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How do I find tech on Twitter?

Each character in the game has a specific hashtag which people should aim to use when posting tech for ease of searching. Hashtags begin with #MAAB_ and at the end two letters (three for ABP) are appended based on a character first 2 letters of their name (Iai Arthur, Zechs Siegfried) or dominant consonant for single name characters (BisClavret, NiMue). Tech posted using these hashtags is automatically posted to this Discord server. The current list is as follows:

Character キャラクター Hashtag / ハッシュタグ
Nitou Arthur 二刀アーサー #MAAB_NA
Iai Arthur 居合アーサー #MAAB_IA
Thief Arthur 盗賊アーサー #MAAB_TA
Arthur Blade Protector アーサー -剣術の城- #MAAB_ABP
Bisclavret 第二型ビスクラヴレット #MAAB_BC
Zex Siegfried ゼクス・ジークフリート #MAAB_ZS
Nimue 帰化型ニムエ #MAAB_NM
Eternal Flame 虚無型エターナル・フレイム #MAAB_EF
Snow White 特異型スノーホワイト #MAAB_SW
Riesz 異界型リース #MAAB_RZ
Yamaneko Arthur 山猫アーサー #MAAB_YA
Koume Sakiyama 異界型 咲山小梅 #MAAB_KS
Iori Yagami 異界型 八神庵 #MAAB_IY

Did Square Enix really censor Nice Chin Chin assist?

Yes, they did for the worldwide PC release. However, User:Aokmaniac13 released a file reverting Foible Elle to its crotch-grabbing glory. For instructions on how to apply the fix, go here.

Is there a translated PS4 trophy list somewhere?

Yes there is.

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