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Sion who has succumbed to her vampiric impulses. She loses her gun and opts to use her claws to pound on the opponent with ambiguous blockstrings, versatile normals and frametraps. She has summons to set up tick throws, make overheads safe, etc. Great run and walk speed let her keep up the attack, plus a very useful divekick to keep the pressure up. Only has a reversal with meter, which can be hard to come by. Although her strengths are mostly on offense, her speed and great frame data on normals like j.C let her rumble in neutral quite well.

Moon Overview

Crescent Moon Sion TATARI is not a commonly seen character. Her damage isn't the greatest, and she has fewer tools than Half Moon. However, with better normals like 5B and 2B, while still maintaining Half 5B as 4B, and unpredictable setups in the corner with reverse summons, she isn't bad, Half is just better in most ways. Use this character if you like setups, setups, and more setups, because every single combo you will do typically ends with a summon setup.

Half Moon Sion TATARI is back to her unnerfed status, and has even taken some buffs. She is a simple rushdown character with strong normals, good anti-air with BE6B, and high damage combos, often ending in summon setups. She isn't the most difficult character to play, so often beginners like to pick this character for her easy rushdown.

Loses her summons but get tons of frame traps and great normals that are up to +4 on block. Instead of a run, she has a command dash that has an extremely laggy startup, making her ground mobility very poor, though her good air movement, decent walkspeed and forward-moving attacks help alleviate this somewhat. New series of rush punch specials and a Wara-esque drill 22x series give her some tools to fight at midrange. Lots of tricky tools, good abare, strong ability to convert any hit into hard knockdowns with which-way mixups and a decent metered reversal for pressure situations mean she still has the ability to win. Good damage but executing consistently can be tricky. A good combination of gimmicks and solid tools, a strong understanding of how to win “scramble” situations is necessary to do well with this character.


Stance 100% 75% 50% 25% Net Health
Jump 0.880 0.809 0.741 0.717 14,582
Stand 1.000 0.920 0.843 0.815 12,825
Crouch 1.080 0.993 0.910 0.880 11,879
Average 13,095



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