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Normal Moves

Notable Normals

Low Normals

  • 2.C - Hit confirm for BnBs, links into 5.A for combos.
  • 2.D - Knockdown. Good poke out of a 2.C block string for a low, or 3.A for a high. Cancels into Kunai for a blockstring/frametrap.
  • Far 5.C - Cannot follow up afterwards with anything.

High Normals

  • 6.A - Forces Stand and Stuns crouching opponents.
  • 3.A - Forces Stand on crouching opponents, probably the best raw overhead since it goes into a safe string.
  • 6.C - Forces Stand and Stuns crouching opponents.

Special Cancelable Normals

  • Close 5.A
  • Close 5.B
  • Close 5.C
  • 2.A - Useful for some combos or as part of a block-string.
  • 2.B - This is your go-to normal to cancel from in combos.
  • 2.C - Useful for some combos or as part of a block-string.
  • 2.D - Knockdown on hit, but is an excellent normal to cancel into Kunai on a block-string.

Useful Normals That May Hit or Whiff in Certain Situations

Weapon-On 5.A...
Hits Crouching:

  • Goemon
  • Houoh - Only hits when Houoh is already in hitstun.
  • Kamui - Only hits when Kamui is already in hitstun.
  • Karasu
  • Raiga
  • Ranmaru
  • Sasuke - Only hits when Sasuke is already in hitstun.
  • Unzen

Whiffs Crouching:

  • Kasumi
  • Natsume
  • Tenho

Far 5.B (Or the Chain Version of 5.B) Only Hits Crouching:

  • Karasu - Only hits when Karasu is already in hitstun.
  • Nobunaga
  • Unzen

Weapon-Off Close 5.A Hits Crouching:

  • Karasu
  • Nobunaga
  • Unzen

Special Moves


  • Throws a projectile consisting of three Kunai.
  • 27 Damage (About 1/8th health)
  • Stuns if three sets hit in quick succession. This can be very intimidating as soon as two connect.
  • Only 2 Kunai in a set of 3 will hit some crouching characters when they block. This is potentially good if you are using the A version, as they may be locked down a moment longer as it slowly moves past them. If they fail to block, all 3 Kunai will hit even if crouching.
3rd Kunai Whiffs on Crouch Blocking: Kasumi, Natsume, and Tenho.
  • Different strengths throws Kunai at different speeds. A version is very slow and A+B version is extremely fast.
  • The A version moves slow enough and recovers fast enough that it can be very good at baiting and punishing jumps from the right distance.


  • Invincible Shoryuken
  • 27 Damage and 1 hit for the A version.
  • 30 damage and 2 hits from the B/A+B versions.
  • A+B version causes extremely long knockdown, but all versions have good Oki set ups.

214.K xx 214.K xx 214.K

  • Three hit flying Rekka Kick.
  • 45 Damage if all 3 hits connect.
  • Knockdown on the 3rd hit. Awful Oki from mid-screen.
  • Whatever button you pressed for the first hit, must be the one used follow up kicks.
  • Cannot cancel into the follow up kicks on whiff.
  • Moves further across the screen based on the strength used, with C+D version going the just under full screen.


  • Command Throw
  • 34 Damage
  • Grabs both standing and crouching opponents.

Wall Cling or Jump. Jump towards the wall and Press whatever direction is towards the wall. Pressing away will do an immediate wall jump.

  • You can cling or jump off of the wall extremely close the ground. If this game didn't already have instant overheads you'd be able to get some interesting set ups off of this in the corner. You can still maybe do some sort of cross up set up with the some perfect spacing.

Commands below are for while you cling to the wall.

  • 8 and 2 will climb up and down on the wall.
  • 6 will jump off the wall, and you can do any attack out of this. (Double check this. You may need to immediately do a wall jump to attack out of that.)
  • A will do a punch or slash while clinging to the wall.
  • B will do a dive.
  • C will do a kick while clinging to the wall.
  • D will do a flying kick off the wall.

Super, Desperation and Finisher Moves


  • If you are at MAX, preforming this will use all your meter and give a powered up version. If less than MAX, you'll preform a weaker version and use no meter.
  • 44 Damage for 2 hits of the MAX version. Knocks down if opponent is close to the center of the flame.
  • 22 Damage for the 2 hit normal version. Does not knockdown.
  • You can Tiger Knee this move right off of the ground.
  • Frame advantage is not very good unless done as a tiger knee and a meatie. You can barely link from this if done correctly.


  • Desperation Move. Flashing Red Heath is required to perform this move.
  • Kamui dashes forward, and if the first hit connects he does an extended animation.
  • Weapon is un-equipped on completion if the move connects. You barely have enough time to re-equip and have a couple frames of advantage.
  • All of Kamui's most damaging combos end in this.
  • Will this still work if Kamui has dropped his weapon due to stun?

