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Name: Al Azif

Debuted in: Demonbane

Voice Actor: 神田理江


Al got kicked out of school for bringing guns to school and not wearing pants. Now she lives under a bridge.


Since she primarily uses strong projectiles and invincible anti-airs, it wouldn’t be a stretch to call Al a shoto. In this particular game, you can’t use those tools to push someone out and knock them down, but you can poke with her projectiles and shut out an opponent’s approach with your DP. She also has unique oki setups and can easily break through an opponent’s guard. With these tools, Al fights well from any range.

Command List

If you are having trouble reading inputs, check out the Notation section!

236 A/B/C - Cthugha & Ithaca

623 A/B/C - Scimitar of Balzai (AIR OK)

624 A/B/C - Altach-nacha

22 A/B/C - Mirror of Ngyr-Khorath

236+AB - Cthugha & Ithaca True Form

214+AB - Scimitar of Balzai

(during Scimitar of Balzai) A/B/C - Return

j.214+AB - Scimitar of Balzai: Stagnation

236236+BC - Lemuria Impact


5A 2A [6A / cl.B] st.B 2B 5C 2C [5E/2E] is basic chain route. Any deviations from that route will be noted as an additional or limited.

5A - 6 frames

Backhand. Short reach but fast startup, so use it in combos or to mash out. Jump cancellable.

6A - 8 frames

High-kick anti-air. Has upper body invincibility, and is jump cancellable.

cl.B - 11 frames Additional Chain - Chains into 6A.

Fan-effect attack. Jump cancellable.

st.B - 8 frames

Similar motion to close 5B. It has much better reach by comparison. Jump cancellable.

5C - 15 frames Limited Chain - Does not chain into 2C

Forward scimitar slash. Looks like a low, but it’s not.

5E - 15 frames (41 frames when fully charged)

Al flashes light from her palm and sends the opponent flying. Short reach, but since it wallbounces the opponent, it’s good in combos to add damage. Guard crushes when fully charged.

2A - 7 frames

Low kick. Long range and chains into itself, making it an excellent 2A.

2B - 8 frames

Low kick similar to 2A in appearance and range. Use it to confirm from 2A or on its own.

2C - 12 frames Limited Chain - Does not chain into 2E.

Angled scimitar slash. It’s as good an anti-air as it looks, but be careful against strong jump-ins. It might be better to stick to 6A in those cases.

2E - 12 frames

Judo chop sweep. Extremely short reach. Jump cancellable.

j.A - 7 frames

Jump kick. Strong horizontally, but not so much vertically.

j.B - 8 frames

Downward angled fan-effect attack. Useful in many situations from jumping in to combo filler.

j.C - 11 frames

Horizontal sword slash. Extremely long horizontal reach, so it’s one of Al’s main air-to-airs.

j.E - 12 frames

Al fires a flash of light downward and hits the opponent to the floor. Al’s momentum halts during the attack, and she can move after.


236 A/B/C - Cthugha & Ithaca

Gun shots. Very strong projectile, so use it at long range to poke at the opponent and build some meter.

236A - 13 frames - Fires Cthugha straight forward.

236B - 13 frames - Al fires Ithaca upwards, after going up the shot will track the opponent. This makes it very easy to catch people in the air with it.

236C - 7 frames - Fires Ithaca followed by Cthuha very quickly, but it has more recovery.

623 A/B/C - Scimitar of Balzai (AIR OK)

Scimitar uppercut followed by a downward smash. It’s easy to use as a reversal because of its strike invulnerability, but it lacks throw invulnerability so it’s not infallible.

623A - 11 frames - Least invincibility.

623B - 13 frames - Medium invincibility.

623C - 20 frames - Longest invincibility, you can combo after for no meter, but the startup is quite slow.

624 A/B/C - Altach-nacha

Shoots a thread at the floor, entangling the opponent. Starts up fairly slow, but is an unblockable containment move, so it’s useful both as a mixup and in combos. Acts like a command grab in that it won’t grab an opponent in blockstun, so be careful.

624A - 22 frames - Short capture.

624B - 31 frames - Longer capture.

624C - 38 frames - Longest capture.

22 A/B/C - Mirror of Ngyr-Khorath

Al creates 2 clones and all 3 move as a group. Which Al is real is determined by button strength.

22A - 55 frame duration - Running Al is real.

22B - Middle jumping Al is real.

22C - Top jumping Al is real.


236+AB - Cthugha & Ithaca True Form - 6 frames + 12 frames after superflash

Super fireball. Has invincibility on startup, so it makes a great reversal. The projectile is huge and moves very quickly, so it’s also easy to connect in combos.

214+AB - Scimitar of Balzai - 6 + 14 frames after superflash

Throws the Scimitar of Balzai forward for a multi-hitting attack. If you push a button at the right timing, it’ll boomerang back to Al. Otherwise, it’ll continue on to the edge of the screen.

(during Scimitar of Balzai) A/B/C - Return

Boomerang followup to Scimitar of Balzai. As long as a button is pushed on the right timing, the scimitar will return to Al.

j.214+AB - Scimitar of Balzai: Stagnation - 6 + 22 frames after superflash

Throws the Scimitar of Balzai downward from the air for a multi-hitting attack. Stops moving when it hits the ground, but continues hitting. Used for okizeme and for pinning an opponent down so you can mix them up.

