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Shiki Nanaya

A nightmare version of Shiki Tohno created by TATARI and kept in existence by White Len. He is a manifestation of Shiki Tohno's murderous intent and lives only for his next kill. Nanaya is smooth, confident, and treats life (and death) casually.

Players that choose Nanaya will find a character that seems similar to Shiki Tohno. However, whereas Tohno excels in neutral with his range, Nanaya is the opposite. However, once on the offensive, his field of play becomes apparent: his pressure and ability to stack Reverse Beats truly make him a formidable foe. While easy to pick up for beginners, high level play will challenge the adaptability and endurance of Nanaya players.

Stage: Starlight Crossing

Starlight Crossing.PNG

BGM: Lurk

Moon Overview

The most popular moon and for a good reason. Crescent players will find an arsenal of moves clearly suited for stagger pressure, frametraps, and okizeme. Crescent has limited mobility, but makes up for it with an impressive arsenal of situational teleports, ground normals that move him forward and easily stack onto one another, and the most diverse (and damaging) okizeme of the three moons. Proficiency with him relies on understanding the nuances of his pressure, the patience to deal with his poor neutral game, and intelligent meter management.

The least popular moon, but overall a very balanced character. Especially noteworthy is that due to his dash momentum augmenting the horizontal range of many of his ground normals, he has the most balanced neutral game of the three moons. Like Crescent, Half shines best with staggered pressure strings that seem endless. Whereas Crescent needs to be up close and personal during block strings to truly be a menace, Half can do the same, as well as command mid-range sufficiently due to his ranged normals. He loses a strong mix-up and okizeme game but his pressure is just as good as Crescent's; plus he can also anti-air/anti-jump much better than the other two moons. His damage output is overall consistently higher than both Crescent's and Full's and his meter management is very simple.

A powerful mix-up oriented character that excels in combining speed and ambiguity to conquer foes. His air dash goes a greater distance now, and can be cancelled early into an aerial, leading to decent which-way mix-ups. His ground normals are less intuitive than the other two moons, but the pure frame advantage of moves like 2A and 2C allow you to trick up your opponent with your dive kicks, allowing you to quickly change up your pressure from high to low at nauseating proficiency. He shines against opponents without a reliable anti-air or reversal. His okizeme deals a lot less damage without meter than Crescent's, but his double DP combos quickly give you the damage (and meter) to turn the tide of battle. Due to his lack of range, he is more momentum-oriented than the other two, but he still has enough tools that patient and smart play can thwart opponents.


Stance 100% 75% 50% 25% Net Health
Jump 0.880 0.851 0.783 0.717 14,202
Stand 1.000 0.968 0.890 0.815 12,493
Crouch 1.080 1.045 0.961 0.880 11,570
Average 12,755



12) Yu Narukami (Persona 4)

15) Aizawa Eiichi (G-senjou no Maou)

17) Shirou Emiya (Fate/Stay Night)

22) SHIKI Tohno (Tsukihime)

23) Rouga Zanma(Big Bang Beat)

24) Iori Yagami (King Of Fighters)

27) Gilgamesh (Fate/Stay Night)

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