2-214-6.A+B (Weapon-On Only)

  • Finisher Move. You must be in HYPER mode or have MAX plus the opponent in Flashing Red Health to perform this move.
  • Uses up all MAX meter when performed.
  • 99 damage if all 9 hits connect. All 9 hits connecting is very distance specific, and typically will not do that many.
  • Must be blocked low.
  • Doesn't seem like you can combo into it from anything. Doesn't seem very good and not worth the meter spent.

Miscellaneous Chains

Everything in this section is more about exploring what Kamui can do, rather than what he should be doing as a BnB. Look at the combo section below to see what you should be using in actual matches.

Potentially Useful Chains

Weapon-On chains listed below, but I don't see any difference with Weapon-Off.

3.A(High) > 5.C > 5.A > 6.D(High, Knockdown)

  • 6.D does not combo.

3.A(High) > 5.A > 2.D(Low, Knockdown)

  • 2.D does not combo.

6.A/C(High, Stuns) > 5.B > 6.D(High, Knockdown)

  • 6.D does not combo.
  • Only potentially good on Nobunaga and Unzen.

6.A/C(High, Stuns) > 5.B > 2.D(Low, Knockdown)

  • 6.D does not combo.
  • Only potentially good on Nobunaga and Unzen.

These would be the highest damage chains you can get, without canceling into any special moves.

5.B > 5.A/C > 5.A > 5.B > 5.B(High, Stuns Crouchers)

  • 51 Damage; 5 hits
  • This is mostly useful on tall crouchers who far 5.B hits, and using the stun the last 5.B to get a longer combo.
  • Adding a 6.B on to the end will cancel into the Chain Super.

Close 5.D > 5.B > 6.B(High) > 5.D

  • 59 Damage; 5 hits (43 damage for 4 hits) (2 less damage for 5.B ender with 4 hits)

5.B > 5.A/C > 5.A > 5.B > 6.B(High, Stuns Crouchers) > 5.D

  • 69 Damage; 6 hits (53 damage for 5 hits)
  • Maybe the best chain that doesn't go into Special/Super, or have High/Low functionality. Almost does decent damage.
  • Potentially longer combos if using the stunning 6.B to dash in and do more hits on tall crouchers who can get hit by far 5.B

Probably Useless Chains

Note, the chains listed below are not every single possible combination, just ones that do the most hits, and even then some are probably missing. There is not generally much of a difference between Kamui's Weapon-On and Weapon-Off Chains. These are mostly listed just to show they exist and give some other possibilities.

5.A/C > 5.A > 5.B > 5/4.D

  • 5.C does not combo.

5.B > 5.A > 5.A > 5.B > 5/4.D

5.A > 5.C > 5.D > 4.D

5.B > 5.A/C > 5.B/C > 5.D > 4.D

5.B > 5.A/C > 5.B > 5.A > 4.D

Everything that Chains into 2.B

Everything below is a close starting normal, unless otherwise noted.

far 5.A > 2.B

  • 25 Damage

5.A > 5.B > 2.B

  • 31 Damage

5.A > 5.A/C > 2.B

  • 32 Damage
  • Will not work after a hit confirming two 2.C's on some characters, since you're pushed so far out the 5.A is no longer considered a close 5.A. On some this will work though.

3.A > 5.A/C > 2.B

  • (Check Damage)
  • Use 5.C version on short crouchers.

6.A > 5.B > 2.B

  • 37 Damage
  • Not good to do on most crouching characters due to 5.B whiffing on them if they block the 6.A.

6.C > 5.B > 2.B

  • 39 Damage
  • Not good to most crouching characters due to 5.B whiffing on them if they block the 6.C.

5.D > 2.B

  • 42 Damage

5.B > 5.A/C > 5.A > 2.B

  • 52 Damage
  • Use 5.C version on short crouchers.


High Starter (Weapon-On)

Substitute 5.C with 5.A in the combos below if connecting 3.A from max range. This is more about the worry that short crouchers can duck 5.A.
On block, cancel any of these combos into 236.P to be safe.

3.A(high; force stand) > 5.C > 2.B xx 214.K x3

  • 74 Damage

3.A > 5.A > 5.B > 5.B > 6.B(Chain Super)

  • 76 Damage
  • Spends MAX meter.
  • Not enough extra damage to justify wasting your MAX.

3.A > 5.C > 2.B xx 63214-1236.A+C(Desperation)

  • 101 Damage
  • Weapon unequiped afterwards, remember that carries over into the next round.
  • A little difficult to cancel into the Desperation, but you can buffer during the chain to make it easier.