Variable Rush

All Variable Rushes allow you to do a sequence of attacks depending on if you hit the A, B, or C button. If you press nothing, the VR will end. If your VR is blocked, you have the option to press nothing, or keep attacking. Even if you keep attacking, you could still stop at any time, assuming you don't execute the final attack.

Depending on what combination of buttons you use, you can come up with some useful strings.

Al doesn't have any high hitting attacks in her VR strings, but there is a low in the C string.

A final blow freezes them in the air with ice shots. B final blow is a launcher. C final blow is a high damage sword slash.

Lethal Blaze

236236+BC - Lemuria Impact - 1 + 10 frames after superflash

Cinematic attack with a startup animation similar to 5E. Causes anime on hit only. Does huge damage. Doesn’t have much reach horizontally, so stick to using it in combos instead of trying to stick it out in neutral.


Please check out the Notation section, for help on understanding how to read and write combos!

No Meter


5A 5B 5C 236C (236AB)

  • Basic combo that works on any part of the screen.

5A 5B 5C 623C

  • Another basic combo that's mostly used for corner carry.

BC 5D > 236C

j.BC 5D > j.C 623C


5A 5B 5C 623C > 6A > j9.A B > dj9.B C 623C

BC 5D > cl.B > j9.B C 623C > (land) 6A > j9.A B > dj9.A B 623B

j.BC 5D 623C > (land) 6A > j9.B > dj9.B C E 623A

Partners and Meter

5A 5B 5C 236C 214AB~A > 8 > (dash) j.9 B E

  • 1 Meter combo that works on any part of the screen. Also ends with a hard knockdown.

5A 5B 5C 236A <Amy> > (dash) 6A (Amy hits) 5[E] 5D > (microdash) 5E 2D j.623C > (land) 6A > j.A j.B > dj.A C E

  • Midscreen only combo that corner carries really far. Can add 1 more 5E 5D rep after the charged one if starting from 3/4ths of the screen away.

5A 5B 5C 236A <Amy> > (dash) 6A (Amy hits) 5[E] 5D > (microdash) 5E (Dragon) 2D j.623C (Dragon hits) > (land) sj8.E

  • A variation of the Amy partner combo but this time with Dragon too. Relatively easy to do and does about 1k more damage.

6A or air-to-air > j.B > dj9.B C 623A <Kaigen> > (land) 624C > 5C 5D > cl.B st.B 5C 236AB

... > (236AB) ABC > 6A > j9.B > dj9.B C 623A <Kaigen> > 624C > 5C 236AB 5D > cl.B st.B 5C 236AB 5D > 5C 236AB 5D > <Some Partner> > 5C 236C

  • Max resources (be careful of hitstun scaling). You can probably do this combo without the super at the start, so long as they're in an airborne state so that 6A will lead to an air combo.

[j.B/2A] 5B 5C ABC > (dash) 5B 5C 236A 5D > 5B 236A <Amy> > j9.B (Amy hits) > (land) 6A > j.B C 623C > (land) 6A > j.A B 623B > (land) 6A > j.A B 623B <Henri> > (land) 5B 5C 236A 236236BC

  • Corner Blast combo with 3 meters and Amy/Henri assist. Doesn't work on small characters like Ruili and Mora.

[j.B/2A] 5B 5C ABC > (dash) 5B 5C 623B j.D > j.C > (land) 5E 5D > 236B 5D > 5E 63214C > (dash) 5B 5C <Henri> > 5B 5C CE/236236BC

  • Sideswap corner Blast combo using Henri assist and Variable or Lv3. For help with timing, make sure you delay the j.C somewhat to have the opponent float high as possible for easier 5E timing.

[j.B/2A] 5B 5C ABC > (dash) 5B 5C 623B j.D > j.C > (land) j9.A B 623B (1 hit) j.D > j.B 623B > <Henri> > (land) 5B 5C 236A CE/236236BC

  • Corner blast combo using Henri and Variable or Lv3. Simpler confirm in the corner

Throw ABC > (small dash) 5B(B) 623B j.D > j.C > (land, dash) j9.A B 623B (1 hit) j.D > j.B 623B > <Henri> > (land) 5B 5C 236A CE/236236BC

  • Ground throw blast combo using Henri and Variable or Lv3. Works anywhere on screen. Can do 5BB in the corner after blast. You can also go into the sideswap variant

Air throw ABC > slight delay j.C 623B D > j.C > (land) j9.A B 623B (1 hit) j.D > j.B 623B > <Henri> > (land) 5B 5C 236A CE/236236BC

  • Air throw Blast combo using Henri and Variable or Lv3. Works anywhere.

[j.B/2A] 5B 5C ABC > 5B 5C 623B j.D > j.C > (land) j9.A B 623B (1 hit) j.D > j.B 623B > <Kaigen> > (land) 5C > <Dragon> > (short dash) 5A 5B 5C 236A > (dash, 236236BC) CE

  • Corner Blast combo using Kaigen/Dragon and Variable or Lv3


Use the gun.


[Al page on the Japanese NPB wiki]


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