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With her vampiric powers in full action, Sion TATARI is a rushdown character with good setups in Half and Crescent Moon, and a more tactical, spacing character in Full Moon. All styles for her are viable, however Half is the most common choice, while a few people play Full. Very few players choose Crescent Style, because it has downsides that Half Moon typically covers without introducing more problems.

Moon Overview


Crescent Moon Sion TATARI is not a commonly seen character. Her damage isn't the greatest, and she has fewer tools than Half Moon. However, with better normals like 5B and 2B, while still maintaining Half 5B as 4B, and unpredictable setups in the corner with reverse summons, she isn't bad, Half is just better in most ways. Use this character if you like setups, setups, and more setups, because every single combo you will do typically ends with a summon setup.

Half Moon Sion TATARI is back to her unnerfed status, and has even taken some buffs. She is a simple rushdown character with strong normals, good anti-air with BE6B, and high damage combos, often ending in summon setups. She isn't the most difficult character to play, so often beginners like to pick this character for her easy rushdown.

While Half and Crescent are similar, Full Moon is a completely different character. With a dash resembling MBAC Satsuki's dash, she can't dash during pressure, and rather moves around using air dashes and the fact her j.B is a crossup. With both a divekick, and an instant overhead, along with good normals and damage, Full Moon is a difficult but rewarding character to play.


Character 100% 75% 50% 25% Estimated Health
Sion TATARI 1.00 0.95 0.90 0.90  ???
Average  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?



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