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Be sure to check this article about H-Ryougi:

Note: Ryougi may end almost any air combo with either j.4/6A+D or j.236B, favoring positioning and damage respectively.

Meterless Combos


Standard Combos

  • (2A) 5BB 2BC 5C j.BC dj.BC dj.4/6A+D
Basic midscreen BnB. Can also end with j.236B for ~200 more damage, but this forfeits post-airthrow oki.
  • (2A) 5BB 2B 5C 2C 6AA(A) j.BC dj.BC dj.4/6A+D (Video)
A slightly more damaging version of the basic midscreen BnB. The air throw can be replaced with 236B if damage is preferred over oki. On some characters, in order to connect with all three hits of the 6A auto follow ups, you may need to slightly delay it after the 2C. Otherwise, simply omit the third hit and jump cancel the second hit. If using all three hits of 6AAA, you must delay the first j.B in order to connect an air throw at the end of the combo on most if not all characters.
  • (2A) 2B 5BB 5C 2C 5A 236B 236A(whiff) 214A 2AC 5C 22A 2C 3C 623B 236A 236A 236A
One of her most damaging midscreen BnBs, 236A also works on some characters. 214A input is reversed during the rekkas; original input is 236A. Timing is variant depending on the character. Works on: Warachia, Akiha, P.Ciel, Nero.

Overhead Combos

  • 4C 22A 5BB j.BC dj.BC dj.4/6A+D
Basic meterless combo off of Ryougi's ground overhead. The airthrow can be replaced with j.236B.
  • 4C 22A 2C 3C 623B 2C 5BB j.BC dj.BC dj.4/6A+D
Advanced midscreen overhead combo.
It may be possible to lead into the 623B loop instead of 5BB, but this has not yet been tested.
  • 4C 236A 236A 236A
Knifeless, meterless overhead combo. Other rekka strings connect, but do less damage. At extremely close range, the the third 236A may cross up, giving 214A instead. At this range, inputting 236A 236A 214A gives the normal rekka sequence.

Anti-Air Combos and Air CH Confirms

  • 5BB j.BC dj.BC dj.4/6A+D
Generic antiair combo.
  • 5A 6AA j.BC dj.BC dj.4/6A+D
Does more damage than the 5BB antiair combo above, and 5A is safer. Requires the enemy to be very close to the ground and/or significant delays between each hit in the 5A 6AA series. This is the standard meterless midscreen combo to confirm into after an air-to-air counterhit.
  • j.X (CH) land [623B Loop]
Air-to-air counterhits can also be confirmed into the 623B loop.
  • j.X (CH) land 2C 3C 5BB 63214A 2C 3C TK.j236B 5A 22A [22A 2C 3C 22A 2A 2C delay 5C]xN 5A6AA 214A j.BC dj.BC dj.4/6A+D
Air-to-air counterhits near the corner, can also be varied with 214C after 214A for 2C 3C 22X oki.

623B Loop

This loop works both midscreen and in the corner. However, 623B crosses through midscreen, and 2C may cross under midscreen depending on spacing and character. Builds a decent bit of meter, and is easier than the Knife Pickup Loop in addition to not being corner-specific.
  • ~2C 3C 22A 2C 3C 623B [2C 623B]xN 5BB j.BC dj.BC dj.4/6A+D
In most circumstances it is possible to do 2-3 reps of 2C 623B. Can also end the air combo with j.236B.
  • ~2C 3C 22A 2C 3C 623B [2C 623B]xN 2C 236A 236A 236A
Sweep loop variant ending in rekkas. Provides stronger oki than either aircombo-ender variant.



  • (2A) 2B 5BB 5C 2C (delay) 6AAA 214A (5BB) j.BC dj.BC dj.4A+D (Video)
A meterless, knifeless corner combo that provides airthrow oki. Like the combo above, you may need to slightly delay the 6AAA on some characters. Back air throw is required in order to keep the opponent in the corner.
  • (2A) 2B 5BB 5C 2C TKj.236B 5BB 214A 2C (delay) 5C 22A 2C 3C 236A 236A 236A
A meterless corner combo that uses knife and keeps the opponent in the corner, in addition to providing good oki and knife pick-up. The rekka ender can be replaced with 623A for oki as well. This is Ryougi's best meterless corner combo in terms of both oki and damage, but the timings differ greatly from character to character, making it one of her hardest.
  • (2A) 2B 5BB 5C 2C TKj.236B 5BB 214A ~4 5A 22A 2C 3C 623B 236A 236A 236A
Not as much damage as the above combo but much easier to execute and consistent on the entire cast.

