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The "author" of the events of Melty Blood. Warachia is a spooky vampire character defined by his high mobility, long range, high meter gain, and powerful summons. Suffers once forced to block with his poor reversals and exceptionally slow normals for abare, but generally great in neutral, particularly at zoning. One of the fastest characters in the game on the ground and in the air, Warachia is best when he can keep his movement ambiguous and hunt for counterhits with his big air normals. Due to some weird hurtboxes, many characters have Wara-specific combos, which can hurt him at the highest level of play (and in combo videos). Generally struggles against zoning characters that can restrict his movement, but has the tools to overcome any matchup, and once he lands a hit his setplay and corner pressure are truly fearsome. Top of mid tier/bottom of high tier (C) to mid/low-mid (H/F).

Moon Overview

Can call summons in midair. Filthy opportunities for setplay on knockdown. Great range, phenomenal mobility with special command dashes and good antiair with 2B. Only real weakness is he can suffer greatly in scrambles due to his mediocre reversals and arguably the worst abare in the game (painfully slow normals, and even with meter not a great ability to reverse situations). C-Moon’s ability to burst is extremely useful as Wara is very good at building meter, and as an added bonus Wara has the largest burst hitbox in the game, making it even more useful than usual.

A poor man's C - loses too many of C's best options with only marginal gains (different 5B, 5a6aa series, speed increase). No real reason to play it over Crescent other than pure speed, although his unique 5B and 623x series offer situational antiairs you may find useful in some matchups, especially against Nero or when Half’s system mechanics are desired. Cannot call summons in midair. Fewer options overall and his most optimal combos are very difficult to perform.

A completely different character, sharing few normals and specials with the other Warachias. Can't call summons and loses Katto specials in exchange for a Morrigan dash (lifts him slightly off the ground), slow fireballs, improved abare and a slow but fully invincible reversal. Focused heavily on very fast instant overhead high/low mixups off his dash. Simple combos and some of the best, most straightforward okizeme outside the top tiers (extremely long knockdown times on any hit, meaty fireballs and ambiguous dash mixups). Good ability to convert stray hits into damage and knockdown. Arguably the best meter building ability in the game, though he has no real way to spend it in neutral. No real dash hurts him immensely and his neutral is extremely vulnerable to characters with good buttons to disrespect his aerial approach. Gimmicky but some good options.


Stance 100% 75% 50% 25% Net Health
Jump 0.968 0.894 0.741 0.638 14,445
Stand 1.100 1.017 0.843 0.725 12,705
Crouch 1.188 1.098 0.910 0.783 11,766
Average 12,972



2) Shin (Hokuto no Ken)

21) Alucard (Castlevania)

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