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Shiki Ryougi

Melty Blood's dedicated "rekka" character, the female version of Tohno is generally considered to be on the weaker end of Melty's roster but still more than capable. Ryougi has good long-ranged normals, and in all of her moons her rekka series is a simple, powerful way to apply pressure, confirm combos, and control space. Unfortunately, besides taking a huge risk on a parry, Ryougi generally has very poor defensive options, even with meter, and must always be working to stay in control at a good range lest she get overwhelmed. If they get in or whiff punish one of your big sweeping normals, she can die in a flash. Great frame trap pressure with long strings, and she’s got some pretty quick air movement to keep opponents afraid of getting counterhit by her air normals. Usually considered on the lower end of mid tier.

Moon Overview

Has a unique "Genei Jin" super and the most unblockable attacks. Good confirms with meter and great combo ability in general. No real mix-up and the “worst” grounded normals of the three moons, but her air neutral is among the best in the game.

Focused on throwing and catching the knife (22x), which cancels your airdash momentum for mix-ups. Strongest blockstrings with great normals (improved from C), but lacks a real mix-up. The only Ryougi with no unblockable attacks. EX knife throw can be used for pressure or as an emergency reversal. The only moon that can catch the knife in midair after being thrown, which is as stylish as it sounds. Has a corner knife loop for okizeme, damage, and meter. The most execution-heavy version, with lots of neat loops. A stylish character overall.

The parry and rekka moon. Has an extra set of parries for added versatility, although it still requires a hard read. Good rekka followups, simple and powerful normals that can really control space. Certain rekka follow-ups can be charged to create frame traps and guarantee frame advantage. The most straightforward and powerful moon, this is a great character for beginning players due to her simple and powerful gameplan.


Stance 100% 75% 50% 25% Net Health
Jump 0.924 0.869 0.807 0.756 13,665
Stand 1.050 0.988 0.918 0.860 12,017
Crouch 1.134 1.067 0.991 0.928 11,131
Average 12,271




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