Overhead Starter

  • 4C 22A 5BB 214A j.BC dj.BC dj.4/6A+D
A meterless corner combo off of her ground overhead. Provides air throw oki, but doesn't put you right on top of the knife. Midscreen, you simply omit the 214A and jump cancel 5BB into the air combo. If you don't have the knife, you can simply go into 236A 236A 236A off of the overhead.

Knife Pickup Loop

  • 2A 2B 5BB 5C 2C TKj.236B 5A [22A 2C 3C 22A 2A 2C delay 5C]xN 2C 3C 623B 236Ax3.
More than two loops may be possible depending on the character.
Works on Aoko, Riesbyfe, V.Sion, Warachia, Akiha, P.Ciel, and S.Akiha
Possible with very strict timing and / or lots of delays on T. Shiki, Nanaya, Sion, Hisui, Arc, and Kohaku
  • 2A 2B 5BB 5C 2C TKj.236B 5BB 214A ~4 5A [22A 2C 3C 22A 2A 2C delay 5C]x2 2C 3C 623B 236Ax3 (Video)
Slightly more damaging variant
Still character specific.
  • 2A 2B 5BB 5C 2C TKj.236B 5A 22A [2C 3C 22A 5B 22A]xN [2C 3C 22A 2A 2C delay 5C 22A]xN 2C 3C 623B 236Ax3
Less damage than either of the above but universal on entire cast. Try to go into the 2A 2C 5C loop as soon as you build enough gravity for it to work since it deals way more damage than the 5B version.
2B can be used instead of 5B. Makes no real difference, use whatever is easier for you.
2A 2C may be impossible or at least very difficult on some characters. However, 2A 5C will always work so long as you have built up enough gravity.

Metered Combos

  • (2A) 5BB 2B 5C 2C 6AA(A) j.BC dj.BC dj.22C 2C 3C 236A 236A 236A
An extension of the basic midscreen BnB using H-Ryougi's EX Aerial Knife Throw. Provides good oki and allows for knife pick-up in addition to the extra damage. Uses 100 circuit. Requires being close to the corner in order for the 2C to connect after the EX Aerial knife throw.
  • (2A) 5BB 2B 5C 2C 236A 236A 236A 236C j.BC dj.BC dj.4/6A+D
A metered combo that works anywhere on the screen. The timing of the jump cancel on the last hit of her EX rekka is odd, but not too difficult once you get used to it. As with most of her air combo enders, you can replace the air throw with j.236B if damage is preferred over oki or if they are too high to get air grabbed, however it only adds around ~100 or so more to the combo.
  • (2A) 2B 5BB 5C 2C TKj.236B 5A 22A 2C 3C 22A 2A 5C 22C [22A 2C 3C 22A 2A 2C delay 5C]x2 2C 3C 623B 236Ax3 (Video)
Metered variant of the Sweep Loop. Unlike meterless versions, this is universal.


Work in Progress.


Half-moon Ryougi lacks the unblockables of Crescent and Full Moon. However, her normals have better reach than Crescent's, while retaining the ability to Reverse Beat. Additionally, Half is the only moon capable of catching the knife in the air, allowing for an extremely tricky mixup and some additional options.

Neutral Spacing

Since Ryougi doesn't have great ground-to-air or air-to-ground tools, you should usually try to approach aerial opponents from the air, and grounded opponents from the ground. With good spacing, you can discourage jumps with her air-unblockable 5B. Her 5A 6AA series also serves as a decent anti-air due to hitbox and startup buffs.


Use 2A and 421C as whiff cancels in blockstrings. 22A can also be used if you have the knife, but the knife is usually better saved for her guard crush string.

Pressure String Components

  • (2A) 5BB 2B 5C 2C 3C
Generic string. +3 on block.
  • 2B 5A (whiff) 6A
  • 5A 6A 4C 22A
Overhead attempt, made safe by the knife. Does not work off of 5A 6AA; you must cancel the second hit in the series. Additionally if the 4C connects, 22A will confirm the combo.
  • 5A 6A 5BB
Delay 5BB slightly to avoid Reverse Beat. Use this to condition the opponent to not expect the overhead after 5A 6A.
  • 22A 2A/5B/2B
22A is a ridiculous +9 on block; walk forward 2A will be airtight while dash 2A or raw 5B/2B will frametrap. The disadvantage is that you lose the knife, but there are ways around this...
  • (in corner) Close starter > 3C 22A (throw)
In corner, if you don't do 5C or 2C (which pushes you out too far), a 22A knife throw will bounce back and land right on top of you. You get a free blockstring reset and then you can do...
  • (on top of knife) ... 3C 22X (pickup) 2A/5B/2C etc.
Picking up the knife after a 3C will give you extra frame advantage, which you can use to do an airtight 2A or frametrap with a 2B or 5B.
  • (in corner) 22C (throw)
There are a couple of advantages to using 22C over 22A. First, if you are not smack in the corner, the knife will hit multiple times, giving you huge frame advantage and time to do basically anything you want. Second, it comes out faster than 22A, which means you can do 2C 22C without suffering from 2C's pushback, meaning you can use this to close the distance mid-blockstring. You can use this as a safe way to reset distance in a pressure string if you don't want to risk getting poked out of a dash.


