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F-Wara guide

Normal Combos

  • 2A (5B(2)) 2B 2C 6C jC djC AT/j421C
The most basic of combos. As usual, starting with 2A prorates and deals less damage. 5B(2) can be omitted because in some, if not most cases, it will push you out too far to connect 2B.
  • 2A (5B(2)) 2B 2C 6C 22A sj8 jB djC AT/j421C
Same as above, with the added spice of 22A tornado, just because you can. Be sure to manually do sj8 right after the tornado.
  • 2A 5B 2C 6C (22A) (sj8) jc djC AT/j421C
Same as the basic, only without 2B. Depending on timing and spacing (not sure if by character), 2C might be only one hit, so you gotta be careful.
  • 2A 5B 5C jC djC AT/j421C
A good combo with good range and can easily confirm into EX 623C combo. So far on Ryougi (not sure if there are others), 5C will be 2 hits instead of 3 unless you delay a bit after 5B.
  • 2A 5B 5C 6C sj8 jC djC AT/j421C
Does more damage than above, but is character specific. Replacing the first jC with jB has higher chance of success.
  • 2A 5B 2C(1) 2A 2C/5C 6C (22A) jC djC AT/j421C
Only works if 2C hits late, letting you recover to catch the opponent with a 2A and followup. Not worth doing on purpose because it is very dependent on timing and spacing, but I thought I'd throw it here.
  • anything 2C 6C 623A
This is your standard oki combo because 623A gives hard knockdown. Bear in mind that only the last hit causes the hard knockdown, meaning all 6 hits must connect. If only 5 hits connect, prepare for the opponent to tech. Doing 2B 2C 6C is no problem. For 5B 2C 6C, be sure to do 2C delay 6C. If you don't delay, 623A has a chance of doing only 5 hits and giving no hard knockdown.

Metered Combos

F-Wara only has one EX move that can be used in combos, and that is 623C, and even that is under conditions. Basically, 623C isn't a free ride to damage when used in combos. You have to make sure that 623C can be combo'd afterwards. Basically, 623C can be split into a few parts:

1. Wara goes up.

2. Wara goes down.

3. Wara goes up again.

4. Wara goes down again.

5. Wara goes up once more.

6. Wara goes down once more.

7. Wara goes up a final time.

8. Wara goes down a final time.

9. Wara lands and recovers.

Normally, a combo with 623C will have parts 1, 5 and 9 land hits on the opponent. The most important part to remember is that no.9 MUST hit. This will kick the opponent up a final time to give you enough time to recover and followup. HOWEVER, if no.7 hits, chances are that the combo is ruined because this will hit the opponent and make no.9 whiff instead, causing him/her to hit the floor before you can followup. But do not fret, all of 623C's hits are untechable, so if you realize you cannot combo anymore, change to oki.

  • 2A 5B 5C 6C 623C [2B BE2C]xN
This is so far the most reliable universal starter to the EX combo which often fulfills the conditions to make followup possible. Do 2B too early, the opponent can airtech. Do 2B too late, it will OTG. Sometimes BE2C will be one hit only because of bad timing or spacing where the opponent is too high or far away. If this happens, either switch to 2A 2C ender or try to continue the loop which will be harder. After the loop, you can do 6C 623A for oki or aerial combo for damage, which by now should not be necessary because the full combo would already net around 5k and an aerial combo won't add much more because of the high hit count.
  • anything 2C 214A EX cancel 623C
This will summon a Haze right when you knock the opponent down, then cancel it into 623C to deal more damage and kick the opponent into the air, giving them airtime and you more time to do oki, but not combo because this will not meet the above-mentioned requirements. TKj2369A followup will bring you closer to the opponent and put a fireball above them, stuffing out jump-outs and continuing pressure. If your mixups manage to hit, proceed with Haze combos for maximum damage since the Haze is out. In the corner, use 214B instead.

Haze Combos

F-Wara's 214 Haze increases the aerial hitstun of your moves if your opponent is touching it. This makes certain combos possible in the presence of Haze.

With Haze:

  • 2A 5B BE2C [2B BE2C]xN
The same rules apply as the EX combos.


