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White Len

Evil Len and Nanaya’s strange pal. A zoner-type character with good ground normals and relies on her big bag of tricks to open up opponents. Her j.B can be delayed to create double overheads, whiff into throw/command throw, low, etc. Of particular interest is her ground dash which allows her temporary invincibility and can pass-through opponents. Air mobility is mediocre, so unlike Len she generally prefers working on the ground instead of jumping around. One of the trickiest characters to play, but also is tricky to understand as an opponent - even if you know all of her options, it can still be hard to overcome her many options. Often considered the worst non-joke character (between her and Miyako) due to her generally mediocre damage and poor mobility, but like most mid tiers she really rewards creative players and has the tools to overcome any matchup, especially if you master both Crescent and Full moons.

Moon Overview

The “best” one in terms of versatility and mix-ups. Her dash allows you to trick opponents which-way and your projectiles mostly control space rather than keepaway. Her goal is to get the foe in the corner and set up ambiguous blockstrings and mix-up command throws, where she can easily loop the situation back into itself forever. Great and varied okizeme setups lets her keep the offense up, and although she’s slow her normals and j.[C] “basketballs” are more than acceptable for a rounded neutral game. Her teleport dash does mean she is absolutely terrible at approaching opponents, so if her zoning is outclassed, it’s an uphill battle.

A huge departure from White Len. H may as well be a separate character. You lose the teleport dash for a very fast run and your 236 icicles can be used to force respect and zone in their own right. You also get a meterless reversal. Her command throw has amazing range but her normals are cumbersome and awkward to work with. She is particularly strong against other zoners, making her a counterpick complement for C/F.

Similar to Crescent but has a much stronger keepaway game. She can also set traps to deter reckless approaches. EX Ice Throw can be used as an almost free “get in” move, and EX Snowflake can stymie most aggression. Main weakness is her lower average damage off of most confirms, but she has generally stronger neutral than Crescent and overall a good defensive game.


Stance 100% 75% 50% 25% Net Health
Jump 0.880 0.766 0.660 0.638 15,744
Stand 1.000 0.871 0.750 0.725 13,853
Crouch 1.080 0.940 0.810 0.783 12,829
Average 14,142



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