  • 22A j.7 6A+B ~
Knife catch mixup. Throw the knife, jump back, and immediately airdash forwards to catch the knife. Ryougi will then fall ambiguously on the left/right of the opponent. In the corner, you instead get a j.C / 2A / 6A+D sandoori. Air knife catch has some recovery in Current Code, so cancel the catch into a whiffed jumping normal if you want to go low.

Move Descriptions

Normal Moves

2A [Low]

Start-up: 5 | Active: 4 | Recovery: 9 | Advantage: -1

Close ranged crouching low kick. Her fastest ground move. Best combo starter. Best whiff cancel move for pressure and stagger strings. Can be used for off-the-ground pick ups.

5A [Mid]

Start-up: 6 | Active: 4 | Recovery: 13 | Advantage: -5

Close-standing knife swing tilted about 30 degrees up. Can be crouched under, making it useful for ticking. Can be used as an emergency anti-air, but will easily lose to attacks with great jump-in hitboxes unless done preemptively. Does 350 damage.

6A [Mid]

Start-up: 8 | Active: 3 | Recovery: 15 | Advantage: --

6AA [Mid]

Start-up: 11 | Active: 4 | Recovery: 18 | Advantage: --

2B [Low]

Start-up: 9 | Active: 3 | Recovery: 15 | Advantage: -1

Mid-range crouching horizontal knife swipe with clash frames. Good range, and now just as fast as 5B (with less recovery).

5B [Mid]

Start-up: 9 | Active: 3 | Recovery: 18 | Advantage: -6

Mid-range knife swipe with excellent horizontal range and clash frames. Moves forward very slightly. Her second best combo starter and best overall standing poke; can be repeated into another delayable 5B. It has terrible lag on whiff however, and is prone to backdash-canceling and dodges. Does 500 damage.

5BB [Mid]

Start-up: 5 frames | Active: 3 | Recovery: 16 | Advantage: -4

A close range knife swipe follow-up to her 5B. Has good range, but not as long as her 5B. Keeps her in place. Used primarly in combos and pressure strings to add damage/deplete guard meter. Does 600 damage.

5C [Mid]

Start-up: 14 | Active: 5 | Recovery: 17 | Advantage: -4

Long-range horizontal knife swipe; slow. Identical to Full Moon's 5C, but without the charged unblockable. Moves forward slightly, and gives a lot of pushback on block. At max range, opponents can crouch under it. Safe option after a ground throw, as it will connect if the opponent attempts to jump out. Extremely useful for keeping opponents on the ground since it hits from a very long distance at chest height while moving you forward.

4C [High]

Start-up: 27 | Active: 1 | Recovery: 35 | Advantage: -9

Extremely close ranged overhead kick. Must be blocked high, and gives an untechable knockdown. On hit it can be cancelled into any special move, however it's recommended to combo into 22A knife throw into a midscreen/corner BnB or 236A series if you don't have the knife available. Cannot jump cancel or continue reverse beat strings after this move. Start-up frames were nerfed from AA to CC, making it even slower than it already was.

3C [Low]

Start-up: 16 | Active: 2 | Recovery: 17 | Advantage: +3

Fairly quick low sweep with decent range. Used in stagger / pressure strings into 2A/5B for corner pressure. Gives untechable knockdown on hit. Adds a lot of pushback in addition to the frame advantage.

