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Roa is the main villain of Tsukihime. Roa devised a method to transmigrate every time his current incarnation is destroyed, allowing him to "live" indefinitely. However, Shiki was able to destroy his soul once and for all. In Melty Blood, Roa has been brought back from the memory of the surrounding earth due to the recast of the original Night of Wallachia.

Roa is hard to generalize as his moons are very different, but in general he has average stats, OK normals, above-average mobility and most importantly a great ability to zone using his lightning specials. All moons are OK for serious play, though F is kind of eh (low mid tier) and C is straight busted (arguably the best character in the game).

Stage: Spiral Uroboros

Spiral Uroboros.PNG

BGM: Dimension Theory

Moon Overview

The best character in the game alongside F-Hime. Can place orbs on screen that detonate in a line for massively oppressive air-unblockable pressure. Cancels specials into each other for flashy, technical and borderline inescapable blockstrings and damaging combos. One of the best "get off me" buttons in the game with 236C, which can whiff punish anything and is also air unblockable. Opponents are basically unable to press buttons in the air when you have 100% meter, which lets you place orbs that make neutral basically unwinnable. This character is a fucking war crime, and the only real counterplay is to somehow always stay right next to him, bait all of his diverse (though admittedly not stellar) reversals including an abnormally large Heat activation, and never, ever let him play. Hope you like pressing buttons fast because he does require work to optimize.

Fastest moon in terms of mobility, with a very powerful and simple ability to punish techs. Great ground game with 236B “soko darou” and on-block jump cancellable 6[C] as ways to stay in on opponents that just want to block. Decent pressure and strong ability to convert punishes into damage, his strengths are focused on his ability to quickly close distance and force situations where he has an advantage. Somewhat poor scramble options if the match gets out of hand and his air to air game is relatively lacking, although his 214x lightning is a great tool against air approaches that aren’t too high up. A strong high mid tier character with tools for almost every neutral situation and great frame traps and resets on offense, and a great choice for beginning players looking for a character to understand pressure in Melty while still having good depth for advanced play.

In stark contrast to C-Roa’s enormous toolbox and H-Roa’s speedy pressure game, F-Roa is a very straightforward and simple footsie character with some decent zoning tools in 214x lightning and his obscenely enormous j.[C]. Simple combos and pressure with a few gimmicks for okizeme, he has a decent ability to confirm hits, OK buttons, and is all in all a pretty vanilla character. Good reversals with meter, decent midrange footsies and great vertical lightning for space control gives him an honest shoto sort of feel, though his 236x dashing slashes can be used for some simple pressure (like C-Tohno). Not very strong due to his nonexistent mixup game, but his ability to limit movement can give him a fighting chance against most of the cast if you have a good eye for neutral, and is an OK choice if you just want a simple shoto character to play.


Stance 100% 75% 50% 25% Net Health
Jump 0.836 0.809 0.741 0.717 14,753
Stand 0.950 0.920 0.843 0.815 12,975
Crouch 1.026 0.993 0.910 0.880 12,018
Average 13,248



6) Terry Bogard (Garou: Mark of the Wolves)

13) Dante (Devil May Cry)

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