Always remember that F-Wara's dash is the only one that goes airborne. It's not very fast, so mobility isn't as great as his other Moons, but he makes up for this with mixups, zoning and move priority (eventhough his other Moons have plenty of it).

A few tips on his dash: If you're using A+B to dash, if you input 6A+B and instantly change your direction to 4, you will still continue dashing in the same direction. The only way to stop dashing is to put your stick to neutral, or let go of your direction keys, where you will start falling. If you are trying to do dash jA instant overhead, if you input the jA right after you let go of your directions, the forward and upward momentum will still continue, sending you further while doing jA. This will have you fly over your crouching opponent, whiffing your overhead. To avoid this, input your dash, let go of your directions and let yourself fall for a teeny, weeny bit before inputting jA. The jA will come out while you are falling, keeping you in place and successfully hitting a crouching opponent.


236, 214 and 22 are all EX-cancellable, meaning they are IH cancellable as well. Basically, you can IH right after the projectile comes out.


F-Wara maintains the range of all his other Moons' jB. As F-Wara's dash is airborne, you will find yourself spending a lot of time in the air if you choose to be more mobile. Use jB to keep your opponent at bay or to get counterhits. On the ground, you can use all his forms of the 22 series which he retains from the other Moons as well. As usual, use them wisely because they come out slowly and if you get hit, the tornado disappears. Don't react to jump-ins or rush-ins using them; predict when they will come at you and use them.

TKj236 fireballs are also good zoning tools. TKj2369A can get air CH's from careless jump-ins. More details on the fireballs are in the specials section.


F-Wara has quite good pressure tools at his disposal.

  • 2B is your main tool in blockstrings. It has forward momentum, relatively fast and quite advantageous on block. Even if you're too far away for it to hit, if your opponent decides to poke, he/she will eat counterhit because of the extended hitbox touching your 2B.
  • 2B recover 2A is airtight with good timing and at point blank.
  • If you're too far, BE2C is a good stagger.
  • NEVER use the 236 fireballs mid-blockstring. They are extremely minus, even on COUNTERHIT, letting the enemy recover enough to COUNTER YOU. Even the EX version doesn't help much.
  • Mix in IAD jB if you're too far away and the opponent starts poking. IAD jB j236B will get the fireball to hit. This stuffs out pokes and lets you land and followup with combo or pressure. j236A, however, will have the fireball appear behind your opponent.
  • If the opponent starts respecting, put in some dash high/low mixups. This is the main girth of F-Wara's mixup game. Basically, dash jA for an overhead, or dash jC to whiff and land and go low with 2A or throw. IAD's are about the same, only slower.

Throw/Post-j421 Oki

  • Throws and j421C should give you enough time to set up a Haze and do a dash high/low, given that the opponent respects. With good timing, this tactic beats pokes, but it all has to be done as early as possible. With the Haze there, feel free to go to Haze combos for maximum damage if you land a hit. If you smell a DP, just set the Haze up and wait it out to block it.
  • TKj2369A can cross-up or not depending on timing. If you input the 2369 slowly, you will cross-up.
  • 236B will summon a fireball right when the opponent wakes up, stuffing out pokes. You will recover soon enough to continue pressure, with a 2A followup being airtight, or even better, dash high/low. Again, if you sense a DP coming, just summon it and wait it out.
  • A raw dash will almost always crossup on a knockdown'd opponent. If you input the dash late, right when he/she starts to wake up, his/her collision box will start rising, causing your dash to not cross-up.

Move Descriptions

Normal Moves


-A high jab into the air. Whiffs crouchers. Relatively short range, as per many other F-Moon characters.


-Low-hitting poke. Reaches further than it seems.


-3 hits. Third hit kicks the opponent into the air.


-2 hits, hits low, has forward momentum, advantageous on block and main girth of blockstrings. The first hit has very little hitstun. If you somehow do a 2A 2B(1) 2C combo, the opponent can recover so fast that he/she blocks the 2C because of low hitstun.


-3 hits. A relatively fast (compared to his other Moons' 5C's), far-reaching move.


-2 hits. Hits mid. Trips the opponent. BE2C does more damage and recovers faster.


-Launcher. Although it reaches high, it's air-blockable and quite slow, making it a bad anti-air. BE6C is overhead, but be careful as it is only special cancellable on block.