2C [Low]

Start-up: 14 | Active: 2 | Recovery: 24 | Advantage: -10

Slow, long-range crouching low slash that also moves Ryougi forward. Gives an untechable knockdown and hits at a very large arc in front, behind, and a little bit above her. Great option after a ground throw, as it will hit exactly on wakeup. Very useful in blockstrings and staggering combos as it propels Ryougi forward, allowing her to catch any backdash cancels. Had it’s active frames nerfed from AA to CC, changing the timings on many of her corner combos.

j.A [Mid]

Start-up: 7 | Active: 3 | Recovery: 2 (landing) | Advantage: --

Horizontal knife slash with good range. Does 350 damage; however her hitbox covers the attacking box, making it an easy target for counterhits. Not useful for air-to-ground, as it will whiff on crouching opponents. Now her primary move in aerial footies.

j.B [High]

Start-up: 8 | Active: 2 | Recovery: 2 (landing) | Advantage: --

Similar to the first part of Full Moon's j.B; semi-quick knife slash tilted downwards with amazing range. Despite it’s nerf in start-up frames, still a good air-to-air move. It has a tendency to whiff on crouching opponents up close, but overall much more reliable than j.A for air-to-ground.

j.6B [High]

Start-up: 8 | Active: 3 | Recovery: 2 (landing) | Advantage: --

Identical to the second part of Full Moon's j.B. Semi-quick knife slash tilted slightly upwards with slightly more range than j.B, with a smaller hitbox to boot. This is the safer option for aerial footsies, as the attacking animation extends significantly farther.

j.C [High]

Start-up: 8 | Active: 3 | Recovery: 2 (landing) | Advantage: --

Best air-to-ground attack. Large vertical knife swing that hits in a large arc from below to very high above her. The attack box extends very high outside of her hitbox, making this an excellent air tech punisher. By far her most damaging air normal, sitting at 900 damage. Not good for air footsies, as her horizontal reach is weaker. This is her only crossup attack, and by comparative standards it is much weaker than the rest of the cast. Hitbox received a slight nerf, but still survives it's purpose.

Special Moves

Kasane Shouro 「双ね鐘楼」 - 236ABC
  • (Description) - Ryougi runs forward and slashes. Hitbox is kind of low but hits mid. Starts your rekka chain. Somewhat unsafe by itself.
  • (A version) - Faster startup and doesn't move as far as B version. Otherwise identical. Makes a decent poke at 10f startup.
  • (B version) - Slower startup, but Ryougi moves further. Otherwise identical.
  • (EX version) - Dashes forward and automatically does a series of slashes; if any of the slashes hit the rest are guaranteed. NOT a rekka. OTGs, launches on the last hit and is jump cancelable on hit.

Can be followed up with:

  • (236ABC) - Downward slash that knocks down airborne opponents. Basic combo filler. All versions are identical.
  • (214ABC) - Jumping slash that hits overhead and knocks down airborne opponents. Is decent for catching mashing and jump-outs. All versions are identical.
  • (214D) - Short-ranged low kick that knocks down. Comes out fairly fast and can be used to punish lazy blocking, but otherwise works just like 236A. Ends chain early. EX-cancellable. 50% proration.

Which can then be followed up with:

  • (236A) - Diagonally angled slash that gives hard down. Basic rekka ender. Fairly safe on block.
  • (236B) - Launching upward slash. Gives untechable launch followed by hard down. Deals more damage than 236A, but prorates a bit more.
  • (236C) - Straight stab that goes through the opponent. Launches on hit. EX-cancellable (e.g. 214C). Unsafe so don't use this except on hit.
  • (214ABCD) - Same low kick as 214D above.

Note: If you do 236A 236A on an airborne opponent (i.e. after 2C), you will cross them up midscreen sometimes. The directions for the last hit of the rekka will be switched as well so adjust accordingly.

