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Angela Balzac


Name: Angela Balzac

Debuted in: Rakuen Tsuihou: Expelled from Paradise

Voice Actor: Rie Kugimiya

Angela was raised in a Matrix-like computer system on a space station orbiting a post-apocalyptic Earth. After a hacker from the devastated planet Earth below breaks into the system, she is tasked with finding and stopping the hacker in the real world. To do this, she is transferred into a clone body, given a mech, and told to meet up with an agent living on Earth named Dingo.

Assist Technique

Automatic Smartfire

Startup - 30 seconds

Recovery - 40 seconds

Sky lazers. Jump -> Homes to the opponent -> Lazer attack.


Since she takes a really long time to start attacking, you’ll need a setup to combo into it.

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