-Fast overhead. Coupled with dashing, it makes an almost instant overhead.


-Unlike the other Moons, this one is only 1 hit, but has long active frames, making it hit even when you execute it while falling from the highest point of a jump. It's range is just as good as the other moons, but because of it's 1-hit nature, it makes tricks like air-to-air jB land jB djC AT/j421C ala C-Moon no longer doable.


-3 hits, only last hit is cancellable to anything. No differences detected from the other Moons.


-Delayed downward hitting move like jC, only it knocks down the opponent. Instantly inputting this as a TK (ie j82C) gives OTG opportunities, which unfortunately F-Wara can't make much use of. However, he can use that time for mixups instead.

Special Moves

「」 - 236ABC
  • (Description) - Summons a fireball in front of F-Wara.
  • (A version) - Quickly summons a fireball that doesn't travel far and moves up and down very little, whiffing crouchers.
  • (B version) - Takes a while to start up, then summons a fireball that travels twice as far as A version and moves up and down a lot, hitting crouchers. Recovery takes as long as A version.
  • (EX version) - Summons a B version fireball as quickly as the A version, only it's bigger, deals more damage and takes away 1/3 of your guard bar.
「」 - 214ABC
  • (Description) - Summons a haze that increases aerial hitstun and gives you and your opponent meter depending on version used.
  • (A version) - Generates a moving haze which lasts for about 6 seconds. Gives you 1.8% and the opponent 0.6% each instance. A haze passing by a stationary opponent causes 5 instances. Maximum of 12 instances.
  • (B version) - Generates a stationary haze which lasts for about 3 seconds. Gives you 4.5% and the opponent 1.5% each instance. Maximum of 6 instances.
  • (EX version) - Generates a bigger stationary haze which does the same thing as B haze, except that it deals more damage.
「」 - 22ABC
  • (Description) - Summons a tornado that spikes out from the ground. Reaches as high as any character can jump (except maybe Archetype). If you get hit while summoning, the tornado will disappear.
  • (A version) - Summons a small spike right in front of you. BE version summons it a little further.
  • (B version) - Summons the same spike a little further than the BE A version. The BE of this version summons it even further away.
  • (EX version) - Summons a big tornado right in front of you which slowly moves forward. If opponents get hit, they get sent upwards.
「」 - 623ABC
  • (Description) - Turns F-Wara into a 2D spinning top of doom.
  • (A version) - Goes in an upward arc and lands a little further in front. Last hit is untechable.
  • (B version) - Goes in a straight line forward. Last hit is also untechable.
  • (EX version) - Sends F-Wara in a crazy amusement park ride of death as described in above sections. All hits are untechable. Can be used as a sort of DP if the opponent decides to use a late meaty. If the conditions stated before are met, followup with 2B 2C is possible.
「」 - 421ABC
  • (Description) - Just your everyday teleport. Use the B and C version to occasionally escape corner pressure when there's a big window of opportunity, but the long recovery won't help you much.
  • (A version) - Puts F-Wara back right where he originally was. Recovers quickly.
  • (B version) - Puts F-Wara a little further in front with a slightly longer recovery.
  • (C version) - Puts F-Wara a lot further in front with a long recovery.
「」 - j236ABC
  • (Description) - Aerial fireball summons.
  • (A version) - Summons an A version fireball. Follows the momentum of the jump; moves forward with a forward jump, backwards with a backward jump and floats a little with a neutral jump.
  • (B version) - Completely stops all jump momentum before summoning a B version fireball. Once the summoning is complete, the jump momentum is resumed. If TK'd close to the ground, F-Wara will summon, then continue to float upwards, continuing the arc of the jump. No aerial movement after summoning.
  • (EX version) - Summons an EX fireball. No matter the momentum, F-Wara will float a little backwards.
「」 - j421ABC
  • (Description) - Your ordinary Wara-certified aerial top-spinner.
  • (A version) - Spins forward.
  • (B version) - Spins forward with a little delay.
  • (EX version) - Spins forward with lots of untechable hits.

Arc Drive

  • (Description) - AD description

Another Arc Drive

  • (Description) - AAD description

Last Arc

  • (Description) - LA description. Mention where it is activated (air or ground shield) first.

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