Low Starter (Weapon-On)

2.C(low) > 2.C(low) >> 5.A > 2.B xx 214.K xx 214.K xx 214.K

  • 84 Damage

2.C > 2.C >> (Close)5.A > 5.A/C > 2.B xx 214.K xx 214.K xx 214.K

  • 91 Damage
  • This only works if the first 5.A hits as a Close 5.A, and not a Far 5.A.
  • Does not work against about half the cast. Doing a two hit 2.C confirm into 5.A will give you a far 5.A on those characters, giving you more restrictive chain possibilities.
5.A Hits as a Close 5.A after two point blank 2.C:
  • Goemon
  • Karasu - A little bit inconsistent.
  • Nobunaga - Does not work after a cross up. He is too tall.
  • Ranmaru
  • Tenho
5.A will come out as a Far 5.A after two point blank 2.C:
  • Houoh - Will actually work sometimes after a super deep cross up, but generally no.
  • Kasumi
  • Natsume
  • Raiga - Will actually work sometimes after a super deep cross up, but generally no.
  • Sasuke
  • Unzen

2.C > 2.C xx 623.A/B/AB (OR) 236.A/B/A+B

  • 41 Damage
  • An option for characters that can crouch your 5.A.

2.C > 2.C > 2.A xx 236.A/B/AB

  • 51 Damage
  • Not sure if this is safe or unsafe near the corner. Different versions may make a difference.

2.C > 2.C >> 5.A > 2.B xx 63214-1236.A+C(Desperation)

  • ??? Damage
  • I'm having issues completing this as an entire combo, but it is definitely possible, just extremely hard.
  • You may have to do something like 63(B)214-1236.A+C to cancel properly, OR wait until one of the last cancelable frames of 2.B
  • It is very easy to get a 623.P input when trying to cancel into the Desperation due to overlapping inputs.
  • This may be more practical on the characters that you can connect close 5.A on, giving you more time to buffer thanks to the extra hit.

High Starter (Weapon-Off)

3.A(high; force stand) > 5.C > 2.B xx 214.K xx 214.K xx 214.K

  • 74 Damage
  • 5.C definitely best used because Weapon-Off 5.A whiffs on almost all crouchers.
  • If you are connecting 3.A from max range and are confident it will hit, go for 5.A on the second hit as 5.C has no range.
  • Canceling into Desperation will still work with Weapon-Off. Not sure if it will still work if Kamui drops his weapon due to stun, as thats the only reason you should be in Weapon-Off mode.

Low Starter (Weapon-Off)

2.C(low) > 2.C(low) xx 623.A/B/AB (OR) 236.A/B/AB

2.C(low) > 2.C(low) > 2.A xx 236.A/B/AB

  • Better stun and damage than the above combo, but does not give a knockdown.
  • Not sure if this is safe or unsafe near the corner. Different versions may make a difference.

2.C > 2.C >> 5.A > 5.A > 2.B xx Special

  • Weapon-Off 5.A only works on crouching: Karasu, Nobunaga, and Unzen
  • You need Close 5.A, because Far 5.A will not chain into a second 5.A. The first 5.A does not have enough hitstun to combo into 2.B.
  • Because the need for a Close 5.A, you may only be able to get this combo to work on crouching Karasu and Nobunaga.

Max Damage Combos from a Jump-in or Stun

j.D >> 5.B > 5.A > 5.A > 2.B xx 623.A/B/AB

  • 103 Damage with 623.A
  • 106 Damage with 623.B/AB
  • Decent oki on knockdown.

j.D >> 5.B > 5.A > 5.A > 2.B xx 214.K xx 214.K xx 214.K

  • 121 Damage
  • Bad oki outside of the corner.

j.D >> 5.B > 5.A > 5.A > 5.B > 5.B > 6.B(Chain Super)

  • 123 Damage
  • Second 5.B will not combo on most crouchers. Confirm whether or not they are crouching before finishing this chain.

j.D >> 5.B > 5.A > 5.A > 2.B xx 63214-1236.A+C(Desperation)

  • 148 Damage
  • Weapon unequiped afterwards; remember this carries over into the next round.
  • A little difficult to cancel into Desperation, but you can buffer the chain to make it easier.

j.D >> 5.B > 5.A > 5.A > 5/6.B (stuns croucher) >> dash forward >> ...

  • ??? Damage
  • Will only work on crouching Karasu, Nobunaga, and Unzen.
  • Need to test out possibilities from this combo. You can probably get more (Or at least have it be easier) from doing it in the corner as well.
  • Most likely leads into Kamui's most damaging combo.
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