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Upper tier character. Nobunaga's weaknesses include having trouble mixing up since his only low is 2.D and no good anti-air. His strengths are having the longest jump in the game by far and a ridiculously strong cross up to go with it, plus strong blockstrings. With a solid hit it is practical for him to kill in one combo.

Entirely played in Weapon Off, which is good since he starts the match like that. Equipping the weapon ruins his kill combos while giving no perceivable benefit. If anybody finds a use for pulling out that other sword let me know!

Normal Moves

Special Moves

Super Moves

BnB Combos

Either Weapon On/Off

Weapon On Only

Weapon Off Only

Further Chain Combo Breakdown

Special Cancelable Chains

Chains With Highs & Lows

Potential Useful Chains

Probably Useless Chains

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