Hari no Tsuki 「玻璃の月」 - j.236ABC
  • (Description) - Big circular slash with a gigantic hitbox. Wallbounces on hit. Can be used to end combos, for AA, to punish air teching, etc. However, it is unsafe on block, especially when blocked on the ground.
  • (A version) - For some reason this is the slower version. Longer startup and hits overhead.
  • (B version) - Faster startup makes this the version used for combos. Deals slightly more damage.
  • (EX version) - Invulnerable startup and hits overhead. Superflash makes it obvious as hell though.
Mogaribue 「虎落笛」 - 623ABC
  • (Description) - Ryougi runs forward and does a slash that hits low. All versions can be held to delay the slash while running; A and B charged versions are identical. Not punishable on block, but not really safe either.
  • (A version) - Fastest startup. Knocks down on hit. When charged, gets B version's launch properties.
  • (B version) - Slower startup, but gives untechable launch and allows for followup combo. Can be charged, but properties remain the same other than startup.
  • (EX version) - A version's startup with B version's launch property. Also OTG relaunches. Goes a little farther.
  Mumyou no Tsuki 「無明の月」 - 214ABC
  • (Description) - Flips forward with a big horizontal slash. Hits overhead and crosses up, but whiffs on most crouching characters and is a bit unsafe on block.
  • (A version) - Fastest version that wallbounces. Mostly used for combos.
  • (B version) - Slower version that has a better downward hitbox. Knocks down on hit.
  • (EX version) - Fast, wallbounces, and has invul until you leave the ground. Can be used as a pseudo-reversal or to escape corners.
Onyou Raden 「陰陽螺鈿」 - 421ABC
  • (Description) - Counter special. On a successful counter, Ryougi grabs and throws the opponent behind her, allowing for a followup combo if in corner. If out of range for a throw, basically works as a command parry. Has some startup before the counter becomes active, though, so you can't use it as a true reversal.
  • (A version) - Counters upper-body attacks.
  • (B version) - Counters lower-body attacks.
  • (C version) - Counters lower-body attacks. Comes out and recovers faster than A and B versions, but can't be followed up.
Kakushi Naifu 「隠しナイフ」 - 22ABC (air also)
  • (Description) - Throws your knife. Once thrown, the knife stays where it lands and can't be used again until you go and pick it up. Goes through the opponent on block or hit. Unlike with the other moons, if the knife hits a wall, it will always try to bounce back to where you were when you threw it. Also, H-Ryougi can catch the knife in midair by jumping into it or pick it up automatically by crouching on top of it (in both cases, must be at neutral, i.e. jumping into it while attacking won't work). If you catch the knife during an airdash, it will cancel airdash lag.
  • (A version) - Throws the knife straight forward. Long untechable time on hit and is guaranteed to bounce back to you because of the trajectory. Recovers extremely quickly and gives frame advantage on block. Good for combos, pressure, you name it. If done in the air, Ryougi will flip forward then throw the knife at a downward angle. Decent for approaching but extremely unsafe if the knife whiffs.
  • (B version) - Throws the knife at a downward angle. Basically C-Ryougi's 22B. Has more startup, recovery, and may stick in the ground instead of bouncing if the screen is wide enough. Honestly not much reason to use this. Aerial version is the same as j.22A except Ryougi flips backward before throwing.
  • (EX version) - 22A except faster. The knife hits up to four times and comes out super fast, making it an extremely good pseudo-reversal since it'll not only get you out of pressure, but gives huge advantage on block as well. If you do it against an airborne opponent, though, it'll only hit once, which means it'll actually do less damage than 22A, but it still has some uses in specific combos. Aerial version flips backwards like j.22B, but comes out much faster and the knife is thrown laterally. On hit, the knife is untechable all the way to the ground, letting you further extend your air combos.
Naifu Hiroi 「ナイフ拾い」 - 22ABC
  • (Description) - Picks up the knife. Covers slightly more area than H-Ryougi's crouch-auto-pickup. If the knife is within the crouch-pickup area, the first 2 input will pick up the knife and you'll just end up throwing it again, but can be used mid-combo to recover the knife. The move is actually much faster than the animation (11 frames), which means you can scoop significant frame advantage if you cancel a blockstring into this.
Hari no Tsuki Tobi 「玻璃の月鳶」 - 63214ABC
  • (Description) - Ryougi runs towards the opponent, jumps, then throws the knife like her j.22 series. Slightly advantageous on block if done from far enough away. Think of it as an alternative to ground knife throws. Without the throwing knife, will come out as 214.
  • (A version) - Jumps immediately and throws the knife. Whiffs on most characters in corner if you're too close.
  • (B version) - Runs forward. Upon reaching the opponent, Ryougi jumps through them and throws the knife backwards. Autocrossups. Note that she always throws the knife backwards no matter where the opponent actually is, so if they move backwards or are in corner you'll just whiff the knife and eat a fat combo.
  • (EX version) - Jumps back and throws the knife downward. Has a ton of stun, so it gives significant frame advantage on block and can be followed up on hit.
Tenpyo 「転貓」 - 44/22/66ABC during air tech
  • (Description) - Command tech. Ryougi recovers in the indicated direction with a big crescent slash that knocks the opponent down. Is fairly safe and has a good hitbox, but you won't really get much opportunity to use it except to punish dropped air combos.
  • (A version) - Slower startup.
  • (B version) - Faster startup.
  • (Airborne) - Fast startup with invulnerable startup.

Arc Drive

Chokushi no Magan Gokei Houraku 「直死の魔眼 五景崩落」
  • (Description) - Ryougi crouches down, locks on to the opponent with her Mystic Eyes (unblockable), then dashes forward with a series of slashes (blockable). This has non-invulnerable startup before the superflash and a few frames where the opponent can move or jump out before the Eyes activate, so it can easily be jumped out on reaction. Only invulnerable after the superflash, and is punishable on block.

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