. Blasterz has slow jabs in general, so it’s still a relatively weak option in some mixups against an opponent mashing their own jab or a throw.

j.C Whiff

Ein’s j.C is really hard to hit a grounded opponent with, so it’s good as a whiff to throw off the opponent. On landing, you can go for 5A or throw. Since it’s such a good air-to-air it’ll also catch an opponent trying to jump out. Like 5A, this is also weak to an opponent mashing jabs or throw out of your pressure.


Ein has multiple jump attacks with great crossup hitboxes (jA, jB and jE). jB is a great standard crossup when you jump over the enemy. jA is useful on the opponent’s wakeup because of its long active frames. Crossup into air backdash crossup jB, jD to crossup the opponent, air-turning jA, meaty short-hop jA crossups, etc. Ein’s got a lot of wiggle room to make her crossups difficult to see, but you also need to worry about Vanishing Guard. It blocks on both sides, so pair her crossup ability with a Partner Blitz to force the opponent into guessing.

Chris Reeve

Ein’s command grab is a constant threat during all of her other mixups. It’s effective even when she throws it out from mid-range. Since you can cancel normals into it, it’s also a strong option to beat an opponent’s attempts to mash out. Cover an opponent’s attempts to jump out of it with Palm Strike, 6A, dashing 5B, or jC.


[Ein page on the Japanese NPB wiki]


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