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You can block during airdashes.

Air backdashes have some invulnerability, can block after the invuln frames end.

If your airdash causes you to cross over your opponent, you will turn around at the end of the dash.

Air blocking restores an air movement action (e.g. you can airdash, airblock, then airdash again).


Standard A, B, C chain routes.

Universal anti-air on 6C is air-unblockable and invulnerable to air attacks.

Autocombo on A buttons xN. Will end with a Million Skill if meter is available. Generates more meter than manual combos at the cost of damage/proration.

Throw input is B+C, available in the air. Can throw when crouching. Ground throws have 7f startup and short range. Teching a throw leaves both opponents at even frame advantage. Tech window is ??? (seems fairly long). Some characters can combo off raw throw, every character can Enchant Boost Cancel a successful throw.

Million Skills are 100-meter supers on special input + two attack buttons.

Million Excalibur is a 200-meter super on 214 + two attack buttons with a cinematic on hit.


Hold an attack button to recover in the air. No direction will have you tech upwards, while holding forward or back will have you tech in those directions. You have air movement options after air recovery. Small amount of invincibility?

Evasive Dash/Roll

Pressing A+B will perform a strike- and projectile-invulnerable dash. However, it loses to throws. At the cost of 100 meter, this dash can be done as a guard cancel in blockstun with 6A+B, and will be invulnerable to throws as well. Because you can roll while crouching or moving backwards, a simple OS would be holding 1 or 4 and pressing A+B+C during blockstrings. With 100 meter you will Enchant Boost, but with less than 100 meter you will roll through gaps or tech throws.

Support Knights

At the beginning of a match, both players choose three Support Knights to act as assists. These are used by inputting 214 + A/B/C. On the HUD, A is the leftmost card, B is the middle, and C is the rightmost.

Each assist costs between 1-3 points, with the 5-point assist gauge starting the round at 0 and recharging throughout. When a point in the gauge is blue, it is available for use. If one is black, it is not. A Support Knight's card will be face-up in the HUD if it is available to use, and face-down if it is not.

Costs should be taken into heavy consideration when picking Support Knights. 1-costs are usable more frequently, but can only be cancelled into from normals. 2-costs can also be cancelled from specials and 3-costs can be cancelled from supers.

Canceling attacks into an assist will cause the associated points to become red, which increases the time the gauge takes to recharge. The points will remain red for about 6 seconds after the assist is used, or after the opponent leaves hitstun. This means a combo must end in order for the gauge to start recovering.

Support Knights can also be cancelled into another.


Each character and Support Knight is associated with one of three elements: Fire, Ice, and Wind. Attacks using these elements have the following effects on hit:

Fire: Damage over time

Ice: Extra hitstun

Wind: Health regeneration

Additionally, each element has a counter element: After landing an attack of one element, landing one of its counter element is a guaranteed counter-hit!

Fire is countered by Ice

Ice is countered by Wind

Wind is countered by Fire

Multiple successive attacks of the same element will cause a combo to start gaining bonus damage, up to N percent. This bonus is lost when an attack with a different or no element lands, or when the combo ends. The element multiplier is seen most often during Enchant Boost, as a character usually only has access to elements through D-button attacks or Support Knights.

Enchant Boost

By pressing A+B+C in neutral, blockstun, or during a combo, 100 meter will be spent to enter a powered-up state comparable to Arcana Heart 3's Extend Force. All attacks (not just D-button attacks!) become imbued with a character's associated element for the duration of the boost. D-button attacks can now be special cancelled and more normal attacks gain the ability to be jump cancelled. Additionally, the timer is completely stopped during Enchant Boost! Note that using Enchant Boost in the air does not restore air actions. Neutral and guard cancel Enchant Boost are punishable on block, but will knock back on hit. Cancelling an attack is +14 and does not knock back on hit, and the duration is heavily reduced.

Limit Break

While Enchant Boost is available as a guard cancel option during blockstun, Limit Break acts as a more traditional "burst" mechanic. By pressing D and any other button simultaneously, you can interrupt and escape your opponent's combo! This will also extend your max meter to 300 (as opposed to 200), and you will gain 100 meter if the blast actually connects with your opponent. If your health is under 30%, the meter you gain is doubled to 200! Take care when using it, as you only have one Limit Break per round. It is also extremely punishable on block or whiff.

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